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Chapter 21


Apparently the graduation party is the place to decry me

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


The graduation party will be held soon.

After graduation, we will be heading to a neighboring country.

When I think that a new environment is just around the corner, I don’t mind if things are a little noisy around me.

I’m worried that the Second Prince’s entourage were a bit quiet, but on the contrary, well, it’s not worth worrying about.


I’ve already done what I had to do, so all I have to do is relax and enjoy the rest of the day.


With this in mind, I am in the library.

If I do so, Ihmut will come.


「Ollie, can I talk to you about something」


「At the graduation party, they’re planning on having me escort you to it… You know, those guys are so determined to decry Ollie.」

「Eh, what’s that…」


Ifmut’s words took me by surprise.


What does it mean when they’re so enthusiastic about condemning me, but I haven’t done anything about it I am unable to understand.


「…I didn’t do anything, so I don’t think I have any proof or anything.」



But there are those who want to blame it all on Ollie, and they think you are what they said you were, so they will go ballistic over it.

If you don’t like it Ollie, you don’t have to attend the graduation party.

You don’t have to go out of your way to participate in something that makes you feel bad about your absolution.」


Ihmut seems to be completely aware of the movements of the Second Prince’s group.


Still, does this mean that I am about to be falsely accused to the hilt Well, I feel like I’ve been falsely accused before, but it’s not just the school, but my parents are planning to attend as well.

And yet, I think there are a lot of problems with causing that kind of thing to happen.


「That’s why, you know, Ollie doesn’t have to feel bad.

You don’t have to participate if you don’t want to.

You don’t have to attend the graduation party to graduate.

Well, I apologise that I won’t get to see Ollie dressed up, but I don’t want Ollie to feel bad about it.」

「Does that mean we’re at a level where we can’t stop now Or that you’re not trying to stop it」

「Ah— As I said before, Ollie is a kind of educational material for His Majesty in this country.

This is giving information from our side and His Majesty’s side, and yet, it still really causes that much.

This is a time of discernment between the Crown Prince and his wife and the Second Prince’s group.

His Majesty said that it would be easier for him to make that discernment if Ollie were at the graduation party.」


That Prince also said that His Majesty had a lot to say about it.


They are all about the Crown Princess, and they are delusional about what the Crown Princess says—— Is that why we can’t see what is going on around them Ihmut and the others are saying a lot of things, but it seems that their words are not reaching us.

I laughed when I heard Ihmut’s words.



Thank you.

You thought of me and said so.

But it’s okay.

It doesn’t matter if I’m condemned, because I didn’t actually do it.

It may feel a little bad, but it is still something with Ihmut and Nathe.

And Father and Mother.

And you, Ihmut, you will stand by me, too, won’t you」


Ifmut laughed and said,「Of course,」when I asked him that.


Looking at his gentle smile, I felt somewhat warm.

I don’t know, I feel like I can do anything, even if something horrible happens, even if I am anxious, if I can just get them to smile kindly at me.

When I feel this way, I wonder if… I have long since fallen into Ihmut


「Because of you and Nathe, I have been able to enjoy my school life.

I can do anything I want as long as Ihmut and my friends are on my side.

If they say anything at the graduation party, that’s it.

I want to attend the graduation party with Ihmut and Nathe.」

「Haha, I knew Ollie was beautiful.

There’s something about those straight, powerful, strong-willed eyes that make me nervous when you stare at me.」

「…What are you talking about」

「You look embarrassed.



Ihmut’s hand touches my cheek.

I’m thrilled.

I freeze and Ihmut laughs at me.


「You don’t have to be so cautious, okay I’m not going to be tactless in a situation where Ollie hasn’t answered my question, okay」

「I–I know that.

But I’m kind of nervous…」

「The fact that you’re thrilled means you can count on me.」


With that said, Ihmut takes his hand off of mine.

Haah, I was so nervous.


「I’m looking forward to seeing Ollie all dressed up for the graduation party.」


I’m looking forward to it… Ihmut, don’t you take that magic tool of cognitive inhibition」

「I’ll take it in some cases.」

「Is that so.


Then, try it on and take it off now.」



Thinking back, I knew that he was wearing a magic tool to inhibit recognition, but I hadn’t seen him take it off.

I think that Ihmut thought it didn’t matter whether he was wearing a magical tool to block recognition or not.


「Hooh… you’ve had a different vibe.」

「Well, that’s what I was wearing it for.

So, how’s it going」

「What do you mean」

「I was just wondering if Ollie would like it.」

「Yeah, I think it’s cool… But Ihmut is Ihmut whether or not he wears a magical device that blocks recognition, so it doesn’t matter either way.」


If I said so honestly, Ihmut smiled kindly at me.


And so a peaceful time passed.


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