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Chapter 95 – Girl and a new place

“The air here is very nice.

The sheltering trees are happy too.”

Says Freinet, about a place close to a small mountain.

There is a small waterfall nearby too.

This place is far from where the beast people’s village was, so I couldn’t see the mountains around here when I lived there.

I can see an even bigger mountain further south.

Maybe if we climb it, we can see how much longer this forest goes on for.

This forest to the south of Fairytrof and Migha is very vast and no one knows what kind of dangers lie in it, so it’s still unexplored.

Miss Lan says we haven’t been attacked by many monsters because I’m here.

I’m happy that my presence helps everyone.

We are walking around, seeing if we can live here like Freinet says.

Just because it’s a comfortable place for the spirit tree and spirits, it doesn’t mean it’s a comfortable place for humans, beast people, and elves.

Our goal is to create a place where we can all live.

In the end, after we all look around this place, we decide it seems good, and we start making preparations to build a place to live here.

First, we discuss where we should plant the spirit tree.

In the old elven village, it was a little far from where everyone lived, but I don’t think we need to plant it far away this time.

I even think that it would be easier to defend if it was right in the center.

We got three sheltering trees when I touched the spirit tree.

I hear that we can plant one and keep the other two, in case we need to leave this place.

That way we can protect the spirits and the spirit tree if we do need to move.

“Where, should we plant it”

“The flow of magic energy is good around here, so I think here would be nice.”



The magic energy flowing through the earth feels very nice.

I feel comfortable here too.”

“I see.”

Freinet says with a smile that the magic energy flowing through the earth feels good, and we should plant it here.

Everyone listens, and it’s decided we are going to plant it here.

We chop down a few trees to make room, and we plant the spirit tree with all our hearts.

I hope the spirits resting inside start feeling better soon.

After planting the spirit tree, we start talking about what kind of place we are going to build here… Or I guess, what kind of village

“We elves prefer to live on top of trees.”

“We want to build our houses on the ground.”

“And we want to build a place where we can worship spirits, of course.”

“We need somewhere we can take apart the monsters and animals we hunt.”

All sorts of views are going around.

They ask miss Lan and me what we think, but I’m fine as long as I can live with the gryphons and Scifo.

Miss Lan says she wants to live with me too, so I start thinking it would be nice if her, the gryphons, Scifo, and Freinet could all live in the same house with me.

And I want a spot outside the house where the gryphons can build a nest.

That’s pretty much all I want.

Zeshihi, the healer lady, says she wants a medicinal herb garden, and many other people start talking about what they want and their opinions.

Creating a place where we can all live might be hard, but I also think it’s fun.

It’s our place, that we will all make together.

We will take this place where there’s nothing, and turn it into a place where we will want to stay forever.

That makes me really happy.

I think it’s wonderful.

We talk about things like what trees we should cut.

It’s important because we need to decide what trees should be cut to build houses, and what trees the elves are going to use to build theirs.

We can’t quite decide, and it starts to get dark, so we all sleep together in a huddle.

The air here feels sweet, and the wind is comfortable and calming.

It’s exciting to think we’ve found a new place to live.

We’ve taken another step forward.

I don’t know what will happen, but I hope we can build a comfortable place here, and protect it.

I see stars shining when I look up into the sky.

The weather is nice, and those shining stars look almost like they’re blessing our new beginning.

—Girl and a new place

(The girl that is probably the miko reaches a new place with her friends, and they take another step towards reaching their goal.)


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