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Chapter 338 – The girl declares she wants to see her sister

“Miss Lan, Mister Dongu, I, hum, want to see my sister.”

I say.

I can’t just decide that I want to go and go without talking about it.

I don’t want to make them take me either.

Maybe I could make them take me if I really wanted, but I want them to understand and give their consent.


“The sister who was taken as the miko instead of you… If I remember correctly, it’s not like you two were close, were you”

“No… We weren’t.

We never even talked.

We’re related by blood, but I don’t really know anything about her.”

How do I explain it How do I say how I feel

How do I get them to understand why I want to see her

It’s not about whether we get along or not.

We never even interacted with each other.

We were just in the same house.

Even I think it’s strange that I want to see my sister.

“I’ve never even called her by her name.

We didn’t talk, so we never got to decide how to address each other.

I only thought of her as my sister and that was it.

She never said anything to me.

Our relationship was even more distant than it looked.

I’ve… Never talked to her, or really looked her in the eyes.

That’s why I want to try talking to her.”

I don’t know what will happen between us if we do talk.

My sister might even hate me.

She might not even want to talk to me.

But still, I want to try.

I changed, and she’s changing too.

And if I don’t try to see her, I’m sure we’ll never meet.

If my choices are to never get to see her again or see her now, I want to see her now.

“I don’t see a problem with you meeting Alice.

All things considered, you are still family after all.

I think it’s only natural for sisters to want to see each other even if they were never that close.

But… Considering you are the miko, and Alice will be with the fiancee of the King of Migha… It might be difficult.

We know the King of Migha sees us in a favorable light, but there is the possibility that you might end up in danger.”

“I also think it might be dangerous for Lerunda, the miko, to go to Migha all of a sudden.”

I’m the miko.

This fact influences people around me even more than I’m probably aware.

Even leaving that Hicked Migha who became the King of Migha aside, there might be other people who will want to come after me.

…There’s a chance that I might get involved with people like that.

I understand that.

“Yes, I know it’s dangerous.

I know something might happen.

I know you’re worried about me.

But still, I really want to see her.

When I started thinking about her… It made me want to talk to her.

I’ll pay attention to what’s around me, and if it looks like something’s going to happen… I’ll use my power to protect myself and people with me.

I’ll make sure we’re not in danger, so… I want to go to Migha.”

Even if it’s dangerous, and even if something might happen while we’re there, I want to see my sister.

I want to see more of the world around me too.

What will happen if my sister sees me What’s she going to say if I say I want to talk These questions keep running around in my mind.

“I know it’s selfish, but I still want to go see her.

I know there’s a chance that something bad might happen… But I’ve never talked to my sister, and she always felt special to me.

I want to try talking to her.”

I’ve only ever thought of her as my sister, but if we meet, should I call her Alice

Will she call me Lerunda too

We’ve never called each other by our names.

Is anything going to change if we do I want to hear her call me by my name.

“…If you want to see her that badly, we will make some adjustments.

We are going to be sending people from this village to the Kingdom Migha anyway, so we will be choosing a party to make sure you aren’t in danger.”

“Yes, I want you to see your sister too, if that’s what you want.

It might not be easy, but it will be worth it even if there’s a little trouble.”

“Thank you!!”

I thank Miss Lan and Mister Dongu.

“Of course, we are going to have to talk about this with everyone.

We can’t decide everything ourselves.”

“Yes, of course.”

I didn’t think it would be decided right here either.

But I’m happy that they say they’ll adjust things so I can go too.

—The girl declares she wants to see her sister

(The miko expresses her desire to see her sister.)



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