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As he spoke, he glanced at the fruit on the headboard and asked with a smile, “Would you like something to eat Are you hungry”

“Where is Gong Fan” Yun Shishi repeated stubbornly.

Little Yichens expression froze.He held his forehead in defeat.


“Where is he” She sounded anxious when she saw no sign of him.

“Answer me!”

“Mommy, calm down.

Youre injured now.

The wound has just been stitched up.

Dont be agitated.

Lie down first!”

Her chest rose and fell slightly.

She was a little anxious, but being mindful of Little Yichens emotions, she tried to restrain herself and continued to ask, “Where did Gong Fan go”


“Why arent you answering me I just want to know where he is Why are you here watching over me and I see no sign of him Where did he go What happened”

The boy was especially upset by this.

He understood, perhaps it was because she and Youyou had been so mutually dependent for so long, that her feelings for Youyou probably ran a little deeper than that for himself.

He knew, and understood that Yun Shishi favored Youyou.

After all, humans are not perfect, its impossible to be completely fair.

He understood why she favored Youyou, but he couldnt help feeling lost and sad at times.

The boy said desolately, “Isnt it good that Im watching over you Ive been watching over you all night.

When you woke up, I wasnt the first thing you saw.

The first names you called out were Gong Fan and Youyou.

Dont you want me watching over you” He sounded desolate and lonely.

Alarmed, she realized at the same time that both her tone and her expression had upset Little Yichen.

“Im sorry, Little Yichen…” She grasped his hand sadly.

“Im sorry… I… Im just really worried! After all, you know how Youyou is.

I… Im so worried about him…”

“Sometimes I wish I were Youyou.

Even though he has poor health… but he gets more of your attention.” The boy seemed exasperated with himself.

Yun Shishi immediately snapped, “Dont talk nonsense! Youre in such good health that Youyou can only envy you! Dont you ever say such things again!”

“Because Im envious!” Little Yichen actually said this.

He looked up at her and took a deep breath.

“I envy him.

No matter what, you always prioritize his feelings and take care of him first.

I may not covet such a privilege, but Id be lying… to say that I dont envy it!”

He was envious, but because he was the older brother, he tolerated it.

He yearned for it, but because Youyou was his little brother, he let it go.

Yun Shishi loved him for being sensible, so he tried his best to be sensible.

He made an effort.


In the end, he was still no match for the boy.

He wasnt vying over anything with the boy.

Rather, he was hoping… for just a little more… even if it was just a little attention.

He would not be greedy!

Yun Shishi felt a sharp pain in her heart to see how forlorn Little Yichen looked.

“Im sorry… I know.

Its not fair to you.

I…” It hadnt occurred to her that it would break the boys heart.

It wasnt what shed expected.

The boy smiled bleakly.

“I didnt mean for you to apologize… and Mommy doesnt have to apologize to me.

Im just being wayward.”

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