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Ch36 - Not Qualified

(Part 2 – You’re Shaming Ghosts)

Edited by Silver Wind 

“HAHAHA—” The dwarf’s mouth opened and issued an ear-piercing laugh.

Be scared, hurry up and cry.



It liked the taste of panic before death.

Thinking of that, the manic quality to the dwarf’s laughter heightened only for it to come to an abrupt stop.

Like a chicken who had its neck pinched, all the sounds coming from its throat were squeezed shut. 

The dwarf tried to move its neck before realising it was stuck in the crack of the door.


Not only was the homeowner not scared in the least, he even looked irritated, as if the thing in front of him was not some sort of creature but a salesman who had come to sell insurance.

“Wait, wait a minute!”

Feeling like its neck was going to snap off due to the closing door, the dwarf propped its hand against the door to prevent the gap from becoming smaller and smaller.


However, this seemingly weak homeowner was completely unmoved and he continued to hold onto the door handle firmly.

The dwarf felt its sweat dripping.

If the door gap was to get any smaller, its head was going to fall off!


Hastily, it squeezed his entire body into the apartment with all its strength, and while it managed to get in after much difficulty, the excessive force it used caused it to fall to ground like a huge horse toppling. 

It was gone.

All the horrific atmosphere it had created was gone.

The dwarf was about to get back up again but was picked up from the back.

Shen Dongqing hauled the dwarf by its neck and his expression was not very kind: “Do you know that you’re not supposed to disturb the residents in the middle of the night” 

Evidently, the dwarf was not aware of that, and it was still under the impression that Shen Dongqing was like the other players it had met before.

Baring its teeth, it threatened him: “I’m going to eat your brain.”

Tilting his head, Shen Dongqing responded with an “Oh”

The dwarf grinned strangely and its mouth widened to the size of a basketball, revealing its rows upon rows of sharp teeth.

Twisting its head, it rushed towards Shen Dongqing’s head in an attempt to bite him.

Once those keen and sharp teeth touched it, it was bound to rip off a chunk of flesh. 

However, that was under the assumption that it managed to touch it.



Shen Dongqing grabbed the decorative vase that was by the door and stuffed it directly into the dwarf’s mouth.

The gagged dwarf: “Wuuu—” 

He wanted to crush the vase with his teeth but the vase happened to be oval in shape and narrower at the top and the bottom which ensured that there was not a slightest gap.

Smiling slightly, a small dimple appeared on Shen Dongqing’s cheek which made him seem naïve and harmless.

“You want to spit it out I’ll help you ah.” Saying that, he dragged the dwarf and slammed it against the wall.


The flower vase broke and the dwarf was stunned into fainting.

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Shen Dongqing asked: “Do you want to have another go”

Ktf vkjgo mbcneirfv yfobgf la fnfcaejiis aegcfv lcab j mjgv.

【 Rjwf: Dgjlc Sjafg 】 

【 Cylilas: Gfobgwfv ybvs jcv ibnfr ab fja ygjlcr, ktlif yflcu jc fzqfga lc xliilcu bcmf atf vbbg lr bqfcfv.

Ccsbcf ktb bqfcr atf vbbg obg la lr xliifv klatbea fzmfqalbc 】

【 Glrjvnjcajufr: Mbgulnf la obg lar ijmx bo PH 】

Shen Dongqing tapped on the card surface.

Why were all these cards not stage-worthy Not only were they not fun, they could not take a beating at all. 

He turned around with a lack of interest and happened to see the Ghost Shadow who didn’t have time to retract back to its original position.

Why was there another one

Shen Dongqing narrowed his eyes.

The Ghost Shadow who had witnessed the entire scene just now started shaking on the floor like a patient with Parkinson’s disease. 

S-Sorry for disturbing you!

The Ghost Shadow’s figure elongated and it extended two fingers from its body and mimed a kneeling posture with them to beg for mercy.


Fortunately, Shen Dongqing was not interested in ghosts who did not actively attack him.

Afterall, they were once compatriots and he was willing to coexist peacefully.

Thus, he only glanced at the ghost once before he withdrew his gaze and walked towards the bedroom. 

The Ghost Shadow who had escaped with its life, trembled and escaped back under the sofa, deciding to thoroughly reform itself and properly be a ghost.

It silently swallowed the cry back into the depths of its heart— what kind of person had arrived this time! Was he supposed to be toyed with by ghosts or were the ghosts his toys!

The night in the community was not calm.

Occasionally, the hysterical shouts of a woman and the wails of a baby could be heard. 

Despite all these accompanying sounds, Shen Dongqing slept fairly well.

He only woke up to the sound of an alarm clock at eight.

Stretching one hand out from his blanket, Shen Dongqing pressed on the alarm that was placed on the bedside table.

The alarm might have been turned off but an indifferent and mechanical reminder prompted: 

【 Realtime broadcasting of the surviving players, 39 surviving players as of current 】

【 Player Cheng Lin, Cause of Death: Killed by a Hanging Ghost 】

Ten players were killed in one night.

However, was it necessary to broadcast the cause of death of the player 

Shen Dongqing pondered about it but he could not figure it out, so he decided to stop thinking about it.

He yawned, turned over and got out of the bed before he put on his slippers and went to the bathroom to wash up.

He had played with his mobile phone for too long last night; despite searching for the toothpaste with half-lidded eyes as he was holding onto his toothbrush, he did not find it for a long time.

At that moment, a Ghost Shadow jumped out from the corner in a hurry, holding onto the toothpaste, and it attentively squeezed it onto the bristles of the toothbrush.

Shen Dongqing’s eyes fluttered open and eyed it. 

The Ghost Shadow revealed an ingratiating smile as it kowtowed with all its might, deathly afraid that the big boss would break its arms off once he was unhappy.

Shen Dongqing hummed out an “en” before he brushed his teeth at his own leisure.

When he put down his toothbrush, he saw the Ghost Shadow hand over a folded towel and it was about to help him wipe his face.


Shen Dongqing rejected the overly enthusiastic shadow and wiped his own face before he left his room.

A person was already sitting in the main room. 

Hearing the sound of footsteps behind her, Blueberry looked over her shoulder.

After revealing a little shock, she smiled and said: “It’s you.

Thank you for taking me through clearance last time around.”

Had it not been for Shen Dongqing during the Fukuyama Psychiatric Sanatorium copy, she was afraid that their entire group would have perished in that copy.

Shen Dongqing nodded, and that could be considered a greeting to her.

Blueberry said: “This game is a battle royale with a supernatural metropolis as its backdrop.

People assigned to the same room should be teammates and it seemed like my luck is pretty good.” 

Shen Dongqing surveyed the room.

There were only three rooms here, and apart from him and Blueberry, there was another room remaining.

Was it Zhou Wenyan

Blueberry seemed to understand his thoughts and she said: “The other teammate wasn’t quite as lucky; they’re already dead, the cause of death broadcasted this morning was his.” 

When a teammate died, the system would broadcast his cause of death to remind the remaining players to be careful, and it could also be used as a means to explore a way of survival and ensure their own safety.

Blueberry’s eyes darkened.

It seemed like the difficulty of the game this time around was much harder since it was forcing other players to slaughter one another.

Even if they were to clear the copy in the end, they would have become a beast who only knew how to kill.

Blueberry leaned back into the sofa quietly, feeling a little down when she suddenly saw a shadow drilling towards them from the side.

Frightened, she immediately stood up and took out a talisman, wanting to press it on the figure. 

The dark shadow evaded the spell consciously before he placed down the freshly brewed coffee and cut fruits on the coffee table in a steady manner, even gesturing for them to partake in the food soon after.

Blueberry was speechless.


Shen Dongqing picked up an apple slice and tossed it into his mouth.

“This is a roommate.”

The black shadow gave Blueberry an amicable smile. 

Except Blueberry did not find it amicable at all, in fact, she shivered.

However, once she recalled how the big boss had chased a ghost while touting a chainsaw, she suddenly felt that whatever he managed to accomplish was not strange in the least.


Despite coming to that conclusion, she did not want to eat the things that the black shadow had prepared and she chose to sit further away.

“Did you enter the copy alone” Blueberry asked all of a sudden. 

Shen Dongqing: “There’s still another person but it seems like we were not grouped together.”

Heavy-hearted, Blueberry said, “There can only be one winner in battle royales, wouldn’t you have to kill each other then”

“We won’t.” Shen Dongqing knocked his fingers on the table.

The black shadow acted quickly.

He went to his side and bent his waist down slightly as if it was waiting to receive a command. 

“Help me find a person.” Shen Dong said, “His yin energy is the richest, and he looks the most delicious.”

Black Shadow nodded.

Shen Dongqing gave another sentence of instruction: “But you’re not allowed to secretly eat it, or else…”

The latter half of his sentence was not said out loud but Black Shadow felt a sudden chill at its back.

It bobbed its head several times to convey that it understood before it abruptly merged into the shadow and slinked underneath the door. 

Without needing much time, the Black Shadow made its return.

It had found the person and they were in the same building.

Shen Dongqing stood up.

“I’m going to find someone.”

Blueberry followed after him without missing a beat.

“I’ll go with you.” 


Shen Dongqing opened the door.

And when the door opened, a rope made of hemp dropped from above.

The hemp rope was tied into a noose which was perfect for hanging a person’s neck, and the dark brown blood staining the hemp rope could be perceived upon closer scrutiny. 

The noose swayed in front of the door and it seemed to be hypnotising people to walk over.

As long as they went forward, they could directly put their head in and passing away on the spot was extremely convenient and fast.


Seemingly entranced in expression, Blueberry almost wanted to walk over and hang herself on the hemp rope.

However, Shen Dongqing was a step faster than Blueberry. 


A teeth-grating noise rang out through the corridor.

The hemp rope broke off, splitting into two pieces: one part of it was still dangling in mid-air while the other was held in Shen Dongqing’s hand.

“The quality is too poor,” Shen Dongqing threw it to the side in disdain, “It breaks so easily, how are you going to hang people to death It would be better if it was changed to a stronger one.” 

The Hanged Ghost cried.

This was the hemp rope it used to kill itself which had accompanied it for who knew how many years.

In the past few days, it had joined hands with it and hung over a dozen people, so how did it break now

Shen Dongqing frowned.

“What is wrong with the ghosts in this world Why is their professional ability so lacking”

Demanding someone’s life requires the appropriate appearance of demanding someone’s life, alright 

Why were each and every one of them crying and making a fuss, could they please be more serious

If Shen Dongqing hadn’t become a human now, he would be lecturing them on how they should demand for someone’s life.

Having suffered a blow, the aggrieved Hanged Ghost became speechless and transformed itself into a card that lied on the ground.

Without even looking at the card, Shen Dongqing walked over it. 

Meanwhile, Blueberry stooped over to pick it up and she inspected the ability on the card.

【 Name: Hanged Ghost 】

【 Ability: Hanging the hemp rope in front can make people unconsciously walk over and place their head in the noose to be hung 】

【 Disadvantages: Glass heart, suicides on the spot once its scolded 】 

Blueberry: “Don’t you want these cards They’re the only props we can use.”

Shen Dongqing looked over.

“What’s the use of it Retain it to Fight the Landlord”


Blueberry: “Ah It can be used against players in the other groups.”

“Use these” Shen Dongqing scratched his head.

“Forget it, using these makes me feel like… it’s really shameful.” 

He could disregard the other games because those ghosts and monsters were obviously bound by rules and they could only kill after those rules were broken.

However, the current ghosts which were approaching him could not be reasoned with and they killed indiscriminately and openly, so why were each and every one of them so unskilled

Were they coming here to make a joke of themselves or were they here to kill

If you had to let Shen Dongqing evaluate, all these ghosts were not qualified, and all of them had to go back and retake the course on how to scare and demand someone’s life!


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