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Chapter 369 – King and the movements of the confederation

“…One of the countries of the confederation wants to get involved with the miko”

I, Hicked Migha, King of Migha, think while reading a letter.

This letter was sent to me by one of the kingdoms of a confederation of small countries called the Confederation of Saff, which is located on the other side of Fairytrof.

There is a part of this confederation that wants to start a war with Fairytrof, but Rezzed is against it.

And so, they have sent me a letter expressing their wishes to be involved with the miko, if possible.

To be honest, I don’t know how to react to this.

Our Kingdom of Migha is a big country, so we do receive some information about the Confederation of Saff, but not that much.

Relations between Saff and Fairytrof are deteriorating, and apparently the confederation is divided between those who want to wage war on Fairytrof, and those who are against it, like Rezzed.

A country being a confederation of small states without a single king to manage it all sounds like a lot of trouble in a lot of ways.

Ruling over Migha is a lot of trouble for me too.

It’s not easy changing the minds of nobles.

I don’t know if I should listen to Saff’s wishes.

The village where the miko lives is still small, and it would be best if things or people that could turn into their enemies didn’t know about the existence of this village.

But on the other hand, judging by how this letter was written, it sounds like Rezzed has a good idea of where the miko came from.

It doesn’t sound like they want to spread that information.

And if they were going to invade the miko’s village, I’m sure someone from the village would have come to inform us about it.

The miko’s power should make it easier for her to feel bad news.

There should be some sort of sign when she feels this.

If she isn’t feeling that, the chances that something like this is happening are probably small.

“What do you think, Nina”

“I think we should let Lerunda and her caretakers know about this, and ask their opinion.

It would be easy to say no, but if Lerunda decides to do so, I think becoming involved with Rezzed from Saff could be a viable option.

And they must be very serious about this, if they are willing to go through Fairytrof to ask us to act as mediators.

They are probably feeling cornered as well.”

Nina has a point.

The Kingdom of Fairytrof is big, so they must have had a lot of trouble coming here.

Especially now that relations between Fairytrof and Saff are getting increasingly more complicated.

Also, it’s not like the Confederation of Saff has a friendly relationship with the Kingdom of Migha.

And yet, they still went out of their way to come here.

They must be very serious about this.


First, we should inform Lerunda that there are people who want to start a relationship with her village.

Then we can act based on their decision.”

The Kingdom of Migha has no intention of making an enemy out of the miko.

The miko is a being loved by god, so above all else, we want to avoid becoming her enemy.

And so, we will ask her opinion first, and act accordingly.

If Lerunda chooses not to get involved with Rezzed, we will support her decision, and the same goes if she does decide to speak to them.

“I think that is for the best.

But King Hicked, I will respect any decision you make.

I will always be on your side.”

Says Nina with a kind smile.

I’m a king now, but having Nina smile at me and say she is on my side is great moral support.

“Thank you Nina.”

“Don’t mention it.

I will be your wife soon, after all.”

Yes, our wedding ceremony will take place soon.

Thinking about getting married makes me feel a little uneasy.

In the years since we became engaged, my life has changed so much.

The person who was just a prince, doing whatever his father told him to do, is now a king.

And I’m sure my life will continue to change.

This matter with the Confederation of Saff is one example of this.

I don’t know in what way Migha, Saff, and the miko’s destinies will intersect.

But still… It will all work out.

I will make sure of it.

—King and the movements of the confederation

(The king receives a letter from the confederation.)



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