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Ortansia was puzzled, but opened her mouth to explain the situation.



I thought it would be better to have some way to protect myself if I ever find myself in danger again."


"No need for that, I'll destroy all the dangerous elements that target you before they get to you."




"I told you that from now on, I will protect you no matter what."


Without moving a single expression on his face, Gérard certainly declared.


Ortansia, who spent a few seconds chewing on the meaning, felt her chest swell with various emotions.


'I can't believe that brother would say something like this to me…'


"…I never once thought of you as my sister."


That cold voice that still lingered in her mind, freezing everything in place.

He definitely hated Ortansia at that time.

He left her to die.

But now...


'You are worried about me…'


She was sure that it was out of concern for her well-being that he tried to stop her from going to the spirit world.

His clumsy kindness seeped into her heart.


'It's okay, the future should be heading in a bright direction'


That is why Ortansia made up her mind.


"Thank you brother.

But I…  Have decided to go to the spirit world."


'Why I told you there was no need."



if I become stronger, I will be able to protect you if something happens to you, right"


When she said this with a smile, Gérard looked surprised

It wass rare for him to show his emotions.

Ortansia giggled.


'If the goddess' message is true, I don't know what will happen to my brother in the future.

So I must be strong enough to protect him!'


 "Don't worry, brother.

I will definitely come back in good health!"


After she said this, Gerard expression became complicated, but he did not try to stop Ortansia any further.


'My brother also tried to stop me because I'm not worthy...

Okay, I need to get stronger with the help of the spirits!'


Suddenly motivated, Ortansia went to her father's office as soon as the sun went down.


    "The royal family and the four great Ducal family each had a spirit associated with them, and I have a door that leads to a place close to the spirit's habitat.

The spirit world is vast, and if you enter it without a guide, you will get lost."


Her father's voice echoed down the narrow stone staircase.

With the help of the light from the candle he held in his hand, Ortansia followed him down the stairs, wary of falling.

When Ortansia arrived at his office as promised, he led her down a secret passageway.


'I had heard there was a secret passage in the duke's mansion, so it was true…'


The hidden door that existed behind the bookshelf in the office, continue down the stairs that lead from there, perhaps it was a subterranean space.

Ortansia realized that her hands were shaking with nervousness, and she hastily took a deep breath.

Eventually, the staircase ended and they reached a large door.


"It's just up ahead, are you ready"


"Yes, Father."


Ortáncia replied, and the Duke chuckled and opened the door.

    Beyond the door was a not very large space.

In the center of the room, where there were no windows or furniture, there was a single door standing alone.

The door was carved with an eye-poppingly beautiful pattern and had a somewhat mysterious air.

Perhaps it was the door that led to the spirit world.

Ortansia gulped, and her father gently pushed her forward.

Translator: Please note that The Duke is Ortansia's father, I use "The Duke or "Her father" interchangeably to refer him.


"Come on, Ortansia, open the door with the key I gave you yesterday.

Don't worry, there's nothing to be afraid of.

You will do fine."


'I am determined to survive...

and to be strong for my brother!'


Managing to resist the urge to run away, Ortansia inserted the key into the keyhole with a trembling hand.

Slowly, she heard the sound of the lock turning, and the door opened by itself.



Beyond the door, a snowy mountain covered in silver snow spread out.


'This is the spirit world'


For a moment, Ortansia almost shied away, but she gathered her courage and took a step beyond the door.

And as soon as she stepped onto the ground…




The door closed on its own and disappeared as if dissolved into thin air.

Surrounded by a world of silver, Ortansia became anxious.


'What should I do! How am I supposed to get home if the door disappeared'


She had thought that she could just walk through the door and go home the same way she came, whether it worked or not, but it seemed that was not the case.


'What should I do if I can't go home again'


A gentle voice suddenly reached Ortanshia's ears and she was immediately on tenterhooks.


"What is wrong"




She wondered if there was anyone other than herself

Ortansia hurriedly turned around and tilted her head.




There was no one behind her.

Apparently, she had heard wrong.


"That's right.

There's no way there's anyone here…"


"Hey! Are you listening to me"




Ortansia was confused.

When she wandered her eyes to look for the owner of the voice, she saw…




A small bird was hopping around at Ortansia's feet, as if claiming something.



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