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Chapter 340 – Girl and preparations to go to the Kingdom of Migha – Part two

“It would be terrible if something bad happened to this place while we are in Migha.

I think your blessing will make it so people can’t wander in here, but I think we should set traps, and make it so the village itself is harder to find.”

Miss Lan is thinking about people from other places finding this village.

I’m going to be away for a while, so is the miko going away going to cause some sort of effect

People say this village will probably be safe if I keep praying for nothing bad to happen to it, and for it to stay safe, but we need to be ready anyway.

There are going to be fewer people in the village, so some things will be different than normal.

By the way, Gaius is a beast person, but he’s coming to Migha with us, because he can turn into a wolf.

I’m glad, especially because I won’t have the gryphons with me.

I really hope nothing happens, but we don’t know what’s going on in Migha.

Gaius says that if something dangerous does happen, he’ll turn into a wolf and get me out of it.

“Lerunda, be careful in that country of humans.

Make sure you don’t follow any weird people.”


Shinomi is staying in the village, so she sounds concerned.

A lot of humans live in the Kingdom of Migha, more than I can imagine.

They have places called cities that are full of people.

It feels weird to think about, because I’ve never been to a place like that.

The drawings that Wea shows me of the old country makes it look more crowded than I can believe.

I was surprised, because there were people all over the place.

That’s the kind of place I’m going to.

Thinking about this sort of thing makes me feel restless.

Wea says that even though they have a lot of people, those places aren’t that different from a village, but that might be just because she’s seeing them from a Spirit’s point of view.

Miss Lan said ‘cities and villages are very different, so you will be very surprised.

If we have the time, we should go shopping’.

Apparently no one shops by trading things in the capital of Migha.

They buy and sell things with money.

Maybe we’ll get to see lots of things in Migha to use as reference, because we decided to make this village into a country.

“There are a lot of people in that country of humans.

There’s probably people that don’t like us beast people too.”


“…Lerunda, you’re human, so do you think that after going to a country of humans, you might want to stay there”

“Eh No way.

This village is very important to me.”

Shinomi is feeling unsure about me going to a country of humans, because I’m human.

Yes, I am human, but I’m only going to that country of humans to see my sister.

But I guess beast people have their own concerns about this.

“That’s good.

You’re a human who gets along with us, but if something changes in you after going there, tell me.”


I don’t think I’m going to start thinking that country of humans is better than this village, or anything like that.

This village is the place where I can come back to and hear people welcoming me home.

Still, I have to make sure to tell Shinomi I like this village when I get back, so she doesn’t get worried.

I really have to make sure I come back after I go to that country of humans, to stop everyone from worrying.

Humans, beast people…

I don’t care about these differences in race, but in the end, there’s a clear difference.

I wonder what Migha is like.

What kind of people live there

How has… My sister been

Shinomi’s worries that I’ll stay in Migha probably have to do with my sister too.

Our relationship isn’t deep enough for us to be called family, but we’re still technically family.

I think about her as I prepare preserved food for when we go.

We’re never really worried about food, because of my influence, but you can never be too prepared.

We prepare food that we can eat on the road, clothes that are easy to move around in, choose who’s going to Migha… This is how we spend our days, until we’re finally ready to go to Migha.

—Girl and preparations to go to the Kingdom of Migha – Part two

(The miko finishes her preparations to go to the kingdom of Migha.)



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