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Chapter 7 – Girl and boy

“Then… I’ll take responsibility.”

“Ah W-What are you talking about”

“I was just told that touching those parts has a special meaning.”

“That’s not something you should say so lightly… Wait, who told you”


The way the boy’s expression changed so suddenly was funny.

When he asked me who told me, I pointed to Scifo.

“Do you understand him!”

“Yes, because we formed a contract.”

“Contract… So does that mean the sky horse deemed you worthy”

“I don’t know about that, but we’re friends.”

Judging by his surprised expression, I’m guessing that forming a contract with a monster is not common.

I don’t know about this sort of thing, so I can’t tell what is and isn’t special.

“Boy… Why are you here”

“Boy… I have a name, it’s Gaius.

Our gods are here, so I was carrying offerings with my father and the others!”


“Yes! I don’t understand why, but my father said they told them to bring clothes.”


I’m starting to think that maybe Gaius’s gods are…

“Are you talking about gryphons”

“H-How do you know! Can you read minds!”

Gaius looked at me with very expectant eyes, but sadly, I can’t read minds.

Would Gaius really feel excited if there was someone like that I wouldn’t like it if someone could read my mind.

“I can’t read minds.

You said you came here with your father, so did you get separated


I was curious because I heard singing, so I came here and…”

“Was it me and Scifo”

“Yes, I came here because I was curious, and then I saw you singing with a sky horse and was really surprised.

And then you… Touched my ears and tail a lot! Don’t do that to beast people!”

This is a big problem.

It seemed Scifo and I lured him away from his father and the others with our song.

Also, the gryphons are gods and the clothes are coming from beast people Do they offer regular tributes to the gryphons

Maybe they worship strong beings because they live in the middle of nature.

Ears and tail.

Gaius’s are brown, very fluffy, and felt really nice when I touched them.

I can’t touch them anymore, but I really want to…”


“If I take responsibility, can I touch you”

I would have rather take responsibility and touch them a lot than never touch them again.

I think having a fluffy husband would be nice.

“You… A girl shouldn’t say that sort of thing so lightly!”

“But I want to touch them…”

“Y-You can’t! Even if you look at me like that!”

“…Gaius, don’t you want to be my mate”

“I-It’s not a matter of want! My father said this is very important and not the sort of thing you can decide so easily!”

He said it wasn’t a matter of want.

His tail is wagging, is he actually happy It’s really cute, I want to touch that wagging tail and those twitching ears.

I wonder if Gaius’s father is also a fluffy wolf, and if there are different kinds of different fluffy beast people.

“What if I think about it a lot”

“Then… I-It’s fine I guess.”


Gaius, you’re cute.”

His wagging tail is honest, and I can’t help but smile.

Ah, Gaius froze.

What happened

“What’s wrong…


“Your face is red.”

“Don’t look!”

What happened Anyway, I just realized I didn’t introduce myself.

I have to tell him my name.



“It’s my name.”

“Ah, your name is Lerunda.

Why are you here Lerunda Humans never come this deep in the forest.”

“I was abandoned…”


I told him I was abandoned, and he was very surprised.

It’s true that humans never come this deep in the forest, there are monsters here after all.

Humans live in forest clearings.

I never adventured this far into the forest until I was abandoned and Scifo brought me here.

“You were abandoned Are you alright”


I’m fine like this.”

He’s worried about me even though we’ve never met before, he’s nice.

People being concerned about me makes me happy.

Ah, I’m sure Gaius’s father and the others are also very worried about him.

I need to find a way to make them know he’s alright.

They came here with offerings for the gryphons, so I’m sure everything will work out if we go back to the gryphon nest.

“Gaius, let’s go.”

“Go Where”

“Where the gryphons are.”


“Come on, get on.”

Scifo took me and Gaius back to the gryphon nest.

—Girl and boy

(The girl that is probably the miko talks with the beast boy)


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