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Chapter 91 – The boy’s change

After talking to Gaius, I learn how he feels.

The next day, I’m fast asleep, but I wake up all of a sudden when I hear a lot of noise.

Did something happen I get up and make my way towards where the noise is coming from, and see people crowding around Gaius, who looks very confused.


I also let out a confused voice.

Gaius’ ears and tail are a different color, instead of their usual brown.

“Pretty silver…”

His ears and tail have turned silver.

I’ve never seen such a pretty color.

Apparently he woke up like that… I instantly look at Reimar.

Did the same thing that happened to her happen to him Did I… Do that

“…Gaius, I think, it’s my fault.”

“You Lerunda”

“Yes… When I wished for Reimar to not get hurt again, her color changed to gold.

I was praying about you, so maybe… That’s it.”

I say as I get closer to Gaius.

It’s probably my fault.

No, not probably, I really think it is.

“…I see.”

“Yes… Gaius, did you, dream last night”


“…I’m sorry.”

“About what”

“You wanted, to become stronger on your own, but I did this.

I know, this probably isn’t, what you wanted.”

Gaius probably wanted to become stronger on his own.

But, even though he didn’t ask for it, I gave this to him.

I get nervous thinking that maybe Gaius is mad at me.

“I don’t think that’s correct Lerunda.

You probably did grant Gaius a blessing, but I don’t think you can do so without the other person’s consent.”

The first person to respond is miss Lan.

That’s right, I think Reimar was asked something before she changed.

Did the same thing happen to Gaius

“Is that true, Gaius”


I was asked something, and I answered… I did accept it.

I thought it was just a dream, I really didn’t expect something like this to happen.

He thought it was a dream, accepted it, and changed.

I’m sure that caught him off guard, so I don’t know if this is a change he wanted.

“I’m sorry Gaius.

Maybe you, didn’t want this change, and I did something, I shouldn’t have.”

“Don’t worry about it.

I got strength in a different way… Well, it’s complicated, but it’s something to be happy about.”


“I get the feeling that I’m full of energy, even though it’s just the color that changed.

But right now, all I have is what I received, so I want to turn this strength into my own strength.

I’m going to catch up to what I received… And be able to help everyone.”

Gaius looks at me directly.

He really is nice, and has a strong heart.

If he wasn’t like this, he wouldn’t have been able to act like that when I told everyone I’m probably the miko.

Even now that he’s sad because he says he can’t help everyone, he doesn’t become mean.

I really think Gaius is great.

“Yes… I’ll do, my best too.

I have strength because, I’m probably the miko, and formed contracts, but I don’t, actually have strength of my own.”

I feel the same way as Gaius.

I think I have something special, and formed contracts with incredible monsters and a spirit, but I myself am not great at all.

I want to become worthy of the ones I formed a contract with, and someone that can proudly stand by their side.

“Let’s do our best, together Gaius.

Let’s become, stronger together.”


“Reimar became bigger.

We have to find out, how you changed too.”


With Reimar there was a big change when she grew in size, but I don’t see that big of a change in Gaius.

His tail and ears changed color, but did anything else change I think we need to know more about this.

Just like how I need to know more about this power I have, Gaius needs to know more about the power he just received.

“Lerunda, you really are the miko.”

Whispers miss Lan as she writes something.

—The boy’s change

(The girl that is probably the miko prays for the boy, and something happens to him.

They agree to work hard together.)


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