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Chapter 3501: Going to Make A Fortune (6)Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Moreover, the safe path that Huang Yueli led them through just now has also become unsafe.

The four guards were attacked by evil qi and they fell to the ground on their knees, trying their best to suppress the evil qi.

Huang Yueli quickly shouted out to them: “Brother Tianyi! You guys have to hurry up and enter the ball of light, quick! Its safer inside than outside! Besides, the ball of light is about to start teleporting! If you dont come in again, you all will die outside!”

Li Tianyi and the others were already rushing towards the ball of light.

When they heard this, their hearts trembled.

They immediately used all their strength and rushed in with all their might.

Six people squeezed into the small ball of light, which was actually very crowded.


Moreover, Li Tianyi and the others obviously did not have the strength of Li Moying.

Under the oppression of the pressure inside the ball of light, their faces were all pale, but they could only support themselves with all their strength.

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