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Chapter 34

Ihmut's Siblings ③

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


I was happy to be friends with Doyenne.

We talked a lot, me, Doyenne and Nathe.

We talked a lot this way, and I was so happy to have someone like a sister.


We talked a lot with Doyenne, and I was able to hear many stories, such as the fact that Doyenne’s fiancé was in the country, how much Doyenne thought about him, and the story of Ihmut when he was a little boy.

The time spent talking with Doyenne and Nathe was enjoyable and passed very quickly.


I wonder if this is how more and more people will be around me.

I am looking forward to it, but I am also a little anxious.


My bad reputation in my own country has been denied by His Majesty the King and others.

They have denied that Louise-sama was just saying that.

However, such denial does not change the fact that I was disliked, and I am sure there are people who do not care about that.

I don’t think it would be a problem, though, because I’m sure that Ihmut and Doyenne, who are royalty, would not show that kind of attitude.


I also had the opportunity to speak with Froan-sama, Ihmut’s older brother.

Froan-sama is a man who is pressed for duty as the crown prince.

The reason such a person is making time to talk to me is probably because Ihmut, of all people, has made me his friend.

Froan-sama also does not look at me with prejudice towards me.

However, he didn’t say that he believed me as fully as Ihmut and Doyenne did.

But I think that is true.


Royalty, in particular, should not be swayed only by the opinions of those around them.

Both my bad reputation and the impressions he’s hearing from Ihmut and others—— It’s probably because he need to hear everything properly before making a decision.


「Thank you for being a good friend to Doyenne as well.

Please take care of Ihmut and Doyenne for me.」


I am sure that Froan-sama sincerely cares for both Ihmut and Doyenne.

He had a gentle smile on his face, and seeing that smile made me feel gentle too.


「Yes, of course I will.」

「I hope you have a healthy life in this country, Ottilie-san.」


Thank you very much.」


——I don’t want to do anything that will damage the reputation of Ihmut, who brought me to this country.

When I said these words with these feelings in mind, Froan smiled at me.


I am sure that Froan-sama is properly gathering and researching information objectively, including my bad reputation.

It is a relief to think that I had been approved after gathering information.


My reputation in this country is zero… or I would say a negative start.

It will be up to me how much I can fry my reputation from it.


I have only just arrived in this country, so I don’t know many people yet, but I’m sure I’ll get to know more and more people in the future.

I wanted to strive to form good relationships with the growing number of people I knew in this way.


「I’m glad Ollie is getting along with my siblings.」

「They’re both so sweet, and I’m so relieved that they accepted me.」


Ihmut smiled as he said so on the way home.


I hoped that the next time I met Ihmut’s siblings, we would get to know each other better, I thought to myself.


After returning to our current residence with my parents, we all talked about what happened at the Royal Castle.

It seems that your mother and father also had a meaningful conversation at the Royal Castle.

They also talked about how they will spend their time in this country.

Mother and Father are also making various plans for their lives in this country.

Mother and Father were often saddened by the relationship, partly because I was disliked by Lady Louise.

But since they came to this country, they have been smiling a lot, which made me happy.


I will be attending tea parties of the nobility and teaching the still young noble ladies about etiquette.

Doyenne and Ihmut said they would take care of that as well.


Doyenne and I have become good friends through correspondence.

We are sometimes invited to the royal castle and have conversations with each other.

If I was quite friendly with Doyenne, Ihmut would often say,「I’m with you,」and they would mix.

Although I only talked with Froan-sama from time to time, I was happy that I was gradually getting to know him as well.


The connections that are gradually increasing give me hope for the future.

I realized once again that I can make it in this country because I got to know Doyenne and Froan-sama little by little.


「Mother, Father, I, I think I can make it in this country.

No, maybe it is right to say that I will try my best to make it.

I have come to love this country after talking with Ihmut, Doyenne, and Froan-sama.

So I will make a proper place for myself here in the kingdom of Crevasse.」


Coming to the Kingdom of Crevasse is a major turning point for me.

I had spent my life as a hated person, being called a “villainess,” and this was my first step toward a new beginning.


Becoming close to Ihmut’s siblings renewed my resolve to do my best here.


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