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Next, His Highness Long Yuan specially held a welcoming banquet for Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was naturally the most outstanding “protagonist”.

Unfortunately, after the banquet, Lin Feng fell completely into obscurity.

He kept a very low profile and did not do anything else remarkable, as if he had never been here.

On the other hand, information about Lin Feng gradually circulated, but it was all basic information.

For example, Lin Feng was a former seed disciple, and he was promoted to the upper district as an exception.

He had become a disciple of the upper district of the Divine Palace before becoming a planetary lifeform.

This in itself was an unprecedented first in the history of the Divine Palace of Bemond.

In addition, Lin Feng had risen to fame in one fell swoop during the Big Bang, and was revered as the Grand Emperor of Annihilation! Furthermore, he was only a Venerable himself.

This was simply legendary!

The various information on Lin Feng was too incredible.

Not everyone believed it.

In fact, there was even a greater element of suspicion.

Even the few Grand Emperors had different views.

Although they trusted His Highness Long Yuan highly, and it was true that Lin Feng was a Grand Emperor, how could a Venerable become a Grand Emperor

Moreover, Lin Feng kept a very low profile.

His Highness Cursed Blade had tried to fight Lin Feng a few times in the name of sparring, but Lin Feng rejected him tactfully every time.

In the end, Cursed Blade actually approached His Highness Long Yuan.

His Highness Long Yuan said something that agitated Cursed Blade even more.

“Your Highness Cursed Blade, you dont have to try to spar with His Highness Lin Feng.

Youre not His Highness Lin Fengs match.”

Although His Highness Long Yuans words did not make His Highness Cursed Blade displeased, now he wanted to spar with Lin Feng even more.

The other Grand Emperors were also very surprised.

Ever since His Highness Lin Feng came to the border, he was like someone extra.

He did not visit the other Grand Emperors, nor did he go around making connections.

In other words, Lin Feng had yet to integrate into the environment at the border, and was not acknowledged by the Grand Emperors.

Lin Feng did not care about the rumors and discussions outside at all.

At this moment, Lin Feng invited Venerable Long Wu to his residence to learn about the Silent Galaxy in detail.

In Venerable Long Wus opinion, the Silent Galaxy seemed to be very safe, and the Silent Beasts were not very strong.

It had to be known that Venerable Long Wu had been at the border for tens of thousands of years.

This made Lin Feng feel that it did not match the records in the Divine Palace.

However, when he thought of the strange and mysterious aspects of the Silent Galaxy, Lin Feng still remained very vigilant.

“Your Highness Lin Feng, I came uninvited again.”

Suddenly, His Highness Cursed Blade walked in.

Venerable Long Wu hurriedly stood up to welcome him.

After all, His Highness Cursed Blade was a Grand Emperor!

Lin Feng also said helplessly, “Your Highness Cursed Blade, what if I willingly admit defeat”

“No, Your Highness Lin Feng, youre the distinguished Grand Emperor of Annihilation.

How can you admit defeat I just want to spar.

Your Highness Lin Feng, will you just satisfy my curiosity If Your Highness Lin Feng spars with me this once, I promise I wont disturb you again in the future.”

Grand Emperor Cursed Blade simply sat on the chair and refused to leave.


Lin Feng was very helpless.

What else could he do when a Grand Emperor was being so unabashedly obstinate

Venerable Long Wu also sent a voice transmission, “Your Highness Lin Feng, His Highness Cursed Blade often challenges other Grand Emperors.

If you dont satisfy his request, Im afraid hell really keep coming to bother you.

Actually, a spar between Your Highness Lin Feng and His Highness Cursed Blade also brings more benefits than disadvantages.

This way, Your Highness Lin Feng can successfully integrate into the various Grand Emperors at the border.

After all, Your Highness Lin Feng still has to stay at the border for a long time.”

Lin Feng pondered for a while, also considering the matter.

Actually, he would not stay at the border for long.

It was just ten years.

After ten years, he could leave for a few years first, and then stay for another ten years.

This was approved by Divine King Bemond.

However, what Long Wu said made sense.

Since they had reached the border, they had to integrate into the various Grand Emperors.

There were only benefits and no disadvantages.

It was just a spar after all.

“All right, Your Highness Cursed Blade, since youre so persistent, I respectfully accept your request.”

“Youve agreed to spar Haha, we cant do it on the planet.

Lets go to the cosmos.”

Grand Emperor Cursed Blade was overjoyed.

Lin Feng had finally agreed.

He was very curious about Lin Feng.

How could a Venerable be comparable to a Grand Emperor Grand Emperor Cursed Blade would not be willing to let it rest until he fought Lin Feng for real.

Hence, the two of them quickly left the planet and flew towards the cosmos.

“Your Highness Long Yuan, His Highness Lin Feng and His Highness Cursed Blade are going to spar!”

The other Grand Emperors hurriedly found His Highness Long Yuan.

“Looks like everyone is interested in taking a look” His Highness Long Yuan said with a smile.

“Of course.

Your Highness Long Yuan has been keeping us in suspense and unwilling to talk about the actual details on His Highness Lin Feng.

We can only look forward to seeing if His Highness Cursed Blade can force His Highness Lin Feng to reveal his strength.”

“All right, lets go take a look together then.”

Grand Emperor Long Yuan nodded.

During this period of time, many Grand Emperors, including Grand Emperor Cursed Blade, had been indirectly asking for more detailed information on Lin Feng.

However, Grand Emperor Long Yuan only smiled without responding.

Hence, these Grand Emperors became even more curious.

Now that Lin Feng had accepted Cursed Blades challenge, this was a major matter at the border.

They naturally would not miss it.

By the time the eight Grand Emperors flew to the cosmos, they realized that there were already many cultivators in the cosmos.

Those elementary planetary cultivators, Venerables, and even Quasi-emperors all came to the cosmos.

After all, battles between Grand Emperors could only be chanced upon by luck.

If not for Grand Emperor Cursed Blade frequently inviting other Grand Emperors to spar, the other cultivators would not have been able to watch the Grand Emperors fight.

Moreover, the highly mysterious His Highness Lin Feng was the one fighting this time.

That was even more alluring.

Long Wu was also surrounded by people in the crowd.

Long Wu was a top Venerable, only a step away from becoming a Quasi-emperor.

His status was considered very high among the cultivators at the border.

In particular, Long Wu had a close relationship with His Highness Lin Feng.

This made more cultivators gather around Long Wu.

“Your Highness Long Wu, between Grand Emperor Cursed Blade and Grand Emperor of Annihilation, who do you think is stronger” Someone asked Long Wu.

Long Wu replied without any hesitation, “Grand Emperor Cursed Blade might be very strong, but Grand Emperor of Annihilation is undoubtedly stronger!”

“You judge in favor of the Grand Emperor of Annihilation”

Many peoples eyes lit up, as if they felt that Long Wu was too confident.

Grand Emperor Cursed Blades strength was also average among the Grand Emperors at the border.

How could he be weaker than Lin Feng

It had to be known that His Highness Lin Feng had just become a Grand Emperor.

It was said that he was even a Venerable.

However, Long Wu did not explain.

The news of Lin Feng killing Grand Emperor Guxi during the Big Bang had yet to spread.

Long Wu naturally knew that such a thing could not be casually gossiped about.

“Just look on carefully.”

Long Wus confidence in Lin Feng only made the other cultivators even more curious.

Hence, everyone looked at the two figures confronting each other in the cosmos.

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