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Chapter 15


My friend and I have a secret talk

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


「The Second Prince’s group, they’re still running wild thinking Ollie is doing it.」


It was more like they’re trying to force Nathe to stay with them no matter how much she didn’t want to, and she was lamenting the fact that she couldn’t come over here.」


Since then, the harassment of Nathe has gotten worse.


With that, the Second Prince’s group are trying to stand by Nathe, their destiny, and they must protect her.

What a vicious cycle.


Do they actually dislike Nathe for wanting to be around more when she was being harassed because the Prince’s group were around I even think it was a good possibility.


I am wondering if I should act as an outspoken advocate for Nathe.

Nathe told me not to do it because it would make my position worse and worse.

But I care about Nathe.

So I wanted to do something about it, but as a hated person, there was a possibility that if I defended Nathe, it would make things worse.


「Something bothering you」


I’m concerned that Nathe’s position will be made worse by me, outwardly defending her.

Nathe said we were almost ready to graduate, but… I don’t know how the ladies, who are so eager to be the Prince’s partner, will run amok.」

「You can do what wanted to do, Ollie.

You’re both going to my country anyway.」

「…Ihmut seems to be more than happy to make it harder for me to stay in the country.」

「That’s right.

I want Ollie to come to my country.

I don’t want to give you back to the royalty and nobles who don’t have the eyes to see in this country, even if they seek Ollie later.

That’s why, I’m making it easier for Ollie and, incidentally, Miss Weshia to get over there.」

「Ihmut has a good personality… The fact that you clearly says that to me, the person in question.」


Ihmut is probably in a reasonable position in a neighboring country.

Apparently, Ihmut thinks that the harder I stay in this country, the more I will come to the neighboring country.

However, Ihmut has not dared to make my position worse.


Nathe is being harassed, but to some extent Ihmut is trying to stop it.

It’s usually difficult for Nathe to refuse the Crown Princess’s desire to see her.

The fact that she was able to refuse it was probably also due to Ihmut.



「I want Ollie to come to my country but I don’t want you to hate me.

If Ollie wants to, you have the cards in your hand, and I think you can turn the situation around to a reasonable degree.

But His Majesty of this country has decided to wait and see until graduation, taking into account the future of the Crown Prince and his wife and the Second Prince.

His Majesty of this country is aware that Ollie is not the lady she is rumored to be… Well, in a way, I could say that I’m using Ollie as one of our educational materials as you’re about to leave from this country.」


He says such things without a care in the world.


I also realized that Ihmut is not just a commoner.

Nevertheless, it seemed that the story in the academy had gone all the way to the King.

His Majesty did not give me any nasty looks when I greeted him at the party.


「That’s why, Ollie, I have a feeling that if you don’t want to do that, you can do something about it as soon as possible and take Ollie home without waiting for you to graduate from the academy as soon as possible.

But Ollie doesn’t want that kind of thing, right You don’t want to make that kind of noise yourself.

I’m thinking I want to graduate from this program—— Ollie didn’t bother to get involved with them, and I’m sure you’d rather not anymore.」


That’s correct.

I don’t want to get involved.

I am tired of dealing with princes who never listen to a word I say, no matter what I say.」


That’s why, if we continue to graduate maturely, that is.

And if something irreversible happens without seeing the real Ollie and Miss Weshia, that’s that.

At that time, the domestic power structure will just change dramatically.

Either way, I and the Duke and Duchess of Shefinko are prepared to make sure Ollie gets to the neighboring country safely, so you can do whatever you want.」


Ihmut also communicated with Father and Mother.

I knew that, but it seems that preparations are being made without my knowledge.

I’ve heard some frightening stories about some kind of change in the power structure in the country, but I’ve heard that His Majesty is testing me to see what kind of action I will take before graduation because the princes have misjudged me and made up their minds about me.



「If I do as I please, does it affect the preparation」

「Not at all.

Ollie can do whatever she want, but I’m ready to accept it on my side of the world.」

「Then I will help Nathe.

She is a dear friend to me.」

「If that’s what you want to do, so be it.

I would too, but… If I’m out in the open with the two of you, things could get complicated again, so I’ll help from behind the scenes.」

「What’s the complicated situation」

「…I’m one of those people who was told by that Crown Princess that『I’ll meet my destined one eventually.』」

「Eh Is that so Then, do you feel destined for Nathe」

「No, I’m not feeling it.

It’s not like it’s fate because people tell you it was in the first place, and I don’t believe in fate.」


Clearly, Ihmut said such a thing.


But then again, Ihmut had no idea that he was one of those people who were told by the Crown Princess that they were “destined to meet their fate.”

I mean, how many people were destined to Nathe… It must have been a terrible experience for Nathe to have her destiny recognized on her own.


「By the way, Ollie, aren’t you going to ask about me」

「You want me to listen I’d like Ihmut to tell me who Ihmut is, if you’ll tell me.」


When I said this, Ihmut laughed in amusement.


「I am——」


Ihmut then told me about his origins.


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