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Chapter 33

Ihmut's Siblings ②

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


「I’m sure Ihmut-sama was all about Ollie in his letters, wasn’t he」

「Fufu, Nathe-sama, you can use a more broken tone.

It’s true that he wrote more about Ottilie-sama, but he also wrote about Nathe-sama.

He also wrote that you were an important friend, just like that.」


I couldn’t help but laugh as I listened to Doyenne-sama and Nathe’s conversation.


Ihmut also considers Nathe an important friend.

He is inviting her to the royal castle like this because he considers her an important friend.

And Ihmut also cares about her.

The fact that you wrote about me in your letter, that you invited me to the royal castle, that you brought me to a neighboring country like this—— I was glad.


「Well, I’ll take your word for it! Doyenne-sama, you can call me Nathe.

Of course, I will be polite in public, but can I use this kind of tone」


Of course.

You can call me Doyenne too.

You too, Ottilie-sama, can I call you Ollie-onee-sama」


But, uhh… I, I haven’t even responded to Ihmut yet.」

「I know that.

But even if Ollie-onee-sama didn’t go out with Ihmut-onii-sama, I would still call you Ollie-onee-sama!」


Doyenne said something like that.

But then again, I still think Doyenne is a lot like Ihmut.

Seeing that wholesome smile makes me smile, too.

But still, being called “Onee-sama”… I don’t have a sister, so when you say it like that, it makes me feel kind of itchy.

But I’m glad.


「Fufu, Ollie, are you a little embarrassed So cute—!」

「B–Because I’ve never had a sister like that before…」


Other ladies were called “Onee-sama” by the lower class ladies at the school.

That Louise-sama was adored by many ladies… I had never experienced those things because I was a hated person.


So I don’t know why… I am not used to being adored in this way.

I felt a little indescribable, realizing that I had not experienced what noble ladies experience as a matter of course.


「Ollie-onee-sama!! I’ll be inviting a lot Ollie-onee-sama to join us! You should meet my friends, too.

They all adore you, Ollie-onee-sama!」


Doyenne squeezed my hand and said so.

She looked straight at me with sparkling eyes and said so.


「Thank you.


「You have a great smile, Ollie-onee-sama!! I’m sure that kind of smile is getting to you, Ihmut-onii-sama.」

「…Doyenne knows that I was a hated person and called a villainess, right What did you think…」


If I were in the same position as Doyenne, what would I think What would other ladies think if they knew of my existence I know firsthand that people are deceived by rumors.

So no matter how much Doyenne smiled at me, I felt uneasy.


「I thought they were blind.

Even after talking to you for a little while, I realized that Ollie-onee-sama is a very nice person.

In the first place, royalty shouldn’t be misled by such rumors.

There are many things that are different between rumors and reality.

In that respect, I think Louise-sama and her friends should have broadened their horizons.

I, you know, I believe in Ollie-onee-sama, whom my beloved Ihmut-onii-sama has come to believe in and love, and whom I actually see in front of me and think is wonderful.

There may be people in this country who have bad things to say about Ollie-onee-sama.

But if Ollie-onee-sama show them that you’re actually nice, they won’t be.

Above all, Ollie-onee-sama is not alone.

We’re here.

We’re on your side.

So don’t mind it.」


Having a shortsighted view—— Doyenne smiled, saying the same thing as Ihmut.


How confident and how straight-forward those words were.

It seemed that way, that if Ihmut, Doyenne and the others were here, I could make it in this country.

Doyenne sees me not as Ottilie Shefinko, the hated and villainous lady, but as just myself.


「Doyenne is a very nice princess.

I fell in love with Doyenne just by talking to you for a few minutes.」


Such words leaked out of my mouth unintentionally.

Because Doyenne is very nice.

She is bright and straight, but surely she is a dignified princess in public I am looking forward to learning more about Doyenne and others.


「Me too! I’ve grown to love you too, Ollie-onee-sama.

And I’m only going to love her more from now on.」


I smiled at Doyenne when she said that to me.

Nathe also smiled as she watched.


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