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  It was not until the evening that Gérard returned to the castle.

Constan must have told him about the events of the day; The quarrel between Ortansia and Madame Guyenne.

Gérard came to see Ortansia, who was looking out in a daze in the room she had been given, looking more serious than usual.


"Pamela, I want to talk to my brother alone for a moment.

Please get rid of irrelevant people."


"Yes, My lady."


Pamela glanced at Ortansia with a concerned gaze, but quickly bowed and left the room.

In the room where the sunset shone, Ortansia faced Gérard.

Gérard was the first to break the silence.


 "I heard that Madame de Gagne has been disrespectful to you.

Insulting a member of the family is a serious offence.

I will deal with her immediately."


" I don't mind, more importantly, brother."


Gerard had spoken with anger in his voice  with his face as cold as usual.

But he controled himself because of Ortansia



Oniisama, are you okay"


When she asked the question, Gerard looked as if he had been momentarily caught off guard.



Is it Constant"



Onii-sama and...

Besides, he also told me about your Mother."


The expression on Ortancia's face and the tone of her voice probably showed that she already knew what was going on to some extent.

Gerard slowly approached Ortansia and gently touched her head.


"You don't need to look like that."

Gerard said quietly.


From the outside, Gerard shows little emotion, which may seem creepy.

Yet, little by little, Ortansia was able to recognise his kindness.



would you like to walk alone with me for a while"




"Because I want to."


When Ortansia puffed out her chest, Gerard looked surprised for a moment and then nodded quietly.

Accompanied by Gérard, Ortansia happily went out to the garden where the setting sun was shining.

It wasn't for any particular purpose.

But for some reason, she assumed it would be easier to talk about various things when surrounded by nature than in a closed room.

Unlike the Garden of the Mansion in the Royal Capital, which are neatly maintained, the Garden here retained a strong natural appearance.

With light steps, Ortansia crossed a small wooden bridge over a stream.


"If you go to the right from there, there is a goat grazing area.

Go there again when it's bright."

 Ortansia smiled and thanked Gerard, who spoke so quietly.


“Thank you."


" I'm the next head of the family after all.

It's only natural to know what's on the premises."


Gerard muttered, looking somewhat annoyed.


'It's only natural to know the geography of the estate, but it was Brother's kindness to tell me so I can choose where I might like to go.'


Thinking of this made her heart warm.

Ortansia spun around and looked up at Gerard.


"Brother, you lived here when you were little, right"


"Oh yes I did, though I don't have any good memories of it."


Ortansia clenched her fists tightly at Gerard's self-mocking remark.


"I only asked Constan about the situation, and I've never met Brother's mother, so I don't think I have the right to interject…"


Ortansia stepped closer and took Gerard's hand.

Then she gently squeezed it.


"As for the Duchess keeping you away from her, I don't think it's your fault in the slightest."


"If I may say so myself, I was an unchildlike child.

It's understandable that my mother would be bothered."


"But isn't that just an individual difference! We're all different people, so it's not surprising that some people laugh and cry excessively, while others don't show their emotiins much! I think it's disrespectful to call them creepy or weird just because of that!"


Gerard looked at the indignant Ortansia as if he were gazing at a rare animal.


"You're the first to say something like that"


"Ehehe, is that so"



you've changed."


She didn't really know if she was being praised or not.

But even so, if Ortansia's words could heal Gerard's emotional wounds even a little, it would be better.

With such a wish, Ortansia smiled.

 'Hmm, even if my brother is eccentric, We're all the same, aren't we!'


When she said that, Gerard made a subtle expression.


'Eh, have I gone too far it's a disgrace to be the same as me! what should I do'


The two of them are also in the same boat.


"I guess so."


It was terribly difficult to understand, but it was certainly a word of affirmation.


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