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Chapter 42 – Girl and whereabouts part two

Mister Athos didn’t come back.

I get anxious after hearing that.

Mister Athos is a warm person, and a beast man I like a lot.

He left but hasn’t come back yet.

People were already cautious about going outside, but even more so after the cat beast people’s village was attacked.

Mister Athos is the leader of this village and he’s very strong, so he goes out alone when he has to.

No one was worried about him.

It’s mister Athos, so there is nothing to worry about, they thought.

But the mood changed in the village, now that it’s past the time when he said he would be back.

Everyone is saying that this has never happened before.


Says Gaius.

He looks so worried, completely different than the usual energetic Gaius.

I want to comfort him, but I don’t know what to say.

“Miss, Lan.”

Gaius asks me to leave him by himself, so I leave, and I grab miss Lan’s hand.

I’m anxious and scared.

I feel like the anxiety I was feeling when the cat beast people came and we listened to their story is proving to be right.

Not knowing what will happen makes me very anxious.

Is mister Athos alright I’m scared… Miss Lan grabs my hand back, and she also has a very serious look on her face.

“…Mister Athos.”

“…I know you’re worried Lerunda.”


I can’t even go after Gaius, I just stay where I am and think.

Miss Lan is holding my hand, and I don’t move for a while.

She says I will catch a cold if I stay outside, so we go to my house.

Before I know it, I fall asleep surrounded by her and the gryphons.

When I wake up, I hear that some adults went out to search for mister Athos.

I wish mister Athos is found.

Not being able to see mister Athos’s kind smile again would be very sad and painful.

Gaius has been looking depressed all this time.

No, it’s not just Gaius, everyone loves mister Athos, and he’s very important to all of us, so it will be a real tragedy if he doesn’t make it back.

My anxiety worsens as I think back to what the cat beast people said, and what might have happened to him.

The people that went after mister Athos said they would be back, but they’ve yet to return.

They said they would come back after some time, even if they didn’t find mister Athos, so why aren’t they here

My anxiety becomes stronger.

It’s not just me, everyone looks sad.

I was always alone in the village where I was born.

There were many people around me, but once the old man that taught me things passed away, I just survived.

Now I finally found a nice place where I like everyone, and it hurts seeing everyone so sad.

I want to see them smile, but I can’t smile either.

I start thinking about mister Athos and the people that went out to look for them.

Their individual faces, and the happy memories I have of the time we spent together.

…It’s painful.

Did something bad happen to them Just thinking about people I like feeling bad makes me feel bad too.

I keep thinking about this, but there’s nothing I can do.

I want to do something for the people that went missing, but all I can do is wish for their safety and for them to come back.

The gryphons have been working separately from the people that protect the village and the ones that went out to search for mister Athos.

But Gaius…

Gaius is mister Athos’s son, and he’s tired of waiting and wishing.

One day, Gaius disappears from the village, and people say he probably went out to look for his father.

I’m scared.

I start thinking about Gaius disappearing too, and before I know it, I rush out of the village too, not even paying attention to miss Lan yelling for me to stop.

I can’t stop thinking about Gaius.

I have to find him.

—Girl and whereabouts part two

(The girl that is probably the miko rushes out of the village.)


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