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Chapter 18


I wake up

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


「Ihmut!! You, why are you protecting that evil woman!! It’s you—— am I right!! My Sister-in-law would have warned Ihmut as well.

That woman would often pretend to be frail or kind.」

「Haah… So, that’s probably information from Louise-sama anyway.

Think it’s normal.

I know Ollie would never do that.

I’m sure you’ve heard that Louise-sama has never had a real conversation with Ollie either.

You are just making up your own mind and assuming that’s what you want.

You plan to support the King in the future as a royal brother.

The rest of you, if you plan to serve Seanno and your country, should broaden your horizons a bit.

And hey, she covered for Miss Weshia when she almost fell.

Are you stupid enough to look at that and still make assumptions」


I can hear voices… Is this the voice of the Second Prince and of Ihmut


「Wha— I’m giving just you advice! My sister-in-law would never lie to me.」

「If someone else had said it, I would not have believed it.

But it’s because they are Louise-sama’s words.」

「That’s right.

Louise-sama is a wonderful person.

Fair and kind to everyone—— That’s the kind of person we adore.」


Louise Barsheikh—— the Great Crown Princess of this country.

She often consoles orphans and even the commoners adore her.

She has an alluring charm that captivates all.


「——I’m saying that kind of blindness is what it’s like to be on top.

I admit that Louise-sama is wonderful in general terms.

And that she is recognized as the Crown Princess.

But the only thing that disqualifies her as the Crown Princess is her attitude towards Ollie.」

「Wha—! I was——」

「I know you’re saying those things with me in mind.

But I can assure you that Ollie is not what you call the “villainess” as Louise-sama calls her.」


I hear such voices.

——It was kind of comforting to hear him believe in me like that.


My parents and my commoner friends were good friends with me.

But I didn’t think there was anyone among the aristocrats of my age who could say that to me.

Even if I thought so, I didn’t think there was anyone who would say so openly.


There is a flapping sound.

Had the Second Prince’s group disappeared I woke up there.


I looked to the side and saw Nathe sleeping beside the bed where I was sleeping.


「Ah, you’re awake.


Thank goodness.

Are you alright」


Then Ihmut, who seems to have been talking to the Prince earlier, comes over to us.


「Yeah… Were the Prince’s group here earlier」


Did you hear us That’s right.

Miss Weshia is here worrying about Ollie and they’re being loud about how she’s being deceived.

They wouldn’t be such a hassle if Louise-sama didn’t get involved.」

「Is that so…」


However, Ollie is cared for in a bad way by Louise-sama, and Miss Weshia is cared for in a good way by Louise-sama, so her attitude toward you two is probably bizarre because of that relationship.」


Ihmut said something like that.


…I see, I am hated by the Crown Princess.

That kind of prejudice has been there from the beginning with the Prince’s group, and that’s probably why I can say that they don’t have a normal attitude.


「…Really, why is that」

「I don’t know I don’t know what Louise-sama thinks either.

I’m sure there must be some reason, but I don’t think it’s Ollie’s fault.

It just means that they are just misunderstanding it on their own.」

「Fufu, thank you.」


When I almost laughed like that, Nathe woke up.


「Ollie!! I’m glad!! You’re awake now!! Even though I was the one to fall down!! I can’t believe Ollie would fall instead… You can’t do that kind of thing anymore!」


As if concerned, Narthe said this to me with serious eyes.

I was somewhat pleased to see her sincere concern for me.



I’m sorry, Nathe.

I couldn’t help but move my body.」

「I’ll make sure you won’t fall down like that next time!」


It’s not every day you get dropped down the stairs, but it’s better to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Still, I think it is a big problem that such an important event occurs at the school.

Isn’t this the kind of thing that raises all sorts of liability issues


I don’t know who attempted to drop Nathe.

I heard footsteps running off behind me, though, so someone must have been there.


「I don’t think any more imitations like that will happen.

I know who did it and they will be punished.

But I’m sure it will be once the lizards were cut off the tails.」

「Eh, you can see who did it!」

「This is an academy where royalty goes too.

So if one person gets punished for it, they won’t do much bigger things.」


Ihmut said something like that.


If it looks like I won’t be dropped down the stairs again, I’ll be a little relieved.

But even if someone is punished in that way, there may still be people who will wake something up.


That makes me a little nervous.

I need to be more careful…


「That would be a relief, but… The Second Prince’s group are still suspicious of Ollie.」

「They were.

I think they’re really stupid.」

「I agree! They’re seriously foolish! Even though Ollie would never do such a thing…」


Ifmut and Nathe wonder if the Prince is not being too silly and foolish

Somehow, listening to their conversation, I couldn’t help but laugh.


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