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Chapter 68 – Princess and engagement

I, Ninaev Fairy, have just become officially engaged to Hicked Migha, the seventh prince of the kingdom of Migha.

Neither of us are influential, but we are royalty nonetheless, so a big celebration is expected.

My father is very concerned about miss Alice’s mother and her deteriorating health.

The temple has been coming out strongly towards the royal family, and it is all because they have custody of the one called the child of god.

Miko or no miko, our country is not in a good place.

If anything, harvests have been increasingly worse ever since miss Alice arrived.

If, and I mean if, miss Alice is not the miko, could it be that this is a result of the real miko being away from the country

God will not allow the land where the miko lives to wither.

Maybe harvests have been abundant thanks to the presence of the miko.

It is being theorized that the situation will become progressively worse if nothing is done to put miss Alice in a good mood.

How many foolish decisions have my country and the temple made for the sake of improving her mood

If she really is not the miko, the situation will only continue to worsen no matter how much they obey her wishes.

I think the temple and my father overestimate the power of the miko, and that is why they believe everything will be back to normal if they can just make her feel better.

I do not think my father is taking proper measures to deal with this.

Here in this remote region crops have been bad as well, but the feudal lord, myself, and the population have worked hard and managed to get by.

If this is what happened in a remote region, surely the capital could mitigate the bad harvests if they actually did something about it.

If miss Alice is not the real miko, we do not know where the real miko is.

Our country will clearly fall if nothing changes.

I am very troubled.

My father, the king of Fairytrof, governs the country with the assumption that we have the miko.

The existence of the miko influences politics so much, it is noticeable even out here.

In the letter that my father sent me, he wrote that one of the miko’s duties is to tour the country and visit various places, but they cannot allow her to do this in her present state.

Will they go as far as to use a stand-in

Is miss Alice even the real miko

My head is spinning.

For now, I must speak to prince Migha about what he asked me.

Before I can settle down and speak with prince Migha, I must get through the ceremony to announce our engagement.

Having that said, I am a princess that incurred miss Alice’s displeasure and lives in a remote region, and prince Hicked is only the seventh prince.

There is no need for either of our countries to make a lavish celebration.

Still, we do need to make our engagement public, to show both of our country’s populations that the kingdom of Fairytrof and the kingdom of Migha are not on bad terms.

Because of this, there will be a small scale ceremony in both the town of Ananaro, and the town where prince Hicked is staying.

Perhaps this is not a proper way to describe a man, but prince Hicked looks beautiful in his formal attire.

Talks of our engagement started with my curiosity over his words… But I think we really will be married if nothing happens.

I think being married to prince Hicked will be good for me.

Even if I do hold the status of princess, it would be possible for me to be become engaged to someone I did not care for at all, if the country so decided.

Prince Hicked does not talk much, and has the same gloom in his eyes as the last time I met him.

Why does he smile like that Is that false smile the only one he’s capable of showing I am royalty, and put on the mask of a princess when necessary, but his eyes are much too cold for someone who is only two years older than me.

He looks at me the same way he looks at everyone else, with the same gloom.

“I would like to speak with my fiancee.

Can you leave us alone, please”

I say to my attendants, after the ceremony to announce our engagement is finished.

Prince Hicked does not seem surprised.

Surely he expected me to want to speak to him, and he asks the same thing to his attendants.

I cover up my true intentions with the innocent guise of wanting to speak to my new fiancee, but Hondetta, who is always by my side, probably realizes that my motives are not as simple as wanting to tell him I like him or something of the sort.

Our attendants try to convince us that it is dangerous, but we are left to talk alone, although they are waiting on the other side of the door.

“There is something I want to ask you.

Would it be a problem if I did”

“No, not at all.”

“…Why do you say the miko may not be the real miko”

I ask quietly, to make sure no one hears but prince Hicked.

“…Because I met a girl that may be the real miko.”

Is what prince Hicked tells me.

The seventh prince, Hicked, met a girl he thinks may be the real miko.

This is shocking to me.

—Princess and engagement

(The princess keeps thinking about the prince’s words and her country.

The prince answers her question, but it leaves her in a state of confusion.)


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