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Chapter 20


I enjoy the few remaining days until graduation and receive a confession

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


There are only a few days left until graduation.

The Prince’s group and Brother were, unsurprisingly, very quiet.


But according to Ihmut, they were trying to get evidence of my misdeeds.

The ones taking the initiative are the Prince’s group who are staying at the same school.


There is no evidence of wrongdoing or anything, because I didn’t do any of those things, so there is no way they could have come up with any evidence.

Or are they trying to make me into some kind of evil woman who has done evil things that way without proof


They may be lied to and undermined.

Djeeta-sama is still dreaming of marrying the Second Prince.

That’s why, I suspect that the attempt to drop Nathe down the stairs was also ordered by Djeeta-sama


This seems to be even more the case since my being near Nathe has brought me into contact with the Prince’s group more often.

Djeeta-sama sometimes makes sarcastic remarks to me and Nathe, but they are usually just off the mark.

And Djeeta-san, perhaps characteristic of the great nobility, absolutely believes in her own opinion.

From her point of view, it is only natural that she would move to be the Second Prince’s fiancée, and it is nothing but a heretical idea that she doesn’t want to be one.

Ostensibly, the school has been quiet since that staircase fiasco.

It seems as if it was maintaining peace.

But in reality, that was not the case.

It is a very complicated situation.



「It’s nice and peaceful to have the three of us in the library like this again.

I didn’t think the Prince’s group would allow me, Nathe and Ihmut to spend time together, but…」

「It’s because of me.

I told Ollie that she wouldn’t do that, but that I would see to it that she didn’t abuse Miss Weshia.

But everyone seems to think I’m being deceived by Ollie.」

「Ihmut-sama is still unusual, isn’t he But, well, it’s a relief to think that we can relax like this with Ihmut, who is in such an unusual position, on my side.」


I, Ihmut, Nathe, have made this statement.

Nathe does not know Ihmut’s origins, but she doesn’t seem particularly interested in asking.

She said it in a way,「I just need to know that he’s on Ollie’s side and that we’re friends.」


「——We’ve got a few days left before graduation.

Are you two pretty well prepared to move to a neighboring country」


We’re making progress.

But are you sure we’re ready to take everything in the mansion」


That’s right.

Preparations are steadily underway to move to a neighboring country.

Ihmut would allow me to bring all my favorite dresses, jewelry, things given to me by my commoner friends, and so many other things.


「It’s alright.」

「I’m grateful to your help, but why would Ihmut go to such lengths Even if we were friends, I feel like Ihmut is always helping me out.

If there was anything you could do, you would do it.」

「——Then, just smile by my side the whole time.」


I feel kind of embarrassed to have been told such a thing.

Nathe, who was sitting next to me,「squealed」while deliberately hid her face and looked at us through her fingers.


「E–Erm, Ihmut, Nathe is expecting something, but as a friend, right I’ll try not to misunderstand you, given your position.」

「No, I mean as friends… Well, I want to make it clear that I like Ollie.

Not as a friend, but as the opposite sex.」


「I mean, did you really not notice I wouldn’t pay this much attention to you if I didn’t like you, too.」


What a surprise to me.


I hadn’t thought about that kind of thing until just now.

By the way, Narthe next door is still peeking through the gaps between his fingers and making noises like「hyuu—.」She is not surprised by this situation and seems to be enjoying it.



I hadn’t noticed.

Since when」

「At first I was concerned about that Crown Princess because she cared about you in a bad way.

I was more interested in what the Crown Princess was saying about the “villainess” that I should definitely watch out for than what the Crown Princess was saying about “destiny.” When I actually observed and talked to you, I found that the Crown Princess was not what she said you were, and that Ollie was a lovely young lady.

You’re aiming to be a commoner, so I was a commoner, but you hadn’t lost yout pride as an aristocrat, and yet you weren’t corrupt even though you had attracted so much attention in a bad way from the people around you—— I thought that kind of strength of heart was the most beautiful thing of all.」


He thought it was beautiful—— I was so surprised to see his beautiful red eyes staring at me, and I couldn’t help but blush.

By the way, Nathe doesn’t interject in the conversation between me and Ihmut.

Just heard her murmuring, 「Ollie’s adorable…」


「So, if possible, I would like Ollie to stay by my side in that sense.

Of course, if you refuse, we will just go back to being friends, and the neighboring country will gladly accept Ollie and her family… But Ollie, it’s not like you don’t like me, right」

「E–Erm, yeah.

But, I’m not sure if I have romantic feelings for you, so, c–can we put this on hold for the time being」


Of course.

Ollie is cute when you’re embarrassed, and I’m confident that I can get you to drop it if I can make you aware of it from now on.」




I am sure I am leaning toward Ihmut when I am blushing, but I am happy to hear this kind of confession.

I just never thought about love, so I don’t know if that’s what I meant by my fondness for Ihmut…


But maybe I had a feeling myself that I would cave eventually.


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