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Chapter 39

Me, and my adorable students ①

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


「Good morning to you.


「Good morning, Miloda.」


In the morning, after waking up, I exchanged greetings with Miloda, my maid of honor.


It has been a while since I arrived in the country of Crevasse.

It even makes me wonder why I am still in Crevasse Country.

Miloda and the others help me get ready for my sleepless night.


The servants who serve this mansion are all those who came with us directly from the Kingdom of Barsheikh.


After having my maid of honor get ready, I greet Father and Mother and take my seat.

The Crevasse Kingdom has a slightly different culture from the Barsheikh Kingdom, partly because the countries are different.

Even the food served at meals can be different from the mainstream.

There are small differences, and when I realize such things, I realize that I was living in a neighboring country.


The biggest difference is the way they look at me and the way they look around me when I interact with the nobles.

In the Kingdom of Barsheikh, I was kept at a distance the whole time and I was always shunned.

However, not all eyes are like that here.

Many people smile at me because I am here as a friend of Igmut.

It felt strange to be smiled at in that way.


Ihmut told me,「This is how you originally supposed to spend your time, aren’t you, Ollie」It is true that if the former Crown Princess hadn’t behaved like that, it would have been a normal life to be smiled at like this.

I felt strange and puzzled… yet somehow warm inside.

I was filled with such feelings.


「Ollie, you’re going tutoring today, right」


That’s correct.



I was happy that Mother was smiling like this, without a trace of melancholy.


Since I came to Crevasse, she no longer laments the fact that I am shunned by the royalty and nobility.

Seeing Mother’s smile makes me feel happy that I have come to Crevasse Country like this.


Since I came to Crevasse Country, I have been interacting with the nobles and working as a tutor for noble daughters who are still young.

They were noble daughters introduced to me by Ihmut, and even though they knew that I was called a “villainous lady” in a neighboring country, they looked at me without that.

To be honest, I was very nervous when I first met the girls as a tutor, but I was very happy to find out that my fears were unfounded.

I am now really enjoying being a tutor.


In the Kingdom of Barsheikh, there was no interaction with younger ladies at all.

Because of the influence of the former Crown Princess, I don’t have  any interaction with younger girls at all.

That is why I am filled with such a feeling of adorable students who just adore me.

I really enjoy tutoring them and always look forward to it.


Today we are supposed to go to a Count here in Crevasse Country.


I am glad that what I have spent as a Duke’s daughter and what I have worked so hard to learn can be passed on to someone in this way, and that it is useful to have come to a neighboring country.


You don’t have to keep learning as a Duke’s daughter when you were shunned by the Prince’s group and nobles so long ago—— There was even a time when I thought like that.

But Mother and Father told me that「whatever I learned would be useful,」 and that I should consider many possibilities, and that’s why they said that to me.

So I learned my lesson the hard way.

I didn’t often attend parties, and when I did, I was shunned, but—— Still, I am able to make use of what I have learned in this way.

I feel that nothing I have done up to now has been in vain.


While I am conversing with Mother, Father and servants, the time comes.

We take a carriage to the Count’s villa in the Royal Capital.


From inside the carriage, the atmosphere of the scene outside is different from that of the Barsheikh Kingdom.

The streets and the people walking around are different, and there is something exciting about just looking at the scene.

The other day, I had a chance to look around with Ihmut, Nathe, and the others, and it was a lot of fun.

We’re supposed to look around together again sometime.


Since I came to Crevasse Country, I have been feeling somewhat dreamy.

Because the people around me are very kind.

I can’t help but smile when I think back to those days when I was able to relax and not be constantly shunned by those around me.

I have experienced many things in Crevasse Country, but there are many things I want to continue to do.

I would like to experience little by little from now on.


With this in mind, we arrive at the Count’s house.

Upon arrival, they are ushered into the mansion.

The servants who show me around treat me with respect.

And I hear happy voices.


「Lady Ottilie!! Greetings to you.」


And so it is Madot Uscheed, one of my students, who smiles at me.


Madot, only twelve years old, is a pretty girl with light blue hair.

She looks at me with that yellow twinkle in her eye.

I don’t have a sister, but I wonder if this is how she would feel if I had one.

Ihmut’s sister, Doyenne, also calls me Onee-sama, that’s why I feel happy to have more people who call me that and adore me.


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