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I shelter her as the exact opposite

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


By the time the second school year began about six months later, she, Nathe-sama, had become the head of the rumors at the school.


This is because Nathe-sama is being approached by the Prince.

Not satisfied with the one-time contact, the Prince and others are talking to Nathe-sama.


The school is a little tense about it.

I saw Djeeta-sama throwing a tantrum the other day.

I was surprised when I asked her if she was supposed to make that kind of screeching sound just because men were not looking.

But it seems that so far there has been no noticeable harassment of Nathe-sama, probably because the Crown Princess has asked him to take good care of her.

But I think it’s only a matter of time before they get so worked up about the quirks.


I have never spoken to Nathe-sama, but from a distance, she is a likeable person who is trying her best to fit into the aristocratic society.

Partly I am concerned because she was the opposite of me, but even if she wasn’t, I would want to do something about it if she was in some kind of trouble.


I’m hated, though, so there’s probably not much I can do.


「Ahh, Milady is so kind.

Milady is an angel.

I will serve by your side for the rest of my life.」

「Miloda, I’m still  going to be a commoner, you know」

「Even if you become a commoner, I still want to meet Milady.

I want to be with Milady!」

「Fufu, thank you.」


When I express my opinion to Miloda in the dormitory, she makes a pleasant remark.


But still, I think that calling me an angel is an exaggeration.

My parents, but I think the servants in the mansion are too lenient with me.

I’m going to be a commoner anyway, so if my reputation is a little bit damaged again, that’s that.

I spent my time with this in mind and never got involved with Nathe-sama, even though I was concerned about her.



——But that day, I would get involved with Nathe-sama.



That day I was at the library taking it easy.

By the way, Ihmut wasn’t here.

I have only met Ihmut in the library and outside of the school, so I am not involved in his normal school life.

When Ihmut does not come to the library, I just spend my time relaxing by myself.


It is very relaxing because there are not many people in this place these days.


I am reading a book with this in mind.

As I did so, I heard some kind of flapping sound.

Was someone making noise in the library

But I thought it didn’t matter as long as they didn’t come this way.

Although… A shadow appeared on the spot.


「I–I’m sorry!! C–Can you please help me」


I thought I heard such a voice, but it was Nathe-sama there.


Nathe-sama is a pretty young lady with peach-colored hair and peach-colored eyes.

Her face was pale.


I thought Nathe-sama was having a reasonably good time at this school as the Crown Princess’s favorite, so I didn’t think anyone would do anything outwardly terrible to Nathe-sama, the Crown Princess’s favorite…


Nathe-sama seemed surprised to see me in the library.

I think Nathe-sama knows about the rumors about me.


「What’s wrong In what way can I help you」

「E–Erm, I want you to hide me!」

「I see then.

If so, please hide over there.

I won’t tell anyone that you are here.」

「T–Thank you very much!」


I ask Nathe-sama to hide under the desk.

It may be uncomfortable for her to be in close proximity to me, a hated person, but she will have to put up with that.

If she does, after a while she will hear another flapping sound.




And then came the Prince’s group.


I knew that Nathe-sama was being approached by the Prince and the others, but I had no idea that she was being followed around like this.

The Prince look disgusted at the sight of me.

They must have known I was in this library, and they would have given me that kind of disgusted look… I feel like I’m not the only one.


「You!! Where’s Nathe!!」

「Nathe-sama Is she the illegitimate child of a Count I have never had anything to do with her.

She is not here.

You know that no one would bother to get involved with me.」

「You’re still the same, aren’t you.

You call her a bastard child and make fun of Nathe! I don’t think Nathe would bother to get involved with such an evil person like you.

I have found my destiny.

For you will never be my wife!」


I know where my place is.」


I nod reverently.

It really is exhausting to talk to this person.

After the Prince and his entourage are gone, I call out to Nathe-sama.


「Nathe-sama, they’re gone now.」


When I said this, Nathe-sama came gingerly out from under the desk.


「Ahh, thank you very much.

It was very helpful.」

「I’m glad I could be of help to you, Nathe-sama.

Is the Second Prince always like that to you」

「Yes, that’s correct… Somehow, they keep coming on to me, whether I want them to or not…」

「Oh my, well… It must be hard for you.

You just became an aristocrat from being a commoner, so life at the school must be tough.

But you feel like you weren’t alive when the Second Prince approached you.」


When I said that, she suddenly grabbed my hand.

Then, as if in a panic, Nathe-sama said.


「Ah, I’m sorry.

I can’t believe I suddenly grabbed the hand of Ottilie-sama…」

「No, I’m not bothered.

There is no one here but us.

Just make sure you behave in public and you’ll be fine.」


When I said this, Nathe-sama kind of looked at me with sparkling eyes.

I wondered why she was looking at me that way.


「Ottilie-sama is nothing like from the rumors.

You’re a very nice person and I was surprised!」


I was a little embarrassed when she said that.

I thought Nathe-sama would disappear from the library soon after that, but she stayed in the library for a while.


「Because if I leave now, His Highness the Second Prince and the others might be there.」


Apparently, Nathe-sama did not like to be involved with the Prince and his group.


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