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Chapter 3


Me and His Highness, The Second Prince

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


「——You must have bumped into me on purpose.

Because you won’t fool me with your meek imitation!」


It is the Second Prince who is saying such things in front of me.


Seanno Barsheik

He’s a prince with a very chewy name.

He has indigo hair, yellow eyes, and is beautifully shaped.

He’s what you call a “me”* type.


That prince is staring at me.

I was walking down the hallway when I bumped into him… What bad luck.

For me and for the Second Prince.


「…I apologize.

I did not look ahead.

Excuse me then.」


I can honestly say that I have not one percent desire to be associated with this person.

Like the Crown Prince, I have had virtually no interaction with His Highness, the Second Prince.

However, he hates me as much as the Crown Princess does.

He probably doesn’t even want me in his sight.


When he stares at me like he’s looking at an insect he don’t like, it unexpectedly makes me feel bad.

Also, I am glad that this person was not the Crown Prince.

If a man who cannot mend his outward appearance becomes king, this country is in trouble… Well, the Crown Prince, while beaming on the surface, was very cold in his gaze, perhaps because he had learned something from the Crown Princess.


「Hmm, I know you want to be my wedded, but I won’t be fooled by you.」

「It is a fearful thing for me to become the wedded one for the Second Prince.」


Who inwardly wants to be this Prince’s wife… He was filled with a feeling of “I’m not a good person.” Because he is obviously a troublesome person.

The “I’m highly important” attitude may be appealing to some people, but I don’t like it.

But other aristocratic daughters are cackling, so I think he is a popular person in general.


I think he became a disappointment because of his status as a prince and because people around him were so generous to him… I thought inwardly of such impious things.


「Hah, you can say whatever you want with your mouth.」


…To complicate matters, I am thought by the Crown Princess and the Second Prince to be in the pursuit for the position of fiancée.


While I bowed my head, the prince was gone and I let out a sigh of relief.

I left the place in a hurry as people looked at me like I was a spectacle.


We were allowed to bring a maid of honor from our parents’ home to the dormitory, but they are not allowed to bring them inside the school.

The people who take care of us at the school are the servants employed by the school.

They can be seen in the school, doing as the nobles ask them to do.

Even they give me cold eyes, it’s a sign that my aristocratic life is over.


I reach an empty backyard and exhale.


It seems that a long time ago, there was a marriage proposal between me and the Prince I just met.

It seems that His Majesty has suggested that I would be a good match for the Second Prince.

Even if he hates me, I am a still daughter of a duke.

But that Prince loves the Crown Princess and is paranoid about her.

So he said that he refused to be engaged to a villainous daughter like me.

…Yeah, well, that’s fine.

I too would be depressed to be engaged to that Prince.

I don’t know where I got the idea that I wanted to be the Prince’s fiancée, and I had to beg my parents for an engagement.

By the way, that is not true.


The Crown Princess seems to be ideal for that Prince.

The Fairy Princess is kind and well-liked by all.

The Prince, who idealizes such Fairy Princess, has not made a fiancée.

Apparently, it was because the Fairy Princess told him something unintelligible, such as,「Your destiny will appear in time…」


By the way, the chosen men who are told such things include my Brother.

He must inherit the Duchy, but he has no fiancée or lover waiting for his fate… I think that’s a moderate thing to say.

Well, I guess the prince doesn’t choose his fiancée, and they will eventually get to that fiancée position! And as a result of the expectations of the daughters and their parents, there are a good number of young ladies who are not engaged… But the daughters who don’t have such dreamy thoughts are quickly engaged.


For my part, I prefer the young ladies who have a future with a fiancée than those who follow the incomprehensible advice of “destiny” and hope that they will be chosen by those who do not have a fiancée.

The other parties doesn’t engage with me at all, though.


…The reason I can’t have a fiancé is because they refuses to get engaged with me, but some people assume that because I won’t get engaged that I am after the Second Prince.

I might be able to enter into an engagement with someone as Father’s age as their second wife, or with someone who has a reason to be there, but Father, who wants his daughter to be happy, has left those things out.

But really, I think I should become a commoner before Brother becomes the head of the family, because if I am still in the family, I might be married off to someone like that.


I need to learn more about the commoners for that!


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