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Chapter 98 – Princess and an omen of collapse

I, Ninaev Fairy, think back to the last two years, since a girl was named the miko and taken to the temple.

Life in this country has changed quite a bit, and I do not know what will become of the kingdom of Fairytrof.

I have become engaged to prince Hicked Migha of the neighboring country.

I said some harsh things to him the other day.

He has strength, but refuses to do anything with it, so I raised my voice at him without thinking.

After I was done speaking, I become flustered, and worried he would break off our engagement, but he was not upset, and instead looked surprised and laughed.

I do not know what was going through his mind, but he said he would help me.

Ever since then, he has become a little more expressive, and smiles at me from time to time…

His attitude towards me and the fact that the distance between us is shrinking makes me a little nervous and excited.

I think I may be in love with prince Hicked, but I have no time to think about such things.

The kingdom of Fairytrof may collapse, and even if that is not the case, it cannot stay in its current condition.

According to the information I receive from Vene, discontent is growing within the kingdom of Fairytrof.

They have the being that is supposed to bring them blessings, but harvests continue to be poor, and other bad things keep happening.

My father has always been said to be an able king, but I have come to realize that is not true over the past two years.

Surely this country was prosperous until two years ago because of the influence of the real miko.

If my father was a capable king, the kingdom would have probably been doing even better when the real miko was here.

I do not think my father is a wise or a foolish king, I simply believe that he had never encountered such problems before.

In the temple and castle, people whisper that the miko they have is probably not the real miko.

“…There is the possibility that a revolt may start.

Several nobles seem like they may take action as well…”

I mumble.

“And there is also something happening with the slaves in the kingdom of Migha… What if it all comes to a head at the same time”

According to Vene, some people have been sent out on a journey to find the real miko.

However, I hear nothing of the priests that received the divine message.

I hear the first priest to wake up is among the people that went out on a journey, but I have no idea if the others have even woken up.

A lot of information starts reaching my ears now that I have agreed to cooperate with Vene.

The more I learn, the more I think that this country will not be able to remain as it is.

I also hear news about miss Alice.

Apparently she is still selfish and throwing tantrums but… People around her are becoming increasingly less eager to do as she says.

If those people that obeyed her every whim are acting this way, surely they have something in mind.

At this rate, the girl that is being treated as the miko is in danger, and I still believe it is wrong to push all the blame onto a nine year old girl.

The people from Vene say she probably deserves it, but I disagree.

Pushing all the blame onto a child is wrong, especially when you consider the environment in which she was raised.

I wonder where the real miko is, and what she is doing.

Where did she go after meeting prince Hicked He says that when he followed his king’s orders and captured beast people, someone who was close to her was killed.

Prince Hicked could not disobey his father’s orders, even when they went against his own views.

This prince Hicked is now following me.

I do not know what the future has in store, but I do know I am not alone.

I have some allies, and that fact alone gives me courage.

I have only one life, and while I do not know what will happen, I will follow my own path.

A few days later, I receive news that the king of Fairytrof, my father, has passed away.

—Princess and an omen of collapse

(The princess receives news of the death of her king.

What does this mean for her kingdom)


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