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Chapter 2223 - 2223 Love and Hate (3)

2223 Love and Hate (3)

It turned out that they were a couple!

Pipi Ka rubbed the tip of his nose and said with a wry smile, “In fact, our president was very much in love with Master Mimi Si before, but after Master Mimi Si accepted the invitation of our king, their relationship became a little delicate.

Momo Xiao, our president likes you very much, but you heard it just now.

Master Mimi Si wants to see you, and the president is afraid that you will leave our guild, so he doesnt want Master Mimi Si to find out about your existence.

Otherwise, our president wont be able to argue with Master Mimi Si.”

If Kaka Qi came to ask for him, Gege Lu would certainly smash him in the face with a roar, but towards Mimi Si, no matter how tough Gege Lu was, he could not persist to the end.

“I understand, dont worry.

I wont say much.” Shen Yanxiao chuckled.

She naturally guessed Gege Lus thoughts.

This president was really very interesting.


But she could not help but feel some regret in her heart.

Whether she would be discovered by Mimi Si or not, she would still have to leave.

In a few days, Taotie and the others would come to the capital city, and at that time, Shen Yanxiao would certainly exchange identities with Taotie.

If she were a real dwarf, she would be happy to stay in such a loving guild.

Unfortunately, she was not.

She still had more important responsibilities on her shoulders.

At that thought, Shen Yanxiao subconsciously touched the bracelet on her wrist.

The fire elemental spirit was lying quietly in the Multi-element Furnace.

“Its good that you understand.

In fact, I dont quite understand why the president is so worried.

You are an alchemist, not a herbalist.

At most, Master Mimi Si will ask you about your friend.

She would not just take you away.

The president is acting a little strange.” Pipi Ka scratched his head.

He didnt understand why Gege Lu was on guard against Kaka Qi all day long as if he was guarding against thieves.

Every time Kaka Qi wanted to come to meet Shen Yanxiao, Gege Lu would blow Kaka Qi out.

In Pipi Kas opinion, Shen Yanxiao was an alchemist.

There was nothing special about the dwarves of the Herbalist Guild coming to find her.

At most, they would just ask about her friend and leave.

Why did the president have to be so nervous

Shen Yanxiao smiled but said nothing.

She had already noticed Gege Lus attitude.

Gege Lu had been very careful about the contact between herbalists and her.

Shen Yanxiao estimated that with Gege Lus cleverness, he had already found some clues.

After all, when she brought the batch of metals to the guild, she talked about her hobby.

Although she later explained to Kaka Qi that the potions were her friends, she had already said what she had said before, and Gege Lu had also heard it.

Gege Lu probably already suspected that the potions were actually made by Shen Yanxiao.

Otherwise, he would not have been so careful.

“The president naturally has his own ideas.” Shen Yanxiao could quite understand Gege Lu.

“Well, since you understand, lets go in.”


When Shen Yanxiao and Pipi Ka returned to their positions, Gege Lus expression was simply depressed to the extreme.

He crossed his arms over his chest in annoyance, looking very angry.

Just now, Mimi Sis twelve bottles of potions were sold for a sky-high price of five million gold coins, which had exceeded the price of many humanoid machines.

Gege Lu could not understand how a few bottles of potions could be sold for such a high price.

Could herbalists not bully people like this

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