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3493 Climbing Up High

Without opening her eyes, Old Mrs.

Han turned around with her back facing toward the bedroom door.

She bent her knee and kicked Old Mr.


“Go and have a look at what Zhuofeng is doing!”

It was so early.

Could he not do things in silence

Old Mr.

Han was frustrated.

He was being kicked by Old Mrs.

Han while listening to Han Zhuofengs demonic voice and knocking.

He had to get off the bed with a sullen face.

He decided to express all his anger at Han Zhuofeng.

The moment he opened the door, Old Mr.

Han growled, “Its so early; what are you doing!”

Han Zhuofeng was so happy that Old Mr.

Hans face full of fury could not even scare him.

Han Zhuofeng excitedly asked, “Wheres grandma Why is grandma not up yet”

“Young brat!” Old Mr.

Han wanted to hit him.

“What is it!”

“Jiling said shed be my girlfriend!” said Han Zhuofeng joyfully.

“Really!” Old Mrs.

Han was so tired earlier and was not even willing to open her eyes.

After hearing Han Zhuofengs words; however, she immediately sat up.

In a flash, she rushed to the door.

“Mmhmm!” Han Zhuofeng nodded his head excitedly.

“She sent me a message at two oclock earlier.

I regretted sleeping.

I didnt need that two hours of sleep anyway.”

“Jiling sent me a message that late, meaning that she must have thought about it for so long until two oclock!” When Han Zhuofeng thought about how serious Xie Jiling thought about the possibility between them, he felt joyous.

“I just woke up, and I saw that there was an unread message on WeChat, so I checked it.

I didnt expect it to be Jiling.

She…” Han Zhuofeng blushed.

“She likes me, too!”

“Aiyo! This is good news—extremely good news!” Old Mrs.

Han was so overjoyed that she instantly became energetic.

“Its just that its too early now.

I want to go and see Jiling, but I cant wake her up,” said Han Zhuofeng, full of regret.

He felt extremely impatient inside.

Unexpectedly, Old Mr.

Han caught the mistake in his words.

“Youre not willing to wake Jiling up, so you woke both of us up”

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


“I just wanted to share this good news with you immediately,” Han Zhuofeng hurriedly said.

“Besides, both of you wake up pretty early usually.

It should be fine if I wake you up an hour earlier, right” said Han Zhuofeng, chuckling.

Now that Han Zhuofeng had found her a granddaughter-in-law, Old Mrs.

Han would not be angry no matter what he did.

Old Mrs.

Han chuckled.


Its alright.

Its alright.”

Old Mr.

Han was speechless.


Han Zhuofeng smiled and said, “Then I wont disturb you anymore.

Grandpa, Grandma, go and sleep for a while more.”

Old Mr.

Han said angrily, “How can we still sleep after being woken up by you!”

Old Mrs.

Han said unhappily, “Zhuofeng just wanted to let us know the moment he got a girlfriend so that we can all be happy.

Why are you so petty”

Old Mr.

Han was speechless.


Hadnt she been kicking him out of anger when she was woken up earlier

She wasnt the one who got kicked!

“Okay, go and eat.

Auntie Sun woke up early to make you breakfast.

Eat it while its hot before you leave, or else you wont be able to eat anything while youre driving, and it will be cold by the time you bring it to the production crew.”

“Okay.” Han Zhuofeng went to eat immediately.

He finished his food quickly before even Shi Xiaoya could arrive.

Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai went back to stay in their own house.

They were going to leave for the production film site from their house, so they did not come here.

Shi Xiaoya would be driven here by a chauffeur and would go to the production crew with Han Zhuofeng.

There was still some time before Shi Xiaoya would arrive.

Han Zhuofeng was bored, so he started to think again.

“Auntie Sun,” called Han Zhuofeng.

“Yeah” Auntie Sun was washing the dishes, so she quickly dried her hands and turned around to ask him, “Do you need anything”

“Do we have a ladder at home” asked Han Zhuofeng.

“Yeah, we do.

Theres a foldable ladder.

Usually, when we need to change the lights, Old Wang would do it without asking anyone to come over to change them, so we always have a ladder ready at home,” said Auntie Sun, “Do you want to use it”

“Is it a lot of trouble to get it out If it is, then its fine,” said Han Zhuofeng.

“Its not.

Its in the storeroom.

Wait for a while; let me get it out for you,” said Auntie Sun.

“I will go with you.

Just let me carry it out,” said Han Zhuofeng as he followed behind Auntie Sun.

The storeroom was a tiny independent room in the family home.

The moment Auntie Sun opened the door, Han Zhuofeng saw it.

He went to carry the ladder out.

He looked at Auntie Sun, embarrassed.

“Auntie Sun, go and carry on with your day.

Dont mind me,” said Han Zhuofeng.

He was too embarrassed to let Auntie Sun know what he wanted to do.

Auntie Sun looked at him with a strange glance.

“What are you doing with this ladder Is something broken at home”

“I can just tell Old Wang later.

Stop making yourself busy.

Dont you have to go to the production crew” said Auntie Sun.

“Im… Im not fixing anything,” said Han Zhuofeng, hiding something, “Im just… just climbing up high.”

“Climbing up high” Auntie Sun looked at Han Zhuofeng, confused.

Why was he climbing this early in the morning

Besides, he was climbing up using a ladder

What was he talking about

Were all directors airheads

Han Zhuofeng chuckled and was not willing to spill anything.

He just said, “Auntie Sun, its still so early; even my grandparents went back to sleep.

You should go sleep for a while more, too.”

At that, Auntie Sun stopped asking him.

“Fine, I will sleep for a while more.” Auntie Sun took a glance at the ladder and instructed worriedly, “Be careful.”

“No problem,” replied Han Zhuofeng immediately.

When Auntie Sun left, Han Zhuofeng took the ladder to the backyard.

Xie Jilings bedroom window was facing the backyard.

Han Zhuofeng found a good position and extended the ladder to the maximum length.

After setting it up, he climbed up.

His head could just reach the windowsill of Xie Jilings bedroom.

Through the window, he could see that Xie Jiling was sound asleep.

As it was too early, he did not want to wake her up.

However, Han Zhuofeng really wanted to see her.

So, he thought of this idea.

He could finally see Xie Jiling.

Han Zhuofeng placed his elbow on the windowsill, admiring Xie Jilings sleeping face.

Although he could not see it clearly, he could see that she was sleeping peacefully.

He was happy just looking at her sleep.

“Zhuofeng, what are you doing” Shi Xiaoyas voice came from beneath.;

Han Zhuofeng was shocked, almost falling off.

Luckily, he held on to the ladder in time.

He also scared Shi Xiaoya.

If Han Zhuofeng got scared because of her suddenly talking.

And he broke his leg from falling, what should she do!

Drenched with cold sweat, Shi Xiaoya held on to his ladder immediately.

“What are you doing!”

Han Zhuofeng could no longer continue looking at Xie Jiling, so he could only climb down.

When he landed safely, Shi Xiaoya let out a sigh of relief.

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