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Chapter 2


I'm going out on the town

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


I have been hated by the royalty and nobility to an astonishing degree—— but I’m not hated by every human being in the world.


Basically, the daughters of royalty and nobility are very busy networking for the future, going to parties, having tea parties, working on their education to become noblewomen, and getting to know their fiancées.


As for me, I am really only invited to parties and tea parties on a minimal basis.

Father and Mother would take pity on me because they love me so much and want me to somehow find a fiancé and be happy.

I’ve had potential fiancées, but I’ve never been to have one.


Because the Crown Princess is calling the shots on me.

She said that they can refuse to be engaged to me.

She said that if they don’t want to, they can refuse.

Therefore, I could not use my status as a cover to make an engagement.

If I did so, I would only gain more notoriety.


…No matter how much Father and Mother tried to tell them, the word of the Crown Princess spread as truth.

Rather, Father and Mother are regarded as poor beings who are being deceived by me.


Well, that is why they’re working on educating their daughter, but other than that, I honestly have no time to do anything else.

Royalty and nobility don’t have friends.

Really sad living in solitude… I had been going to town since I was in the territory before I attended the academy.


And I got along well with the commoners.

When I was five years old, I used to refer to myself as “I,”* but now, in my interactions with the commoners, when I’m addressing myself it has become “I.”** I can completely understand words and phrases that are popular among the commoners.


Maybe I’m familiar at the level that if I don’t find a fiancée and become a commoner, they might not know I’m a former noble.


Frankly, if I can’t make friends at the school, I’m going to go out on the town, make acquaintances, and have a good time.

These commoner acquaintances might be a great help to me after I become a commoner.

Besides, it’s lonely for me to not engage in conversation with anyone other than my maid of honor!


This is why I am going out with my maid of honor, Miloda.

Royalty and aristocrats basically don’t go out of town like this, and we don’t go to aristocratic stores or anything like that, so I doubt we’ll ever meet.

However, it would be troublesome if I made a lot of ruckus, so I use magic equipment to make it difficult for them to recognize my face.


「Miloda, it’s a big city.

Everyone seems to be having a great time.」

「I agree.



Since we’re in a city, so Miloda has me use a hush-hush nickname for me.


By the way, Ollie is what Father and Mother and the servants and people I know call me when I was out on my own like this.

I have no acquaintances among the royalty and nobility who call me by my nickname.

In the beginning, when we first started going out to the city in the territory, Miloda was also awkward in calling me Ollie, but these days she feels completely comfortable with it.


This school is located in a large city where several educational institutions exist, including the school I attend.

It was very active, and I am excited to be able to explore the city.


I first see a bakery that looks delicious, so I get in line at the end of the line.

The bakery must be delicious if there is such a long line of people waiting in line.

Finally, my turn came, and I immediately spoke to the clerk.


「Which bread would you recommend」

「Our recommended would be the apple pie!」


The clerk recommended the apple pie, which was one of the last ones.

I rush to place my order.

I was desperate not to let anyone else take the apple pie that looked so delicious and was recommended by the clerk.

Perhaps because my voice was too desperate as I ordered, other customers and waitresses around me laughed at me with smiling eyes, and I was a little embarrassed.


Then I ordered a few other things and headed to the park with Miloda.

In the park, children are playing and lovers are on dates.

Miloda and I sit on a bench and eat the bread we bought.


「It’s delicious!」

「It really is delicious.


「This apple pie is so good, I highly recommended it!」


How happy I am to be able to spend such a beautiful day eating delicious food.

It was such a happy feeling.


Having eaten until I was full, I lay down on the grass in the park, satisfied.


That would be an immodest act for an aristocratic daughter, but I will be a commoner in three years’ time anyway.

I must get used to living as a commoner… I just wanted to lie down.


This is how I look up at the sky and relax without thinking.

It was a very happy thing.


I would do so with Miloda and enjoy the city to the fullest.



KaiesV's notes:

* Ottilie uses わたくし/Watakushi which is a formal way to address herself ** She's using 私/Watashi when she's casually addressing herself


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