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Chapter 362 – Girl with the winged people – Part one

“The weather’s nice today.”


(Nice weather to take a walk.)”

It’s been some time since we returned from Migha, and my life doesn’t seem that different from before I left, but it’s natural that some things are going to change, because we have new people here.

I talk quietly to Riruha while feeling the nice and warm light of the sun, and Riruha responds.

I couldn’t take the gryphons with me to Migha, so spending time with them really makes me feel happy, and like I’m really back.

My daily routine is pretty much the same.

I go to the altar like I always do, and pray.

Offering prayers to god feels good for some reason.

Being in Migha for a while is making me appreciate the nice things about this village even more.

When you spend too much time in one place, it’s easy to forget what’s good and bad about it.

I walk around the village with Riruha, and say hello to everyone.

It was fun being in a place with lots of people for the first time, but I really like being in a place like this where I know everyone and can talk to them.

Our goal means this village I love so much is going to change too, and its population is going to increase, but it’s still going to be the village I love even if it changes.

There are more and more people living here, but I still know everyone’s faces.

Apparently Miss Lan and the others are making a list of everyone who lives here.

They say it’s important to know who lives where.

They say having a good grasp on this sort of thing is important to manage a village well.

I’m not good at thinking about this sort of thing, but I also don’t want to just live here as the miko and nothing else.

I want to be able to help too, so I have lots of things to study.

The village is beautiful and full of nature.

The more people live in a place, the less nature there is in it, and countries of humans don’t have lots of races like this place either.

I want this place to have people of lots of different races, and for them to be able to have fun and be at peace.

The people that came from Migha are in a specific place, so I pretty much only see the people that were here before.

People that didn’t used to be our friends became friends, and we can all smile together in the same village, but one day the opposite might happen.

I’m just walking around the village, when suddenly someone calls me from above.

It’s Miss Muselan, a winged person and Mister Villa’s girlfriend.

She visits the village from time to time.

The winged people have gotten more used to this village ever since I met Mister Douroean and formed a contract with Doanea.

“What is it, Miss Muselan”

“There is something I want to show Doanea.

I found a wonderful view in the middle of the forest.”

They worship Doanea, so when they find nice things, they feel like showing Doanea too.

Doanea has Mister Douroean’s memories, but it’s not like they’ve seen those things with their own eyes, so it’s fun for Doanea to actually see those things that are in Mister Douroean’s memories.

I told Doanea not to get too carried away while I was in Migha.

Doanea wasn’t born too long ago, and I didn’t want to come back and find they were in trouble.

Doanea made sure to follow what I said, so they’re really happy about this invitation.

“Then I’ll take Doanea and we’ll go together.”

I’m sure the winged people would never do anything Doanea doesn’t want.

I know that, but I still want to avoid any trouble, and Mister Douroean entrusted Doanea to me, so I want to go too.

Faith can turn into a lot of trouble when it gets out of control.

Still, I wonder what kind of place Miss Muselan is talking about.

They can fly, so I’m sure it’s something that can be seen from above.

As I think about it, I start looking forward to seeing it.

I go talk to Miss Lan about it, and in the end, it’s decided that gryphons are coming with us.

Beast people also wanted to come along, but it really is something you can’t see unless you can fly.

We start making our way there with Miss Muselan and other winged people.


(I am looking forward to being presented with this view.)

Says Doanea while letting out excited cries.

—Girl with the winged people – Part one

(The miko leaves to see a nice view.)



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