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Ch17 - Invitation

(Earl Carlisle’s First Death)

Edited by Silver Wind 

Everyone tacitly agreed not to bring up the question again.

They quickly finished the food on their plates and all of them had the intention of exploring the other parts of the castle.



The housekeeper inclined her body: “It’s getting darker, and we would like to request the young ladies to not walk around arbitrarily as it would be unfortunate if the Earl’s rest was disturbed.

If you wish to explore the castle, please do so in the morning.

Additionally, do not miss the afternoon tea at three and the evening banquet at night.”

It was rare for games to issue certain death conditions. 

The death conditions the female housekeeper mentioned were as such: leaving the rooms was permissible in the morning but not at night, and they could not miss the afternoon tea and evening banquets.


If you acted carefully, you would not commit any mistakes.

Under the NPC’s reminders, no one would go seeking their deaths with iron heads, and they returned back to their rooms.

When the last door closed, the candle lights on the wall extinguished one by one, leaving only the light in the housekeeper’s copper lamp lit.  The light was dim and when it was reflected on her face, it looked a little distorted.


The housekeeper’s eyes were cold and indifferent as it swept across each door before it finally locked in on one of them.

A gust of wind suddenly blustered through the long and closed corridor, extinguishing the last light.

The figure of the housekeeper seemed to melt into the darkness, and she stood there, utterly still, for who knew how long.

When the dull bell rang, she walked forward soundlessly.


Tuk tuk— 

The housekeeper knocked on the door gently.


Ill at ease at first stay, at home in the second.


Zhou Wenyan was like a light carriage driving down a familiar road as he flipped himself into the next balcony and walked into the room next door. 

Shen Dongqing was lying on the bed and the flicker of the fire light landed on the side of his face, layering him with a warm orange that seemed to ask for people to reach out and touch it.

By virtue of the fact that the world had yet to develop to the point where modern technology was available, the mobile phone that Shen Dongqing brought was useless and he could only lie on the bed, dazed.

His eyes were drooping to a close and he was about to fall asleep.

Zhou Wenyan walked slower.

Shen Dongqing, however, still heard the movement and he looked over, expressing his doubt with a nasal sound: “Huh” 

Why did he come over again by flipping over the balcony

Zhou Wenyan sat next to the bed and did not hold back as he reached out to comb through his tousled hair.


He whispered, “There’s someone outside.”

The housekeeper had stayed outside without leaving. 

Thus, Zhou Wenyan was not assured and came over to take a look.

Shen Dongqing squinted his eyes and his gaze unconsciously lingered on Zhou Wenyan.

The chef of the castle had good craftsmanship so he had over-indulged slightly when eating, and  was beginning to feel drowsy.

Furthermore, the yin energy that Zhou Wenyan was exuding enveloped him making it a little too comfortable, and his head started nodding off as he was about to sleep.

At that moment, another thud sounded from the balcony. 

Wu Jia barely managed to stand stably when he met two pairs of eyes staring at him from the room.

“Sorry, sorry for bothering you.” Wu Jia saw the position the pair were in and he raised his hands, “I’ll go now.”

Zhou Wenyan stopped him: “What did you find”

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Wu Jia was still wearing that weird, puffed up skirt and he retrieved a book from the  long fabric before he passed it over.

“I found a diary.” 

Mjmlcu atf mjcvifiluta, Itbe Qfcsjc bqfcfv atf mbnfg bo atf ybbx.

Olcfr bo vfilmjaf jcv qgfaalis kglaafc kbgvr kfgf rmgjkifv jmgbrr atf sfiibklcu qjqfg, jcv atf bkcfg bo atf vljgs kjr qgbyjyis j ofwjif uefra ktb tjv qgfnlberis yffc mtbrfc ab jaafcv atf Dewqfg Ljgnfra Jfgfwbcs.

Lbkfnfg, vef ab atf qjrrjuf bo alwf, rbwf bo atf kbgvr tjv yfmbwf rwevufv.

【 X Month X Day, Sunny

I was invited by Earl Carlisle to participate in the Bumper Harvest Ceremony oh….

I’m so fortunate, who doesn’t know who the Earl is… 】

【 X Month, X Day, Overcast

Unfortunately, Earl Carlisle was unwell and he could not attend the evening banquet on the first day.

The housekeeper said that the Earl will appear at the next evening banquet, I hope that day… 】 

【 X Month, X Day, Overcast

The ladies who have accompanied me are becoming ill of health one by one, their bodies are becoming weaker, and I’m afraid……, even to the extent where they scarcely leave their rooms, will they be able to attend the Bumper Harvest Ceremony The housekeeper told me to not worry, but in the middle of the night, I cannot help but… 】

【 X Month, X Day, Overcast

Oh, the Earl’s body is feeling a little better, and he invited me tonight to go to……, I have to prepare  myself, and leave a good impression on the Earl… 】

The diary stopped there.

Evidently, the owner of the diary met with an unfortunate incident after being invited by the Earl. 

As Zhou Wenyan was reading through the diary, Wu Jia was secretly observing them.

And the look in Wu Jia’s eyes was rather strange.


He had known Zhou Wenyan for a long time and they had even cleared four to five copies together, but he had never seen him like this.

With Zhou Wenyan’s appearance and ability, he had never lacked people throwing themselves in his arms, but he had always remained unaffected.

Some people had even suspected that there was something wrong with him, such that it had resulted in him being pure of heart and with little to desire for. 

Simply put, he did not seem to be interested in anything.

Others lived fearing death in the game but he played it like it was a game; he loved to walk on the tightrope where life and death could be determined in an instant, recklessly and boldly, without the slightest fear of falling.

But now, his eyes were soft as if it contained honey.

Was it really possible that after a steel tree flowered, it could no longer be controlled 

Zhou Wenyan shut the book, expression unkind, “Why are you looking at me like that”

Wu Jia immediately withdrew from his dangerous gaze: “I- I will go now.”

Before he could climb onto the balcony, a series of knocks sounded from outside their door.

Shen Dongqing closed his eyes and listened for a while: “Hm… they’re not knocking on our doors.” 



The door opened up a crack.

Probably because it was too much of a hassle to take it off, the bearded man was still wearing the laughter-inducing dress. 

He lifted his candlestick to take a look and  happened to see eye to eye with the housekeeper who was peeking through the crack of the door.

Even though he had experienced many copies, he still worked up a shiver from the scare.

The female housekeeper had a perfect mastery over her character, and despite seeing a robust man in women’s clothing, she still maintained her expressionless state: “Young lady, the Lord Earl invites you.”

The bearded man swallowed his saliva, barely keeping his calm: “Just me alone”

The housekeeper nodded, “Yes.” 

Bearded man: “He didn’t invite anyone else”

The housekeeper looked at him with an odd expression: “One person will suffice.”


The bearded man was struck with a bad premonition and his gaze went over the housekeeper and swept through the corridor.

The corridor was empty and the doors to all the rooms were tightly shut.

It was utterly silent. 

It seemed like no matter what the other players may or may not have heard, they would not be coming out.

His palms were starting to sweat, and he found it increasingly hard to keep his hold on the candlestick.

The housekeeper stared at him quietly, waiting for an answer.

Gritting his teeth, the bearded man said, “I’ll go with you.” 

In spite of receiving a satisfactory answer, the housekeeper’s expression did not change, and she turned around to lead the way.

She was like a ghost as she walked, not making a single sound.

The bearded man followed behind the housekeeper, holding the candlestick in one hand and a talisman in another.

Even if the talismans were ineffective against western ghosts and monsters, it still gave him a sense of security.

As the two figures grew distant, one of the six doors opened quietly.

Then, one, two, three figures walked out. 

Wu Jia whispered: “I feel like going out at night might be a death flag, and we might even meet the Earl who is the final BOSS.”

Zhou Wenyan made a lazy remark: “Wouldn’t that be better”

Wu Jia: “How would that be better”

Shen Dongqing did not understand: “If we happened to meet him, we can just deal with him, no” 

Wu Jia: ……

Why did they make it sound like it was as simple as pinching an ant to death This was a BOSS, could they give it some face, and be more serious

After he spoke, Shen Dongqing shook his head again: “No, we can’t clear it so fast.

I think the food here tastes delicious and I want to stay for a few more days.”

Zhou Wenyan said: “Well….

Then we’ll just take a look and we won’t act.” 

Earl Carlisle would never have thought that the reason he could keep his life was all thanks to the craftsmanship of the chefs in the castle.

The bearded man could hear his heart beating faster in his chest, and it thumped loudly.


They followed the stairs and went all the way down.

The third floor, the second, the first… Finally, the housekeeper stopped at the door to the basement. 

The basement was sealed with an iron door, with all sorts of bizarre patterns drawn on its surface which made people inexplicably uncomfortable.

The housekeeper pushed open the heavy iron door.

Behind the door was a room with soft wool carpets covering the floor, which led to an opened folding screen which obscured the sight behind it.

The housekeeper inclined her body slightly.

“The Earl has been waiting for a long time.” 

Once she finished speaking, the housekeeper withdrew from the room while pulling the door to a close.

The bearded man came back to his senses and stretched his hand out to pull at the iron door .

It did not budge.

It seemed like there was no way to leave the room now. 

Gripping onto his candlestick tightly, the bearded man slowly walked towards the screen.

Before he could walk past the folding screen, he heard a weak and hoarse voice in the room,

“Ke ke…” The old and ailing man was like a candle guttering in the wind as he strained himself to speak, “Sweet pretty lamb, come here, let me admire your beauty that is akin to an early morning rose; let me touch your fair skin which is like milk…”

The words stopped abruptly. 

The stalwart man clad in women’s clothing walked over.

The Earl lying in bed widened his eyes.

Evidently, the housekeeper failed to mention the grievous news to the Earl.

With deep vigilance, the bearded man observed the Earl. 

Old age had made the skin on the Earl’s face droop loosely and clouded and dulled his eyes.

His skin was covered with old brown spots, and when he approached, he could smell the odour that was unique to a person on their death’s bed.

Earl Carlisle was an old man on the verge of death.


And she was a woman too; emaciated to the point where she had shed off what should have made her different.

Her entire person added together could not even match the thickness of the bearded man’s arm, and she looked like she lacked the power to kill.

But the bearded man did not let down his guard. 

In the world of horror movies, the most frightening were children, women and old people.

And the Earl checked two boxes out of three.

The Earl was shocked for a moment before she reluctantly raised her hand: “Come… cough come over here… beautiful… ke ke ke….”

She really could not eulogise about his beauty when it was untrue to her own convictions, and she could only cover it up with heart rendering coughs. 

The bearded man stood still and did not move.

The Earl looked at him.

They were deadlocked for a long while.

Suddenly, the Earl let out a choking noise, and both her legs started spasming.

Her chest was like a broken bellow as she gasped for breath. 



Confused, the bearded took a step, one after another, and he eventually stood by the Earl’s bedside.

Even though the Earl had choked until her face was blue, she still had managed to say: “Good child.” 

The bearded man snapped back to his reverie and happened to see the strange smile that was on the Earl’s face and his heart jerked, feeling like a crisis was at hand.

Without even contemplating about it, he swiftly raised the candlestick and smashed it down violently.

A dull noise reverberated through the room.

The Earl’s hand had already dropped at the side of the bed and it was lightly swaying, and she had long lost her voice and breath.

However, the bearded man did not stop. 

From the screen, he could be seen lifting the candlestick again and smashing it down again, again and again.

Like a machine and numbed by his recurring actions.


The housekeeper had long disappeared.

The group of people walked unhindered until they reached the basement door. 

Zhou Wenyan pushed open the door and a scent of blood floated out of it.

He shrugged his shoulders: “Looks like someone was one step ahead of me.”

As soon as his words landed, he saw the bearded man stumble out from behind the folding screen.

His entire body was matted with scarlet blood and there was even minced flesh stuck on his face.

His expression held a tinge of insanity: “I killed her, I killed her…” 

The bearded man did not seem to see them as he staggered up the stairs as he continued to hold onto the bloodied candlestick that was still dripping crimson.

Wu Jia looked around the screen and almost vomited out of disgust.

“The Earl is already dead.”

He was dead to the point where he could not die again. 

Shen Dongqing was very concerned: “Did we clear it then”

If we cleared it, how do I eat the western food made by the chefs

Zhou Wenyan looked at the painting on the screen and consoled him: “You should still be able to eat it for two more days.”


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