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Chapter 12


I spend long vacations with my friends

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


The long winter break is here.

Like last year, I had planned to spend it alone and lonely, but not this time.


「Fufu, I’m glad Ollie could show us around her home! Your father was worried, but I assured him that Ollie is a wonderful person.

At school, when I’m with Ollie, I can only talk to you in the library because a lot of people say weird things when I’m with you, but I’m glad to be able to talk to Ollie like this at your place.」

「I’m glad I’m allowed to accompany you.

And I’d love to discuss taking Ollie to our country.」


This time Nate and Ihmut are also with me.


As for Ihmut, he is seriously going to talk to my parents and ask them for advice for me to go to a neighboring country after graduation.

Miloda was pleased to learn that I had been invited to a neighboring country.

By the way, Brother still doesn’t want to see me, or he doesn’t want to come back to our territory.

I think Ihmut heard about this and decided to come to my parents’ house, so perhaps Ihmut is acquainted with Brother as well.


Still, he might know the Second Prince and Brother… In spite of that position, is Ihmut allowed to stay with me

As for Nathe, I heard that she was invited by the Second Prince, but she managed to turn them down.

The Prince and other’s obsession with Nathe is still going on, and Nathe seems to be having a hard time.


「I’m glad I get to spend time with my friends at the academy too.」


I am sure Father and Mother would be pleased.


Father and Mother would have been very happy to see me at the school because they were worried about me spending time alone.

And when we arrived at the mansion and I introduced Nathe and Ihmut as friends from the school, my parents and the servants were kind of in tears.


「I can’t believe Milady brought friends from the academy!」

「We’re so happy for you!」

「Finally, someone with eyes to see who can see our Milady!!」


The servants were frenzied and even more tense than usual.


「I’m glad.

It’s nice to have someone who understands you and you bring your friends like this…!」


Mother was crying so hard.


I was really sorry, filled with sentiment.

Because Mother would have been worried that I was all bad news and that I was not close to anyone.


It was some kind of special long vacation.

Because it was the first time I had ever had a friend staying at my humble abode, and I was so excited.


「Ollie, did you not sleep well」

「…I was just happy to have friends staying at my house.」

「Ollie, you’re so adorable!! I hope we get along well, a lot!!」


Nathe was saying that when she saw that I was looking forward to it and was sleep deprived.

I think Nathe is pretty than me… I’ve been told I’m not pretty enough for anyone but my parents and servants.


While I was in the territory, the three of us went out to town.

My commoner friends seemed relieved that I had made friends at the academy.

It gave me a warm feeling to know that they were all concerned about me.


I am hated by the royalty and nobility, but I am blessed with the people around me.

I love everyone who smiles at me.

By the way, during my stay, Ihmut was consulting with me about my post-graduation story.

My parents also seem to think that I would be happier in another country rather than staying in this one.


「It was a good talk.

It’s hard for Ollie to live in this country.」

「Ollie says she will become a commoner and live without us, but I really want her to be happy.」


My parents smiled and said such things.


Maybe they are too trusting of the friend their daughter suddenly brought with her I was a little worried about my parents, but I thought that maybe they knew about Ihmut.

But honestly, I don’t care either way, because whether Ihmut is a commoner or a nobleman, he is still an important friend to me.


「Ollie, I feel like you are steadily filling the outer moat, are you alright」

「What outer moat」

「It’s an outer moat that goes to a neighboring country to be taken care of by Ihmut-sama.」

「That’s not a problem because that’s not what I would have wished for either, okay」

「Erm, that’s not what I meant.

Ollie with her pouty face is really cute.

But Ollie as a dignified Duke’s daughter in public is also very nice.

I’ve heard from some of the commoners that Ollie protected them.」

「…Ahh, that’s happened to me before.」

「You said Ollie looked so cool at that moment, she had that twinkle in her eye.」


It was strange to hear Nathe say such a thing.

I don’t care if she said I was cool, I’m just doing what I want to do.


「We can’t even watch the girls study next time, can I」

「…If we stay with them, those kids will have a hard time.」

「So we must keep a low profile.

I think it’s nice enough to have a little study group in the regular library, out of sight, out of mind.」

「…If it doesn’t bother those kids.」

「Fufu, Ihmut-sama will take care of that, don’t worry.」


By the way, Nathe and Ihmut have totally become good friends.

But Nathe never stops referring to Ifmut with「-sama,」does she I wonder if they feel like they have to put on some kind of airs and graces.

I asked Ihmut if I should address him with「-sama」too, and he said I didn’t have to, but…


And so we spent the long winter break happily.

I was really happy to be able to spend time with my friends in this way.


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