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Ch38 - Ghost Call

(Part 1 – Telemarketing Call)

Edited by Silver Wind 

Zhou Wenyan lowered his eyelids, gaze landing on the forceful pair of hands that were trying to drag him down.

He was neither panicked nor struggling, rather, he watched on calmly.



It did not know why but the ghost, White Face, felt a vestige of fear even though he had died a long time ago.

A retreating intent rose in its heart and it was about to relax its grip and drill back into the warm compartment under the bed when it was pulled up by the person on the bed instead. 



Zhou Wenyan grabbed the arm that was blatantly trying to slip away, and directly pulled White Face out from under the bed.

As a result, its body was pulled into an extreme length like noodles, since one end was in Zhou Wenyan’s grasp while the other was still under the bed.

Despite the strain it was under, it refused to come out.

Zhou Wenyan examined the ugly-looking White Face and asked: “Who sent you here”


The setting of this game was more similar to a card game.

Under the premise where they were not killed by the ghosts and monsters, they could catch these supernatural beings and change them into cards for their own use.

However, it also meant that other than natural ghosts and monsters, they had to fend against players ordering these inhumane things to do harm.

When Zhou Wenyan surveyed the room after he entered, there had been no ghosts and monsters around.


But this White Face Ghost suddenly appeared underneath the bed. 

This White Face Ghost was a ghost with professional ethics as it did not immediately sell out its owner and tried to launch a counterattack instead.

It stretched out its slippery arms and rushed towards Zhou Wenyan’s neck.

In reaction, Zhou Wenyan clicked his tongue and a black mist emerged from his fingertips and wrapped around the White Face Ghost’s frame.

That caused the White Face Ghost’s movements to still. 

It could clearly feel the colossal amount of yin energy inside the black mist which was more than enough to beat it until its soul flew away and scattered.

Thus, it immediately changed its face and revealed an entreating expression: “I’ll speak, I’ll speak…”

Zhou Wenyan’s pupils were glinting with frigidity as he drawled out, “I don’t like asking a question twice, furthermore…”

White Face Ghost: “No—”

Before the word could fully escape its throat, the black mist surged and it enveloped the ghost entirely. 

Then the black mist receded, bringing the silenced White Face Ghost along with it as it disappeared without a trace.

However, unlike the other ghost and monsters, the White Face Ghost did not leave behind a single card.

Zhou Wenyan relaxed his hand and  spat out the latter half of his words slowly, “… You disturbed my partner’s sleep.”


He turned around to look at Shen Dongqing.

Shen Dongqing remained oblivious to what was happening, only nuzzling against the pillow he was holding when silence was restored. 

Seeing that, Zhou Wenyan decided to flip his body and sit up.

His gaze looked towards the place where the bedside lamp’s illumination could not touch.

Without waiting for him to open his mouth, Black Shadow emerged from the corner and lowered his head obediently.

Zhou Wenyan suppressed the volume of his voice: “Do you know”

After witnessing the scene just now, Black Shadow did not dare to hesitate at all and it bopped its head quickly. 

Initially, Black Shadow thought that the previous inhabitant of the room was already scary enough, but it did not expect that an even more powerful one would arrive.

Being a ghost was difficult from the start, and now it even had to suffer from the terror of others which was truly piling difficulties upon difficulties.

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Leuulcu bcab atf lvfj atja la kjr yfaafg obg batfg qfbqif ab vlf atjc larfio, Dijmx Vtjvbk gfnfjifv fnfgsatlcu la xcfk jybea ktfgf jcv tbk Qtlaf Mjmf Xtbra mjwf ab yf.


Qtlaf Mjmf mjwf ogbw Ebbw 1209.

Cmmbgvlcu ab atf Dijmx Vtjvbk, atfgf kfgf akb qfbqif ilnlcu lc Ebbw 1209.

Lbivlcu j mjgv yfakffc akb bo tlr olcufgr, Itbe Qfcsjc tjcvfv atfw ab la.

Black Shadow took them with extreme seriousness. 

“Take it and put it in Room 1209.”

Courtesy demands reciprocity after all.


The alarm rang punctually. 

Simultaneously, the system’s broadcasting sounded.

【 Realtime broadcasting of the surviving players, there are 21 surviving players currently 】


Compared to the day before, more people had died.

Dissimilar from others, Zhou Wenyan heard the death of his teammate being broadcasted as well. 

It seemed like they should have had a decent dream last night.

Zhou Wenyan thought absent-mindedly.

Shen Dongqing was awoken by the alarm as per usual and he tugged on Zhou Wenyan in a muddled manner.

“What did you do last night How did you become more delicious”

The yin energy on his body had become thicker. 

Zhou Wenyan quirked up his lips.

“Do you want to eat it”

Not fully awake, his body moved a step faster than his mind as he said: “Want.”

Hence, the pair dawdled in the room for a while before they went out.


When Blueberry eventually heard movement, she looked over only to see Shen Dongqing’s lips were slightly red and swollen.

She coughed gently and pretended she saw nothing as she said: “Was there any movement in your room last night”

Shen Dongqing picked up a piece of toast from the table and took a bite out of it.

“No, it was rather quiet.”

Feeling strange, Blueberry said: “There was none on my end either.

Isn’t it too quiet, considering how we had two waves of ghosts and monsters last night”

Shen Dongqing: “Wasn’t there no movement the night before as well” 

Black Shadow, who was holding a glass of warm milk, started ridiculing silently.

Yes, there was, wasn’t my arm almost torn off by you It was so frightening my compatriots have chosen to stay far away.

Shen Dongqing picked up his milk and blew at it before he drank it down in large gulps.

After he placed down the glass, he habitually said: “I’m full.”

Zhou Wenyan raised a paper napkin to wipe his own mouth, and when his gaze drifted over, he could not help but laugh. 

Shen Dongqing’s table manners was more frustrating than a child’s, for breadcrumbs were hanging on the side of his mouth after he was done eating but he seemed to have no awareness of it.

Stretching his hand over, Zhou Wenyan swiped off the food remnants on his face and specifically held it in front of him.


Shen Dongqing lowered his head to look, and holding onto the notion that he could not waste food, he leaned down and licked Zhou Wenyan’s fingers.

Zhou Wenyan only felt a soft and wet tongue glide over his fingertips, with a kind of… indescribable sensation. 

Blueberry, who had been sitting opposite of them, covered her eyes.

These two big bosses were playing their love games again, it was improper and impossible to watch……


Room 1209. 

There were two people seated in the living room.

One of them looked like a fiendish instigator with the word ‘death’ tattooed on his cheek; the other appeared to be a little disadvantaged as he sat the side in a blindly subservient manner.

With half-lidded eyes, Tattoo asked: “What happened last night”

The little brother drew out a stack of cards and said excitedly: “This was last night’s harvest, we killed so many people in one night, it looks like we’ll be able to successfully clear the copy.” 

This copy’s world was really similar to a real game.

Not only could ghosts and monsters turn into the cards, the cards from the players they killed would become their own property automatically.

Tattoo, however, was not as excited as Little Brother.

“Let’s look at what those cards are.”

Little Brother flipped through them one by one: “There’s nothing useful.” 

Most of the players who died last night were not really powerful and the cards they could obtain were comparable to chicken ribs.

As he continued to flip through them, he noted they were all normal in quality.

“Hey, this card isn’t bad.” Little Brother picked one card out of the stack and carefully looked through its simple introduction.

The card he was referring to was【 Peeping Eyes 】and it would appear anywhere that reflected light.

As long as someone looked right into those eyes, their lives would be taken immediately.

“It’s quite useful…” 

Before he could finish speaking, Little Brother suddenly saw a pair of eyes emerge from the reflection of light on the card surface.

Those eyes were without the slightest emotion and it was as if they had come out from a comic; it was so black there was not a trace of impurity and it seemed capable of absorbing all the light.


Little Brother’s voice ceased.

He stared right into those eyes on the card’s surface and one of his hands lifted involuntarily and clasped his throat.

His five fingers gradually tightened, directly strangling his own neck. 

Soon, the Little Brother could no longer breathe and his mouth started issuing gasps.

Even though that was the case, he did not put down his other hand which was holding onto the card.

Under the gaze of that pair of eyes, he strangled himself to death while he was still alive.

Throughout the process, Tattoo spectated coldly from the side until Little Brother stopped breathing and fell to the ground.

It was only when everything had concluded that he walked over and picked up the card that caused Little Brother’s death.

When Tattoo picked up the card, he held it at a cunning angle, and he managed to avoid the reflection of light on its surface. 

“Got pitted by someone else.” He muttered to himself as he put down the card.

That card had an owner.

In this game, players who stole the cards while the owners were still alive would be directly countered by the ghosts and monsters in the card.

It seems like not only did the ghost he sent fail to kill this person, he was even made a fool of, instead. 

Tattoo was not angry.

Rather, he felt that being able to meet an adversary who was well-matched in strength was not a bad thing.

Thus, Tattoo flipped through the ghost cards he had used last night.

Two cards did not return; it seemed like the player who pitted him had encountered one of the two. 

“1441 and 1804…”

These were the rooms that his two missing cards went to last night.

He took out another card from the pocket that was close to his skin.

Under the swaying light, it could be seen that a row of words was written on the top – Ghost Call.

This was a card that took Tattoo a lot of energy to obtain. 

Frankly speaking, it was a coincidence.

This Ghost Call’s medium was a mobile phone and telephone, but it happened that Tattoo did not like using mobile phones so he hadn’t brought it, or else the ghost would have had its way.

This card’s capabilities was more superior than other cards in terms of extensiveness.


It was unsolvable.

As long as they heard the ringing of the call and they picked it up, the person would die without question.

Furthermore, it disregarded how many people there were because it could make many simultaneous ghost calls. 

As Tattoo held the card between his finger and thumb, he revealed a smiling expression that conveyed he was sure of his success.


Meanwhile, Shen Dongqing was half lying on the sofa as he played Anipop and his head was pillowed on Zhou Wenyan’s thigh.

Zhou Wenyan was leisurely stroking Shen Dongqing’s hair, and he seemed to take tremendous delight in doing so. 

All of a sudden, Shen Dongqing heaved a sigh and pulled a long face.

Blueberry, who was seated at the side, asked with palpable nervousness.

“What’s wrong”

Shen Dongqing lifted up his phone: “I can’t get past this level.”

Blueberry: …… 

Zhou Wenyan took the phone: “I’ll do it.”

Then, he lowered his head and started playing seriously.

Although people have mentioned that serious men were very handsome, being serious while playing Anipop was…

Fine, as long as they were good looking, they looked handsome no matter what they did. 

When Shen Dongqing tilted his head upwards, he happened to see Zhou Wenyan’s sharp and distinct lower jaw and a thought flashed through his mind.

Abruptly, he pushed himself up to give it a peck only to realise that he did not know why he did that, and that sent him into a fit of giggles as he covered his face.

Zhou Wenyan’s fingers stiffened in reaction to that, causing him to tap the wrong area and fail the level altogether.

He swept a glance over the quail-like and laughing Shen Dongqing before he restarted the level and proceeded to clear it swiftly.

Then, he stuffed the phone back into Shen Dongqing’s hands, pressed against the person and kissed him earnestly and thoroughly.

Since Blueberry was seated in the living room as well, she was force-fed the dog food they issued and it did not take long for her to feel like there was no part of her that was not extraneous.

But there was nothing she could do, with her capabilities, she did not dare to act alone. 

The television was broadcasting a news channel and the beautiful anchor woman was in the process of reading the entertainment news.

“An internet writer in our city has become a huge hit since he has just concluded and signed a contract with a famous publishing house.

Additionally, the internet drama for his works is in the midst of preparation and the selection of the cast for the various roles have started…”


The image on the television flickered and the figure of that internet writer appeared, displaying his emaciated stature and translucent complexion that looked like he stayed at home all the time.

Blueberry found that person a little familiar but before she could sift through her memories, she heard a phone ringing explode near her ear. 

Its ringtone volume was normal but because of its suddenness, it made her jump in fright.

Blueberry glanced at her phone and there was no forthcoming caller ID on it.

Thus, she looked towards the other two.

Shen Dongqing was still playing Anipop when a sudden phone call popped out and it directly removed him from the game.

“Telemarketing call” 

Shen Dongqing whispered under his breath, and because he wanted to get back to his game as soon as possible, he did not even look at who it was before he directly hung up the call.


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