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Chapter 40

Me, and my adorable students ②

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


「Ottilie-onee-sama, what are you going to teach me today」


Madot looks at me innocently as she says this.

She looks so cute that I can’t help but smile.


Madot’s room is filled with very cute things.

Madot’s tastes are evident in such things as stuffed animals and accessories.

Madot’s room is where I do my work as a teacher.


「Let’s see… What shall we have What would Madot like to know」


What I teach Madot is a variety of things.

Naturally, I also teach this little lady the proper etiquette and the way of life as an aristocrat.


However, I want learning to be fun.

That is why I sometimes ask what kind of things Madot wants to learn before proceeding.


I myself have learned by reading books and discovering the joy of learning something while I was all alone and with no one to befriend me.

I believe that the joy of learning, or rather the pleasure of knowing, will lead to the future.

This way of teaching is quite popular among my students.


「What I would like to know… let’s see.

Right now, I’m interested in dyeing kachchiyas!」

「Is it about the Kachchiya region I don’t know much about it, so why don’t we learn it together I think it would be fun to go to the library together to learn and give each other presentations.」


Of course, there are times when what the student wants to learn is something I do not know.


I have only just arrived in this country, and even though I studied beforehand and have been trying to learn more about this country since I arrived, there are still things that I do not know enough about.


I am a tutor, and this is not a one-sided process.

I myself have much to learn from my students.

By interacting with the children of nobles in this way, I am becoming more familiar with this country, and I am making connections to live in this country by deepening my interactions.

Perhaps Ihmut recommended me for a tutoring job with that in mind.


「That sounds like fun! Fufu, I’m going to learn a lot of things that Ottilie-onee-sama doesn’t know!」

「I look forward to it.

I too will be looking for information that will knock Madot’s socks off.」

「I, too, am looking forward to seeing what information Ottilie-onee-sama will bring me!」


Madot is smiling happily as she says this.


「Madot, you look like you’re having a great time.」

「Fufu, it’s fun.

Because I enjoy the study sessions with Ottilie-onee-sama!」

「Glad you enjoyed it.

As for the presentation, let’s wait a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, let’s use what we can to gather information.」

「Yes, of course.

I will study so that I can be as good as Ottilie-onee-sama.」



After such conversation, we talked about the history of dyeing as far as I know.

I should preface this with the fact that I myself learned much of it in the Kingdom of Barsheikh.


I was a hated person, so I wasn’t much of a party person.

But I liked clothes, like dresses, and I learned a lot about them.

Mostly I learned from books, but I also went to Shefinko estate to learn from his craftsmen.

Based on that experience, I would tell Madot all the information I knew.


「After all, Ottilie-onee-sama is very knowledgeable, aren’t you」


When I was pleased like that, I was glad that I had read so many books.

In the Barsheikh Kingdom, I honestly never had the opportunity to showcase this kind of knowledge or teach anyone anything.

So I was happy to hear that someone was willing to listen to what I had learned in this way.


Then, after talking about dyeing for a while, we chat over a cup of tea and head home.

In the carriage, I feel excited thinking about how I am going to learn about dyeing in the Kachchiya region.


I still love to learn, and just the thought of knowing something new is somewhat uplifting.

Since the library in Royal Capital can be accessed with an identification card, I decided to go to the library and check things out.


When I returned home to the mansion, Mother and Father welcomed me with smiles.

We talked about how today’s class went, and the day passed peacefully.


Nathe said she would come visit me tomorrow, so I might ask Nathe about the Kachchiya region as well.


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