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Chapter 1


The reason why they don't like me

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


I, Ottilie Shefinko, was surprisingly disliked by royalty and nobility.


I think to myself that before, when I was five years old, I was selfish and that was the only reason I was kept away from them.

But now I know I’m not that bad… I think.


Even when I go out on the town, people usually smile at me and I know many commoners.

I am just hated by the upper class, the royalty and nobility.

I am also a daughter of a duke, even though we are of the same upper class.


「…It’s Ottilie-sama.」

「Well… I’m worried about being in the same class as her.」


I’ve been a long way from my first day at the academy where I attended royalty and nobility.

Usually, when you are a daughter of a duke, people around you try to get close to you.

That’s how powerful my father’s ducal position is.

——But the reason no one wants to befriend me is in the words of one woman.






Classmates are also talking about this “Louise-sama”.


Her full name is Louise Michelen.

She is now married to the Crown Prince and is now Louise Barsheikh.


She is the eldest daughter of our country’s first duke and the wife of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.

She is an influential woman in the country, holding the position of the next queen.

I have only interacted with them to the extent that I greeted them when I needed to.

She is a compassionate young lady with beautiful golden hair and is said to be like a goddess.

She is a beautiful young lady who is the opposite of me, the hated one.

She is called “The Fairy Princess” or some such nickname.


She is four years older than me and has already graduated from the academy.

But she is still admired and liked by many here.


——That woman, hates me for some reason.

I have never spoken to her properly.

I really just did a minimal greeting.

But the Crown Princess dislikes me very much.


——It was not only because of my selfishness that I was so isolated when I was five years old.

The crown princess, who was about four years older than me, was worried about me.

That was the reason.


She seems to think that for some reason I look like an impossibly awful woman.

And yet, no matter how much I correct my selfishness, to her it seems to be a calculation.

No matter how gently I respond—— Still, that heart is not communicated to those around me.


Every action is misunderstood, and even now, ten years later, there are still unbelievable rumors circulating that I am a distant, villainous daughter.


In the past, I tried my best to dispel those rumors.

I acted a lot and tried to make myself liked.

But it didn’t work.

It only resulted in spinning out of control, and as a result, no one among the royalty and nobility would sincerely try to befriend me.


I also love the crown prince, who dotes on the crown princess, and for some reason, his brother, the second prince, hates me as well.

It seems that even though I have done nothing, I am the one who is trying to become the second prince’s fiancée.

I don’t understand at all.


So I used to do a lot of hard work, but recently I have given up.

I have given up on the idea that it is inevitable that I am disliked among the royalty and nobility.

As long as the crown princess hates me, there is nothing I can do.


I mean, I am so blind to the crown princess that I wonder, even if I hate her, if this country will be okay.


It seems I am the only one the Ctown Princess dislikes.

It’s just that to her, I’m a woman of irrepressible character and impossibly pure evil—— I was a “villainess” to them.


Of course, I have never had a direct personal conversation with her, so I just don’t understand what she means when she says that.

Also, the reason no one approaches me is because of my three older brothers.


My older brother who is going to inherit our Ducal of Shefinko.

This brother originally kept his distance from me because of my selfishness.

Looking back at the old me, I know it’s not surprising that he don’t like me.

But that dislike became worse because of his respect for the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess.


Brother is a close associate of the Crown Prince, and he is already on good terms with the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess.

No matter how much I, as a family member and his sister, try to show that I have reformed, it seems to be completely out of sight.


「Louise-sama, the goddess, says your insides are rotten.

No matter how much you try to deceive Father and Mother, I won’t be deceived.」


I cried a lot when he said to me, “I’m not a good person.”


No matter how much my father and mother tried to tell him otherwise, it seems that to Brother, I am nothing more than a “wicked woman who pretends to be reformed, manipulating the duke and duchess and trying to do her will.”


Frankly, I have no idea where to begin to go into this.


I don’t even know why the Crown Princess is trying to turn me into a “bad woman” or a “villainess” in the first place.

I have no idea why I am so bought up as a villain.

I don’t have a fiancée because I am unlikable.

Even Brother, the next head of the dukedom, hates me, and I have no influence over the Duchy of Shefinko.


So, I’ve given up and am enjoying the life of a raving loner.


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