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Chapter 83 – Girl and a discussion – Part one

Now that the monster has been defeated, we decide to talk about not only where we will go, but also what we will do.

The idea that I’m the miko is also going to be a factor.

“First of all, where should we go”

“Where do you want to go Sileva”

“…We know no other place besides where we live, and we will live anywhere if the environment is right for the spirit tree.

However, we do prefer a place far from monsters such as the one we fought, and people looking to enslave us.”

“That’s fair… But even if the place we choose seems right, we never know when either of those things will come.”

I’m on top of Reimar, listening to mister Dongu and mister Sileva talking.

Freinet, the other monsters contracted to me, and Gaius are also near me, listening.

“That’s not all.

If Lerunda really is the miko, humans will come after us if they find out.

No, not just humans, there is also the chance that other beast people will also go after her.

I don’t think running away should be our default option.”

I’m probably the miko.

This just complicates things even more.

It’s just one more thing to be concerned about.

I get a little sad, thinking about how the idea that I’m the miko is such a big problem.

“Don’t be sad Lerunda, no one is blaming you.

If you really are the miko, that explains a lot.

When mister Athos passed away, I was honestly worried about what might happen to us, but I think it’s because of you that the situation didn’t become even worse.”


Says miss Sinorn, and I nod.

“It’s not your fault.

In fact, I think that you help in many ways just by being here.

You can also feel proud knowing that it’s because of you that we managed to defeat the monster sitting on the spirit tree.

And I’m sure there’s a lot more you can do with that power we think comes from being the miko.”

“Yes… Sorry, for interrupting.”

The conversation stopped for a bit so they could comfort me.

“Yes, we should think less about running away, and more about obtaining the strength to fight.

I don’t want something bad to happen to Lerunda.”

Just like miss Sinorn says, we have been running away.

We ran away when the humans were coming to attack, and reached this village.

All we’ve been thinking about is running to a peaceful place.

But… That won’t do.

Are we going to run away again when we find a new place to live Where Can we really get away We can’t keep going on like this, so what should we do

“Yes, we should think about finding a place where we can live permanently, and not be resigned to the idea of running away.

That said, we need to look for a place that’s easy for us to live.”

Says mister Oshashio.

Finding a place to live for the rest of our lives instead of running away.

Even if we don’t know what will happen after that, finding a place where we can stay is the best option.

Then we can work to protect it.

I think what miss Sinorn says is good too.

For some reason, mister Dongu looks at me and Gaius, and then responds.

“After Athos died… Lerunda and Gaius said something to me.

They said they want to make a place where beast people can live in peace.”

That’s the vow we made.

We probably can’t do it, but we wish we can, and made a vow.

Everyone turns our way as they hear mister Dongu.

“I think that should be our goal.

We should create a place where we can live in peace, by our own hands.

As difficult as it may be, nothing will get done unless we try.”

It’s our wish.

The vow we made.

But it’s not just for us, it’s something we all have to do together.

Mister Dongu says we have to do it.

“We will create a place where we can be at peace, and become strong enough to protect it.

Is that not wonderful”

Says mister Dongu as he looks at everyone.

—Girl and a discussion – Part one

(The girl that is probably the miko is with people that are dear to her, discussing what to do next.)


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