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Chapter 23


My graduation party ②

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


The hall is buzzing.

My parents did not move immediately, perhaps because they had heard something from His Majesty.

But still… How insane to do such a thing at a graduation party, which is a bright occasion for graduates.

Even if they really thought I was a “villainess,” there are other ways to do it.


There is no need to dare to do this in a place like this, as if it were a performance.


My name is called, and I am the center of attention.

Perhaps it’s because Ihmut is next to me, but strangely I am not afraid.

Nathe is also there.

I take a step forward.


「——What is my crime Your Highness, the Second Prince.

I have no reason to be condemned on this occasion.

And even if you think this is the right thing to do, it’s not the right thing to talk about this here.

I suggest that we discuss this in a separate room, including my parents.」


Ihmut said this action would change the balance of power in the country.


Thus, when he said this at the graduation party, the power structure will surely change.

However, I thought it would be better to go to another room than to continue the conversation with such a large number of people in such a place.


「——With such a statement!! Your sins need to be condemned so that there is no excuse for them in the presence of so many.」

「You’ve been covering up your crimes and getting away with it, but we won’t let you get away with it anymore.」

「For the sake of Nathe and for the sake of this country, I will not allow you to live on as a knight in shining armor!」


They really don’t listen to me, don’t they Can’t they see the disgusted look in the eyes of the Nathe behind them That look she had, saying,「Eh, what are you guys talking about」


「Ollie-sama, you didn’t do that!! Don’t let those rumors fool you into thinking you’re going to make a mess at this graduation party!」

「Ahh, Nathe-sama, you have been deceived by Ottilie-sama.

Don’t worry.

I will make you happy, I promise.」

「…No, I told you…」


Nathe raises her voice next to the Crown Princess, but the Crown Princess doesn’t hear it either, as she should.


It’s clear that neither the Crown Princess nor the Second Prince’s group are looking at Nathe as if they are forcing their “ideal Nathe” on her, or rather, that they’re not looking at Nathe themselves.

I can say that about me, too.

I guess they only see me as「Ottilie, the vilest of vile woman.」


The Crown Princess comes toward me, interrupting Nathe’s words.


「Ottilie Shefinko.

I know what you are doing.

I know that you have been abusing this Nathe-sama, and that you are trying to undermine her by pretending to be her friend.

And that you have deceived your parents, His Majesty, and Ihmut-sama.」

「Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess Louise.

I have done no such thing.

Nathe-sama is an invaluable friend to me.

Besides, as I told His Highness the Second Prince, I have hardly even met His Majesty.

And it is an insult to His Majesty and to Her Royal Highness that His Majesty is being deceived by a little girl like me.

Please do not make such a joke.」

「That’s right.

Louise-sama, I will be by Ollie-sama’s side of my own volition.」


From the words of the Crown Princess, Ihmut and I, tell her.


「Ihmut! Louise-sama is just about to release you from the brainwashing of that evil woman… To stay by the side of such a woman.

The prince of Crevasse is a fool!」


No, a prince… Ihmut, he’s studying abroad as a commoner.

Even now, he is hiding his true identity by using magic tools to block recognition, did he know

Why are you shouting and babbling on so loudly


Even those who somehow knew that Ihmut would be unusual are buzzing with excitement, as if they didn’t expect him to be a prince.


「You know… Aloige-san.

I was transferred here as a commoner.

Why are you exposing me like this is usual thing I knew it, you’re so inspired by Louise-sama there that your head had gone so dull And I’m on Ollie’s side, of my own volition, and I’m trying to get her back to my country.

Before you question my brainwashing, I’d like to know what you’re saying, because what Louise-sama is saying is more wrong than what you are saying.」


With a sigh, Ihmut removed his magic tool.


I can hear the exclamations of admiration from those around me.

Yeah, Ihmut without cognitive inhibition, was somewhat cool.

That’s right.

Ihmut is apparently the second prince of a neighboring country.

He was going to another country, so he hid his true identity.


「Wh–What are you saying.

My sister-in-law doesn’t tell lies!」

「Okay–okay, so what exactly is Ollie’s crime For the record, Ollie really didn’t do anything.」


How do the Second Prince’s group view the words of a prince who has said so

Do they think that I am controlling everything


「——First of all, Ottilie Shefinko had been abusing the commoners and lower nobility even before Nathe moved in.

It’s about using people without getting her own hands dirty.

Several nobles testified to this.

At some point, she seemed to have stopped doing that, but I guess that’s so she doesn’t realize she’s the mastermind behind all this.」


The Second Prince said.


「In the second year, Nathe transferred to our school and you started harassing Nathe because you didn’t like us approaching you.

You would have engaged in a number of atrocious imitations.

You yourself made an attempt to make Nathe believe you, and even though you dropped her down the stairs, you pretended to be protective of her and deceived her.

Here is another testimony.」


The Vizier’s son said.


「The most unforgivable thing is that you are deceiving the kind-hearted Nathe! You have misled so many people, concealed your vicious nature, and you have no human conscience!」


The Commander of Knight’s son said.


「You have always been a selfish, out-of-touch child, Ottilie.

Even now, you’re an evil woman who deceives and manipulates so many people and does as you pleases.

You’re not allowed to play a fool with the royalty of a neighboring country.」


Brother said.



What you are doing is unacceptable to me as the next queen of this country and to me personally.

Ottilie-sama, please tell us the truth.

And release Ihmut-sama as well.

Ihmut-sama is not the kind of person you should allow to be involved in your misdeeds.」


The Crown Princess said.


I think they are quite self-involved.

If all they have is testimony, they can’t say it is evidence.

Unless it is clearly proven to be true through magic, magical tools, etc., otherwise, any number of lies can be told.


「I didn’t do such things.」

「Ollie didn’t do that, and I’m not part of any wrongdoing.」


Me and Ihmut were very clear about that.


「…Is that so As expected, you are nothing but a “villainess,” aren’t you It can’t be helped.」


The Crown Princess looks at me as if she were looking at something painful.

Her gaze is a little annoying.

Then she looks at the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince nodded and said.


「——Ottilie Shefinko.

You are not fit to be a noble of this country.

You foolishly continued to target the position of my brother, Seanno’s wife, and committed numerous outrages.

I cannot leave you here as a noble of this country.

I hereby sentence you to exile.

You will leave this country on your own! I forbid you to ever set foot in this country again, or come near Seanno or Nathe-sama or any of the others!」


…I didn’t think the Crown Prince would come up with such a ridiculous ruling.


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