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Chapter 1139 Han Liang

“This feeling… Primordial Fiendcelestial… No, its not the Primordial Fiendcelestial.

To be able to resonate with my bloodline, it must be a descendant of the Han family…”

Han Huangs gaze pierced through the

Primordial Chaos and landed on the Heavenly Dao.

At this moment, in Han Yunjins Dao Field.

Han Yunjin quickly entered a chamber.

He appeared at the edge of the bed and looked at the woman lying on it.

The womans face was in pain and she couldnt stop sweating.

She held her stomach with both hands.

Red light shone from her stomach, illuminating her blood vessels and meridians.

One could see the fetus struggling violently.


Sage Concubine Yuan called out with an aggrieved expression when she saw him.

Han Yunjin frowned.

“Whats going on You cant give birth”

Sage Concubine Yuans eyes were filled with fear.

She said with a trembling voice, “Hes absorbing my Dharmic powers and resisting being born.

My Dharmic powers are no longer controlled by me…

She had given birth to more than ten children for Han Yunjin, but she had never encountered such a situation.

Han Yunjin reached out and pressed down on Sage Concubine Yuans stomach.

He wanted to use his Dharmic powers to move the child out, but just as his Dharmic powers touched the fetus, he instantly felt a burning pain, startling him so much that he subconsciously retracted his Dharmic powers.

boxn ovel.



He was a Great Dao Sage!

An unborn fetus could hurt him

Han Yunjin did not believe it and continued to try, but the burning sensation was too strong.

It could even touch the soul.

Han Yunjin panicked.

At this moment, a figure appeared beside Han Yunjin.

It was Han Jue.

Han Jues eyes narrowed.

He directly pulled the fetus out.

Sage Concubine Yuan wailed and collapsed on the bed.

He took the fetus with his left hand and waved his right hand, using the power of the Lord to heal her injuries.

Han Yunjin heaved a sigh of relief upon

seeing that it was his father.

He couldnt be bothered to bow and hurriedly checked on

Sage Concubine Yuan.

Han Jue looked down at the fetus.

It was even

smaller than a normal fetus of a mortal.

It was only the size of a palm and was glowing red.

There was a strange smile on the fetus


After the fetus was born, it didnt wail.

Instead, it stretched out its hands and grabbed at Han Jue.

It giggled terrifyingly.

Han Jue was expressionless.

A notification floated in front of him.

[Unknown Fiendcelestial: A new product of the Endless Era.

Catalyzed by the basic rules of the blank domain, it contains the instinct to destroy everything and eliminate obstacles for the blank domain.

Its talent is comparable

to the Primordial Fiendcelestial.]

A new bloodline finally appeared…

Every era had different outstanding races.


was also possible for the Endless Era to give birth to talents that surpassed the past.

After Han Yunjin walked over, Han Jue handed him his child.

As for this grandsons potential, Han Jue didnt plan to seal it.

His potential comparable to the Primordial Fiendcelestial was not enough to destroy the Endless Era.

“This child is extraordinary.

You have to discipline him well,” Han Jue said meaningfully.

The child was not that strong after being born.

Previously, he was mainly protected by the basic rules in his mothers


Han Yunjin looked at the child he was holding with mixed emotions.

He felt lingering fear at the scene just now.

He couldnt help but ask, “Father, will there really be no hidden danger”

“Yes, so I need you to discipline him.”

With that, Han Jue disappeared.

He was born with the instinct to destroy


It looked evil, but that was not necessarily the case.

Everything had two


After all, he was his grandson.

Han Jue

naturally couldnt kill him in one go.

Sage Concubine Yuan had already recovered under the healing of the power of the Creator


She came to Han Yunjins side and took the child.

She was no longer as afraid as before and only had a doting expression.

She said softly, “Your father said just now that we need to discipline him well.

Any child can take the wrong path.

Lets not be too wary of him and treat him as a normal child.”

Han Yunjin was silent.

For some reason, he inexplicably thought of

Han Huang during the Great Dao Immeasurable Calamity.

Would his child also become so violent

In the Immortal World, above the Nine Heavens, clouds surrounded a Heavenly Door

standing on the top of the clouds.

Chu Xiaoqi was standing guard.

He clutched his chest and frowned.

“Whats going on Whats this feeling” Chu Xiaoqi inexplicably panicked.

His soul felt cold.

This feeling was unprecedented.

The Immortal Soldier beside him asked him

with concern if he needed to rest.

He did not force himself.

He bid farewell and left.

After returning to his residence, Chu Xiaoqi immediately circulated his energy to heal his injuries.

However, the strange feeling

disappeared just as he started.


Chu Xiaoqi couldnt figure it out.

He remained vigilant for the next period of


Only after the feeling no longer appeared after a long period of time did he no longer worry.

He wasnt the only one.

All of Han Jues descendants felt it.

The Ten Divine Stars even returned to the

third Dao Field to visit him.

Han Jue didnt see them and only said, “Youll

know in the future.”

The Ten Divine Stars couldnt figure it out.

They quickly left the Dao Field.

They also had their own great ambitions.

Han Jue silently paid attention to Han

Yunjins child and named him Han Liang.

This name…

How meaningful!

Han Liang had been lively since he was young

and liked to cause trouble everywhere.

It made Han Jue inexplicably think of the legendary Nezha.

The story of Nezha had long disappeared in history, but Han Jue still remembered that there were children like Nezha in every era.

Rebellion was human nature, but normal people were bound by moral standards.

Although Han Liang liked to cause trouble,

under Han Yunjins restrictions, he did not hurt the innocent.

For the time being, it was difficult to imagine

that this kid was born with the duty to destroy everything.

Han Jue suddenly had a bold thought.

Should he use the Creation Heavens Chosen Perhaps it could increase Han Liangs talent.

Han Jue looked at Han Liangs future.

His future had many possibilities.

Most of them, he walked the evil path, just like Han Huang.

However, in some futures, he maintained his rationality and bottom line.

In one of the

possible futures, he was a Sage, a true Sage who saved all living beings.


Born to destroy, he traveled the world but did

good deeds.

Han Jue became interested in Han Liang.

As for the Creation Heavens Chosen, he should keep it.

He would gather a hundred

attempts in the future and use them together.

The descendants who had already reached the Great Dao Sage Realm knew about Han Liang.

The bloodline resonance caused by him was too oppressive.

Therefore, on Han Liangs path of growth, strange clansmen often came to visit him.

The one who treated him the best was Han Qinger.

She even brought him out to play.

A thousand years later, Han Liang looked to

be only five or six years old, as if he would never grow up.

Han Liang was not troubled by this.

Like Han

Huang, he did not care about the opinions of all living beings.

On this day.


Han Liang was playing on the Heavenly Daos

Buzhou Divine Mountain.

Han Yunjin was

quite relieved since Han Yu was also on the mountain.

A black vortex suddenly appeared in front of

Han Liang.

A huge black hand stretched out

and grabbed him.

Before this kid could even shout, he vanished without a trace.

Han Yu appeared and quickly entered the black vortex, chasing after him.

This was his little ancestor.

How could he disappear in Buzhou Mountain!

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