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Chapter 60 – Princess and news

Are you sure the miko in your country is the real miko

I, Ninaev Fairy, have been wondering about the meaning of this phrase.

Usually, these would be rude, blasphemous words.

After all, the priests found her after receiving the divine message, so questioning whether or not she is the real miko is nothing short of hostility against god.

But… But I also think about the possibility of miss Alice not being the miko.

After all, miss Alice, the miko, is under the protection of the kingdom of Fairytrof, and yet things called natural disasters keep occurring.

I thought the cause of all of this was her displeasure with the country, but what if that premise is wrong, and miss Alice was never the miko in the first place

There is no reason to create a false miko, so the divine message has to be real.

But if that is the case, how can miss Alice not be the real miko Did they somehow bring the wrong person I feel like that is a possibility, because all the priests that received the divine message collapsed as a result of receiving it.

Why does prince Hicked think that miss Alice is not the real miko in the first place I would love to ask him, both as a princess of the kingdom of Fairytrof, and as an individual.

Even if I did know something, I’m not sure how much the fifth princess could do, but I still want to know the truth.

Judging by the fact that prince Hicked was so careful not to let anyone realize what he asked me, I can assume that the kingdom of Migha also believes miss Alice is the real miko.

Making this case public would have a lot of consequences, but from the perspective of the kingdom of Migha, the fact that our country has custody of the miko must make them very nervous.

Surely they want to have the miko in their own country, so miss Alice not being the real miko would be very convenient for them.

They could denounce us for harboring a false miko.

Their king would certainly do that, at the very least.

Why is prince Hicked choosing to not inform them about this Why did he tell me

I’m curious.

I want to know.

I will write to my father that I have met prince Hicked, and that I want us to get along.

My father does not wish for war with the kingdom of Migha, so he will certainly try to get us closer.

Myself and prince Hicked are not influential, but we are still royalty.

I tell him nothing about what prince Hicked asked me.

I do not yet know if miss Alice really is a false miko, so this is not the right time to talk about it.

I will talk about it when I am sure it is true.

I do not know what will happen if I say this as our country is being tormented by disasters.

What will happen if those people that only see miss Alice as the miko, listen to anything she says, and will do anything for her find out about it

I think miss Alice is very selfish, and I have nothing good to say about her character, but she is still a child.

I heard that recently, on her birthday, she was revealed to the public with her face covered, and they said something about not being able to reveal the sacred miko’s face.

If the miko they went as far as to present to the public turns out to be false…

Rumors of her appearance are spreading, but only around the royal capital.

Here in this remote region, people only know that the miko has appeared.

Does the temple know about the possibility of her being a false miko It is only a possibility, but it is possible.

But if that is the case, that means the people taking care of miss Alice realize she is not the real miko.

But what about the real miko Where could she be

This is all very complicated, and it makes my head spin.

I have to find out the truth, and then decide what I want to do.

Worst case scenario, miss Alice will be condemned for a crime she did not commit.

People will accuse her of pretending to be the miko.

The first thing I have to do is speak with prince Hicked again.

I can use my father’s response as an excuse.

And so, I wait for a letter from my father.

After a while, I receive a letter from my father encouraging me to speak to prince Hicked about marriage, and… It also says miss Alice’s mother has fallen ill.

—Princess and news

(The princess keeps thinking about the prince’s question, and makes an appeal to the king.

She receives news that the miko’s mother, who should be the most blessed of all, has fallen ill.

What will happen)


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