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Chapter 19


Me and Brother who hasn't talked to me for a long time

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


As Ihmut said, one of the young ladies was expelled for causing me to fall down the stairs.


I am sure that not only that ladies, but that there are others who were the cause of Nathe being dropped.

However, as Ihmut said, it seems that only the perpetrators could do something about it at present.

I am just relieved that this will reduce the number of people who act that way out in the open.


As usual, the Prince’s group show no sign of believing me at all and only assume that I am the mastermind.

No matter how much Nathe denies it, they don’t believe it.

Ihmut seems to be doing a lot of work behind the scenes, but he is also staying with us more and more.

Maybe it was because the Prince’s group know that he was completely friendly with us.


In the midst of all this, Brother came to me.

…It had been several years since I had faced Brother head-on.

Even though we are siblings, Brother and I are far apart.


「——Ottilie, you did this.」

「I wasn’t doing anything.

Dear Brother.

On what basis do you make such a statement」

「Louise-sama said you were doing this.

No one but you would attempt such a thing.

Besides, you must be taunting Ihmut-sama as well.

What are you thinking We know you are an evil woman, and you can’t do what you want in our country, so you are trying to go to another country.」


As usual, Brother, nay, the Crown Princess, is making assumptions about me.


Ihmut said it’s not my fault, but when he’s so definitive, it makes me wonder if it’s sometimes my fault.


I used to be selfish, and Brother used to look at me properly, even though he didn’t like it.

However, at some point, he started trusting the Crown Princess and never looked at me.


Whether I speak up, cry, or tell him in no uncertain terms… It was just seen as a ploy to Brother.

The time to be hurt by it has passed.


「I did no such thing.」


I just do the denial.

I know that my words will never be believed, but even so, I will not lie.


「… Seriously, you’re just good at pretending to be.

I would have been fooled too if I hadn’t heard it from Louise-sama.」

「Dear Brother really cares about Louise, don’t you」


Louise-sama is the light that saved my life.」


The words make me feel indescribable.


When I think back to the past, I think that Brother was a person who was self-disciplined, unlike me who was always selfish.

And yet, as the heir to a great noble family, the Ducal, I am sure he had many worries.


I am sure that the Crown Princess has solved those problems.

Even those Prince’s group are the same.

I am blind like that because that is the person who has been there for me in that way.


That Crown Princess hates no one but me.

She just hates me.

I guess I look like a “villainess” because she was like a saint to other people.

It’s not easy for me to be misunderstood like that, but I’m sure that’s all that matters to Brother.


「Brother, even if you hated me or thought you did, the facts are different.

I am not fond of His Highness the Second Prince, nor am I trying to attract Brother’s attention.

And at least I don’t consider myself the “villainess” as Louise-sama says so.」


But still, I think Brother really can only see me like that, that he would only say such words to his sister who fell down the stairs, instead of worrying about her.


Brother seemed to think for a moment at my words.

But it was only for a moment.

My sincerity is no match for the Crown Princess’s words.

To them, if the Crown Princess says something is white, even something black is white.

Even if they’re not aware that they’re deluded about the Crown Princess, they are simply deluded about her.


Brother then walked away.


According to what I heard later, when he came to the school, Brother also went to see Nathe.

Sure enough, he sensed the “destiny” that the Crown Princess was talking about.

Should they feel the greatness of Nathe, the “destiny” of so many people, or should they feel the greatness of the influence of the Crown Princess’s words


「I don’t care how pretty she is or how much she looks on Ollie, I hate her for not looking at Ollie right!」


Their “fated” partner is upset with Brother’s attitude toward me, but I wonder if “fate” is a one-sided feeling rather than a mutual one.

Or is that just what the Crown Princess says… I thought that was the mystery around it.


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