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Ch39 - Education

(Part 2 – The female ghost felt like she had been sublimated)

Edited by Silver Wind 

No one answered the phone.

Blueberry let out a breath of inexplicable relief and she turned her head back to continue watching the news.



But after the brief interlude passed, the previous piece of news was already done broadcasting and it ushered in the commercials.

Thus, Blueberry picked up the remote controller and changed the channel. 

Ding ling ling—


At that moment, the phone rang again.

It was not Shen Dongqing’s phone but Zhou Wenyan’s instead.

Zhou Wenyan did not even bother to look at it before he directly hung up.


It was normal for a phone to ring once because there was the probability of it being a telemarketing call.

However, when the phones of different people in the same room rang one after another, something was amiss no matter how they tried to justify it.

Blueberry whispered, “Is this all right”

Shen Dongqing waved his hand: “It’s a nuisance of a call, just ignore it and it’ll be fine.”


But when her phone rang for the third time, Blueberry already had a rough guess about what was occurring. 

As she looked at her phone screen, she shuddered before she decisively hung up on the call and turned off her phone while she was at it.

That ought to stop it.

Blueberry put her switched off phone far away and sighed softly.

However, not long after, the phone rang again with unflagging efforts. 

This time around, it was not just one person as all three of their phones rang at the same time, and that included the phone that Blueberry had turned off.


Needless to say, it was definitely a supernatural event.

Blueberry tossed a pleading gaze at the two big bosses: “What should we do Do we throw our phones away”

It was apparent that if they did not answer the call, it would continue calling in. 

But if they answered it, then it was highly likely that they would be receiving a terrifying curse, which meant that it was better if they did not answer it.

Shen Dongqing immediately vetoed her suggestion: “No way.”


He finally managed to come to a place with electricity, internet and air conditioning after much difficulty, and he hadn’t played enough, how could he possibly throw his phone away

Blueberry: “But…” 

Allowing the phone to continue to ring was not a feasible plan either.

Shen Dongqing: “We’ll see how it goes after we answer it.”

This harassing call was coming in at a persistent rate, so  they would definitely continue to call if they did not pick it up, and he still wanted to want his game.

Thus, Shen Dongqing directly pressed the button to accept and put the call through. 

In the instant when the call went through, the two other phones’ ringing stopped, and it was evident from what was displayed on his screen that the call was in progress.

A hoarse female voice transmitted out from the phone slowly and it was mixed with the sound of static.

“Tonight… I will come and find you… just you wait…”

The sunlight outside the window suddenly dimmed down.

The windows were obviously sealed but a gust of cold wind still blew in, chilling the people in the room. 

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A strange atmosphere hovered around them as if they would see a person standing in a shadowy place and staring at them coldly once they turned around.

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Shen Dongqing became strict: “Are you trying to render my phone useless”

Once that sentence was said, the constructed atmosphere of terror was instantaneously weakened. 

Soon after, Shen Dongqing hung up the call and started playing his game again.

And thus, the living room reverberated with the cheerful and light-hearted BGM from Fight the Landlord.

Thankfully, the phone was still functioning normally.


“It was actually a harassment call, how meaningless.” Shen Dongqing raised his phone to let Zhou Wenyan take a look, “Should I snatch the landlord”

Zhou Wenyan: “Snatch.” 

Following that, a bright and clear “Snatch the Landlord” rang out.

The frightening and horrible atmosphere from just now disappeared without leaving a shadow or a trace.

Despite that, Blueberry was still worried: “That was a ghost call, and the person who accepts the call will have a female ghost coming to their door.”

Under Zhou Wenyan’s guidance, Shen Dongqing won a match of Fight the Landlord.

He raised his head: “What Harassing with calls wasn’t enough, and now she’s coming to our door to harass us” 

What kind of unprofessional ghost was this

Hence, Shen Dongqing reached a conclusion: “I need to have a good talk with her.”

Since she had to be a ghost, she ought to demand for someone’s life properly, and finding someone to harass them was truly too unprofessional of her.

Suddenly, Blueberry started feeling worried for the female ghost who was going to find them. 


Late at night.

The female ghost had just settled the person who had picked up her call.

Her victim had fled in every direction possible and they made her waste some of her effort as they ruined the most popular and frightening make-up of the month, she had painstakingly drawn on before she left her door, which angered the female ghost to the point where she directly snapped the person in half. 

Currently, the female ghost was standing in front of the mirror and smoothening her messy hair out a little while conveniently covering up the portion of her scalp which had been exposed.

Then, she parted her hair slightly again to reveal a small bit of her face, unveiling a completely bloodied eye.

While she was touching up, she heard the Mirror Ghost chuckle: “You’re balding again.”

The female ghost ignored the Mirror Ghost as she stooped over to scoop up some blood from one half of the corpse and smeared it on her face.

Hmpf, the bitch was definitely jealous of her professional proficiency and the fact that she could win the award for killing the most people time and time again. 

It would not be too late for her to come back to settle accounts with this bitch after she finished her job.

After freshening up her make-up, she rolled her eyes to the whites at the Mirror Ghost before she sashayed out with a bewitching bearing.



The next target was in Room 1804. 

The female ghost contemplated her options before she chose to ride the elevator instead of venturing the stairs.

Ding dong—

The elevator reached the eighteenth floor.

The female ghost’s feet left the ground as she steadily floated out and arrived at the door of Room 1804. 

As a ghost, the door automatically opened by itself at a slow pace when she lifted her hand, and it made the hinges rub against each other, issuing an ear grating noise.

There was no one inside.

The female ghost was not surprised; after all, no one would sit and wait for their deaths.

However, running was of no use either; picking up her call was equivalent to signing a contract with her, and no matter where they ran, she could still find them and reap their lives. 

The female ghost was somewhat melancholic.

Why couldn’t these people be a little sensible and save her some trouble

The female ghost sighed faintly and she dialled a call again.

As long as the phone rang, she could find the person who had previously answered her call.

She had to quickly settle this and go back, she still needed to do a human skin face mask to maintain herself. 

Ding ling ling.

The clear and melodious ringing sounded from behind her.

En, wait…

Why was it coming from behind 

The female ghost felt like something was awry and she snapped her head back only to see a human figure standing behind her.

That person was neither panicked nor terrified.

Rather, he shot a smile at her and revealed a charming little tiger tooth before he raised the small decorative flower vase by the front door.


This flower vase originally came in a pair, one was handed over to the brain eating ghost, and the other was perfect for this Miss Ghost Call.

“PENG,” the flower vase shattered. 

The female ghost’s body swayed and she fell to the ground softly.

Shen Dongqing patted away the dust on his hands before he grabbed the female ghost by her hair and dragged her to the side.

Meanwhile, hidden away in a corner, Blueberry was stupefied.

“It’s done”

No matter what she thought, the final battle ought to have a hundred rounds, so why did the female ghost collapse before she could exert her strength 

Shen Dongqing did not have the slightest tender, protective feelings for the fairer gender as he directly threw the female ghost to the ground.

“How is she still losing hair as a ghost”

He shook his hands, causing the fine and continuous strands of hair to float to the ground.

Grabbing his hand, Zhou Wenyan said: “Dirty, go and wash it clean.”

Agreeing, Shen Dongqing ran to the bathroom to wash his hands, completely forgetting that there was a Miss Ghost Call lying on the ground. 

Blueberry examined the female ghost cautiously.

Prior to this, she had never experienced a supernatural copy, and whenever she encountered a ghost, she only had the option of fleeing.

Thus, this was the first time she was observing a living ghost at a close proximity.

This Miss female ghost was lying on the ground, revealing half of her face.

Probably because she was smashed with a flower vase, her entire head was drenched with blood and it made her appearance indiscernible. 

“Do you want to use charms” said Blueberry as she pulled out two super effective talismans.

Zhou Wenyan: “No need, I have something I want to ask.”

At that moment, the female ghost woke up groggily, unable to react to what was happening as her blood-veined eyes cleared.

It was only when she saw a clump of hair on the ground in front of her that she fully sobered up.

That was her hair! 

A miserable, blood-curdling scream tore from her throat, and had they not known better, they would have thought a player had been murdered by a ghost.

“I’m going to kill you!”


The female ghost locked onto Zhou Wenyan who was seated on the sofa.

Four limbs propped up against the ground, she pounced at him savagely.

However, before she had time to act, the female ghost was kicked from behind and pressed to the ground with the same foot, thus she was not allowed to take a single step forward. 

“You actually want to touch my reserve grain”

The female ghost froze on the spot.

A wave of terror surged, and it was a fear that she had never felt even when she was going up against a supernatural being more powerful than herself.

“No, no, I didn’t…” The female ghost denied in a hurry. 

Shen Dongqing: “Does that mean you don’t find him delicious”

The female ghost shook her head unconsciously but she quickly came to realise that the gaze behind her had deepened.

Assuming that she had answered wrongly, she changed her tune in an instant: “Delicious, he’s delicious!”

After recomposing herself, she certainly noticed that the person on the sofa was exuding a huge amount of yin energy.

However, the yin energy was overwhelmingly thick and towards a ghost like her, she could not wait to get away from it, so how could she possibly want to gobble it up

Shen Dongqing became angrier, “Then why did you say you didn’t want to eat him” 

The female ghost was about to cry.

Saying he was not delicious was wrong, saying he was delicious was not allowed; wasn’t this making it difficult for ghosts

Aggrieved, she said, “I don’t dare…”

Shen Dongqing let out a cold snort: “Don’t even dare thinking about it, he’s mine.” 

Saying that, he even walked over and pulled Zhou Wenyan to declare his sovereignty.

The female ghost agreed meekly, “Yes, he’s yours.”

Zhou Wenyan could not suppress a smile as he held onto Shen Dongqing’s hand and coaxed him.

“That’s enough, I’m yours.”

It was only then that Shen Dongqing’s anger extinguished and he told the female ghost: “What is with the ghosts in your world ah Why do you only know how to produce harassment calls instead of properly harming people, could you please watch more ghost films and learn from other ghosts” 

The female ghost lowered her head, looking like she was receiving no small measure of guidance.

“I will definitely learn from them properly then watch and study ghost films every day to improve myself.”

The onlooking Blueberry: ……


What on earth was going on

How did they jump from the scene of a ghost call reaping lives to an education channel 

Shen Dongqing said: “Also, don’t even think about having ideas about my man.”


After receiving a profound lesson from Shen Dongqing, the female ghost felt her spiritual soul— oh, no– her ghost soul had sublimated and she was no longer a ghost leading a vain and banal life without the slightest purpose.

“Yes, in order to become better at demanding lives and hurting people, I have to study.” The female ghost said in a powerful and resonant voice. 

Satisfied, Shen Dongqing nodded his head.

The female ghost tested, asking, “I want to try learning about how I can demand a life in a specialised, fast and convenient manner, can I take my leave first”

Once she was allowed to go back, the first person she wanted to harm was that Tattooed man who ordered her to demand the lives of others.

That Tattooed man actually had the audacity to make her a cannon fodder.

Had she not been intelligent, she would have died so badly that she could not die again. 

Zhou Wenyan called her to a stop: “I have a question I want to ask you.”

The female ghost spoke servilely, “Please ask, please ask.”

Zhou Wenyan: “How did you become a ghost”

Ghosts could not come to being without cause or reason; most of them held grudges in their hearts, either because they died in an accident or they were met with a violent death. 

The female ghost stiffened and tried to recall the past.

What answered her was complete blankness and there was nothing there.

It was like she was just here once she came to being.


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