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Chapter 22


My graduation party ①

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


The graduation party has begun.


A party to celebrate our third grade graduation.

Wearing a dress for the first time in a long time.

Before entering the school, I had attended the necessary parties, but after entering the school, I had not attended many parties because of my schoolwork.

In the first place, no one liked to invite me to a party because the Crown Princess hated me.


A newly tailored navy blue dress.

Mermaid line dress with slightly exposed shoulders and bust.

The servants of the Shefinko family dressed me to the hilt.

When I look at myself in the mirror, I feel like I am not myself.


「Ollie, you looked beautiful.」

「T–Thank you.」


I am somewhat embarrassed by the genuine words of Ihmut who came to pick me up.

Ihmut is still wearing the magical equipment of cognitive inhibition.

As it was, Ihmut escorted me to the graduation party venue.


Without Ihmut, it would have been difficult to find an escort partner.


「Ollie-sama, you’re very beautiful!!」


As I entered the party hall, Nathe approached me with a smirk on her face.


Incidentally, Nathe’s escort was, of course, not the Prince’s group.

After Nathe consulted with Ihmut, one of the students from a neighboring country served.


Ihmut, who has been hiding his true identity, did not seem to be too openly friendly with the exchange student from the neighboring country, but I recently learned that they seem to have been friends for a long time.

Nathe is wearing a light blue dress, which suits her well.

Seeing Nathe’s lovely smile made me smile as well.


「You look great, Nathe-sama.

You looked like a flower fairy or something.」

「Fufu, if Ollie-sama put it that way, you are like a goddess who has come down to earth.」


We both laugh at each other when we say that.

It felt like fun just to be laughing with each other like this.


After the students entered, the officials entered as well… Among those involved were the Crown Prince and his wife.

The fact that there’s the Crown Princess makes me a little nervous.

Incidentally, I heard from Father that Brother will attend the party in his capacity as a member of the Crown Prince’s entourage.

He is not in a position as my brother.


The Crown Princess, whom I had not seen for a long time, was as beautiful as ever.

However—— When our eyes met, she gave me a terrible look.

I was sure that only I and those around me would have noticed the horrified expression on her face, but her gaze were intense.


「…The Crown Princess got a lot of crap from the king of this country.

That’s them, too.

But then again, you haven’t heard that at all.」


I hear such words from Ihmut as we dance.


But still, if she’s going to look at me like that, I’m sure… The Crown Princess might move as well as the Second Prince.


To make an absolution to me—— But strangely enough, I’m not afraid.


I have Ihmut here, Nathe here, my parents here, and all the people I’ve gotten to know through my time at the school.

I am not alone, just reassured by that fact.

For the Crown Princess, who often speaks of “fate,” perhaps it is also “fate” that I am condemned.

I didn’t do anything, but I was still called a “villainess” or a “bad girl.”


But well, even if it’s “destined” to be that way, if there is someone on your side, that is all that matters.


「Ihmut, now let’s enjoy the party until things happen.

If things happen, I won’t be proud because I didn’t do it.

And if it doesn’t happen, that’s a fun party—— Don’t look so difficult, let’s smile together.

It’s such fun.」


I told him in a plain tone of voice because it is at close range and only Ihmut can hear me.


Ihmut laughed at my words.

I still feel relieved by Ihmut’s smile, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy.


…Out of the corner of my eye, I see Nathe being offered a dance by the Second Prince.

Nathe smiled a fake smile and obligingly danced.

Nathe is a pretty looking girl, so it is only natural that she would be asked to dance with someone other than her escort partner.


Nathe and I make eye contact.

Nathe smiled.

I smiled too.


Dancing, eating, and a peaceful atmosphere.

But there is also an air of uneasiness.


It emanates from the Crown Princess and the Second Prince’s group.


I saw Nathe talking to the Crown Princess.

I notice that the Second Prince’s group were surrounding Nathe… Nathe looks surprised.

The Crown Princess put her hand on Nathe’s shoulder, wondering what she had misunderstood about such an appearance.

Then she looked straight at me.


「——Ottilie Shefinko!!」


It was the Second Prince who issued such a shout-like call.


「From this moment, I condemn you for your sins!!」


The Second Prince said such a thing proudly at the sunny occasion of the graduation party.


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