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Chapter 71 – The priest starts his journey

My name is Ilma, and I am starting a journey to find the real miko.

I saw the miko’s appearance when I received the divine message, but aside from that, I know next to nothing about her.

I have to see miss Alice’s sister, but how should I proceed

A child loved by god would surely not pass away so easily, but still, that is no reason to relax.

I have to meet her as soon as possible, for her sake and nothing else.

It has been decided that I will go on a journey, but that does not mean I will be alone.

However, there is no way they will make it public that the miko in the temple is not the real one, and because of this, it is not possible to put together a unit to go search for the miko.

As a result, we are very few.

We are a group of five, including myself.

A knight from the temple, a priest, a lady in waiting, and a magic swordsman hired by the temple.

I worry that we are not enough to carry out this mission, but we must.

We must find the miko, no, I want to find the miko.

Myself and the knight are the only men present.

I feel it would be safer to take men on this journey.

There is much we do not know, such as what may happen or where we are going, but what we do know is that it will be dangerous.

Still, miss Gint and the temple say they have confidence in this group.

I think the most important thing to keep in mind is the miko’s wishes, but what about everyone with me What are their intentions

I want to come into contact with the miko and confirm her wishes before anyone else.

If I can get to her first and find out what she wants, I can pretend I did not see her if she does not want to come with us to the temple.

I have to work this out before we do meet her.

I place a lot of importance on the miko’s wishes, but there is a good chance these people will disregard them and take her back regardless of what she wants.

“What should we do first mister Ilma”

Asks the young lady in waiting that will accompany us, as she looks up at me.

The ladies in this group are surprisingly young and beautiful, to the point where it makes me think they were specifically chosen for this reason.

That cannot be the case but… It does make me question it.

…There is a chance that the miko has been taken to the neighboring country of Migha, but according to miss Gint, those chances are slim.

I agree, because if that were true, they would criticize us for harboring a false miko as soon as they could.

There is also the possibility that the miko is indeed in the kingdom of Migha, but has gone unnoticed by them, although I also find this hard to believe.

If she were in Migha, her influence would certainly have some sort of impact on it, and they would have been able to receive the divine message.

The fact that we have not been able to observe that kind of changes means the miko has not visited their country.

But where could she be… Perhaps it’s best to start thinking about somewhere not in the kingdoms of Fairytrof and Migha.

Considering the location of the village where she grew up, I think the vast forest to the south on the border between the two kingdoms is our safest bet.

Having that said, this is just what I am thinking.

Who knows if that is indeed the case.

“I think the miko may have entered the forest.”

“The forest”

I am looked at by the doubtful eyes of the female priest.

“The miko is the same age as miss Alice, correct If so, I don’t think she would enter a dangerous forest.

A young girl should not survive in the forest, so if she did enter it, that would mean she is already dead.

Is that what a priest such as yourself wishes As someone that serves the temple, I think it should be obvious to think about the possibility of her being alive, rather than her being dead.”

She says, but I honestly believe that she is thinking less about the miko and more about not wanting to enter the forest.

“…Very well.

Then should we visit her village first”

It seems the priest really does not want to go to the forest.

If it means meeting the miko, I will go into the forest even if I have to do so alone.

No, that would be the worst case scenario, it would be best if the female priest returned to the temple, and myself and the rest of the group followed the miko into the forest.

First, we go to her village, and I will try to convince the others in the meantime.

I have no definite proof that the miko did go into the forest, but I will not stop thinking about it until I check.

—The priest starts his journey

(The priest starts his journey.

A member of his group stops them from going into the forest, but the priest has a strong feeling that he must do so to follow the miko)


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