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Chapter 11


Her interaction with me and my friend is the exact opposite

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


「Ottilie-sama is very knowledgeable! I admire you for being so beautiful, kind, and knowledgeable!」

「Miss Weshia is a good judge of character.

Ollie is even competing with me for first place in her grade.」


I see Nathe-sama and Ihmut in front of me.


Since that day, the day I hid her, Nathe-sama has come to me from time to time.

Of course, I told her,「You should not have anything to do with me,」just as I had told Ihmut, but she was touched for some reason,「You are so kind, Ottilie-sama!」I was touched for some reason.

Or rather, Nathe-sama is also told by her father that she can do as she likes after graduation since she suddenly became a noble daughter.

It’s as if she was being told that if she finds someone she like, they can be together and live freely.


「I was thinking of becoming a civil official, but I honestly don’t want to serve in the royal court.

I don’t want to go where that Second Prince and His Highnesses are also.

Ottilie-sam, won’t you hire me!」

「Erm, I’m sorry.

Unfortunately, I am thinking of becoming a commoner if I don’t find a fiancée.」

「Ehh! Is that so The people at this school don’t have eyes to see.

Ah, then, when you become a commoner, why don’t we open a store together It would be fun with Ottilie-sama.」

「Well, that could be fun too.」


Nathe-sama is smiling at me.


But still, she’s a lovely girl with a friendly smile.

I wonder if it’s because she has this kind of charm that she is considered special by the Crown Princess.


「About that, Ollie.

What about going to a neighboring country after graduation」

「A neighboring country」


I thought that would make it easier for Ollie to live.」

「That’s true, but is it okay」

「Of course.

Ollie can do whatever she wants.

And of course, Miss Weshia can join along.」


I knew that Ihmut was not a commoner just because he did not say his family name and pretended to be a commoner, I thought.

But Ihmut’s offer seemed tempting.

This is why the Crown Princess is so influential in this country and I live a life of hate.

In another country, I might be more comfortable living.

I feel excited to think so.


「Fufu, that’s why I’m just along for the ride! By the way, Ottilie-sama, why don’t you make a broken tone to me as well And I also want to have a friendly chat with Ottilie-sama! Like Ihmut-sama is talking!」

「…I don’t mind.

I use a lot of commoners’ words in a casual tone, but I hope you won’t be disillusioned.」

「That’s fine to me! I’m a former commoner myself.

Besides, that kind of tone makes me easier to talk to.」


She told me that, so I started calling Nathe-sama “Nathe” and started talking to her plainly.


「Ollie is so beautiful!! The more I look at you, the more I am amazed at how beautiful you are.

The more I think he hates Ollie, the less I like His Royal Highness the Second Prince.」

「Is that so Well, he’s very determined, isn’t he」


I’m really making assumptions.

He’s really assuming a lot.

No matter how much I say I don’t like it, I’m embarrassed, you know And I’m scared that it was fate or something.

And they are always trying to get me to meet the Crown Princess, but it’s horrible that I, a former commoner and bastard child of a Count, would show my face at the royal castle.

I don’t want to go out of my way to meet the Crown Princess, even if it’s the minimum necessary.

And it doesn’t make any sense at all that the Crown Princess is concerned about me when we haven’t even met yet.」


With pouty lips, Nathe says such a thing.


Yes, but while everyone around her assumes that she is happy and cared for by the Crown Princess and the Second Prince, in reality, Nathe doesn’t seem to like it.

But surely it could be terrifying to be cared for by the Crown Princess who has just become daughter of a Count from a commoner and has never met her.


「I wish His Highness the Second Prince understood that Nathe doesn’t like it.」

「It really is.

He thought I’d be happy to talk to him.

Besides, that person was under the mistaken impression that Ollie liked him… that’s scary.」


If I think about it objectively, that Prince is assuming that Nathe and I like the Prince.

Even if it’s not true.


When I think about it, he’s just a misunderstood man.

Why is that Prince being cajoled by women I honestly wonder.


「They don’t even listen to the advice of those around them.

Even when Miss Weshia tells him she doesn’t like it, he doesn’t seem to believe it.

They’re out of control.

Miss Weshia would be better off talking to her parents before the Second Prince use his power to do something about it.」

「Uweeh— I hate that! I can’t believe I can’t escape those people.

I will talk to Father!」


The people at the school don’t really understand that Nathe really doesn’t want to be there.

Who would have given her advice Ihmut himself Is Ihmut in a position to talk to that Prince as well


In the meantime, I will let Father and Mother know that my friend is in trouble on my behalf.

I am afraid that the Prince may start to misunderstand my actions, but I can’t turn my back on her.

I care more about the future of Nathe I befriended than my reputation.


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