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Chapter 29

Former head of a ducal family chews on his happiness ②

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


Ollie has been interacting with the people of this Crevasse kingdom since we arrived here.


Ollie has made many acquaintances and is gradually making friends.

Just being able to listen to the situation makes me and my wife laugh.


「You know, Dear, I met someone today who complimented Ollie.

I was so proud.」

「That sounds wonderful.」


Ollie was well known as a hated person in the Kingdom of Barsheik.

Even if His Highness Ihmut has been brought back to the country, and even if it is just a rumor that she is a hated person, it doesn’t mean that there are no beings who believe this and cast unjustified slander on Ollie.


But the entity that properly looked at Ollie themselves praised her.


In the Barsheik Kingdom, the area was bizarre.

Louise-sama served her country and was loved.

Therefore, the influence of Louise-sama, the most famous woman in the country, was immeasurable, and no matter how much I praised Ollie in my heart, I almost never actually said it out loud.

That would have been a major reason for not wanting to be stared down by the royal family and Louise-sama.


If only one person had been there to stand by Ollie, it might have been something different.

If something had been crossed, even Ollie could have been happy in that country.

I think so, but Ollie would have felt worse if she had stayed in that country.

I can imagine that no matter how many misunderstandings are cleared up.

That is why I am more than happy to have come to this country.


I lived as the head of a ducal family myself, so I know how hard it is to deal with prejudice and misunderstanding.

Still, I had never seen a situation as unreasonable as Ollie’s.


Even my son, Macey, trusted Louise-sama and treated Ollie badly.

I respect Ollie as a human being for staying strong even in such an unreasonable situation, and I believe it is because of her that I became close to His Highness Prince Ihmut.


I, like my wife, am happy to come to this country and to receive compliments about Ollie.

In our home country, all I could do was praise Ollie and be told that I was being『deceived.』But in this country, there are those who agree with Ollie’s words of praise.

That just makes me happy.

My wife and I have been in touch with the royalty and nobility of this country, as well as the merchants.

As the former head of a ducal family, I have a fortune, but I still want to be able to leave many things for the future of my beloved daughter, Ollie.


「Let’s leave a lot for Ollie.

Ollie has been through a lot in the past.

As parents, let’s do our best to ensure that Ollie has a happy future from now on!」

「You’re right about that.

Ollie has a long life ahead of her.

I just hope Ollie can smile about it.」


I hope Ollie’s straight smile will never be clouded in the future.

I just wish I could act so.

While I was having a conversation with my wife like that, Ollie, who had been out on a tutoring job, came back in her carriage.

Ollie has a good reputation for performing her duties as a tutor.

Children are honest, and like Ollie, they are beautiful, kind, and without parental favoritism, and Ollie is adored by the little ladies.

When I hear Ollie’s reputation from people around me like that, it makes me kind of happy.


「Good work, Ollie.」

「How did it go」

「Father, Mother.

It was a very productive day.

They are all good, honest kids, and I think it’s fun when you get results for what you teach them.

This was my first time in this country to teach young children in this way, but I am enjoying my tutoring job.

Of course, it may be hard to keep going for a long time, but I think it’s all part of the fun!」


Ollie smiled cheerfully as she sipped a cup of tea brewed by a maid of honor.


Ollie laughed, and my wife laughed too.

And even those who serve the mansion look at Ollie with kind eyes.

Just being able to feel that gentle space makes me happy.


「Father, Mother, I am glad to have come to this country.」


Seeing Ollie smiling at me like that made me happy.


——My wife and I were determined to keep an eye on Ollie so that this happiness would last forever.


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