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Chapter 337 – The princess goes to the Kingdom of Migha

“Time to go, Alice.”

“Yes Princess Ninaev!”

Alice responds enthusiastically.

I, Ninaev Fairy, will now be going to the Kingdom of Migha.

I won’t be getting married to King Hicked right away, but I will be going for now as his fiancee.

Alice will be going with me.

That’s what she chose.

She wants to stay with me, and I’m happy that she feels that way.

I got involved with her because I couldn’t abandon her.

But now, she looks up to me, and she feels to me like a little sister.

I don’t know anyone in the Kingdom of Migha, save for King Hicked himself and some of his knights.

I will be taking waiting maids with me, but that’s it.

I will be surrounded by strangers, and I will have to make allies among them.

I’m sure there are many people in Migha who are unhappy about me marrying King Hicked.

Some nobles also started trying to get closer to King Hicked after he took the throne.

…I have to work to get their recognition.

But I also have to keep in mind that there will be nobles who won’t be open to talking.

Also… There will probably be people who will try to start trouble with Alice, since she was the false miko.

I want to make sure I handle that properly.

I don’t believe King Hicked dislikes me, but you never know when affection can turn into hatred.

People’s hearts can change quickly if something were to happen that caused such a shift.

I have to make sure we get along.

“Princess Ninaev, are you worried about something”

“I was just thinking about how we are going to live in Migha from now on.

I’m a little nervous about it.

But thank you for your concern, Alice.”

I say to Alice, and she smiles.

She is wearing a waiting maid’s uniform.

The other waiting maids started training her even more after they learned she would be coming with me.

Alice obediently listened to their advice, and she looks great in her maid outfit.

Alice is slowly changing from a little girl into a young lady.

I imagine she’s going to still be this beautiful as she grows.

Maybe there will be nobles who will go after her.

At the very least, she is beautiful enough for that to be a possibility.

Thinking about it this way, it makes me glad I am King Hicked’s fiancee.

They should not be able to lay a hand on a waiting maid of the king’s fiancee.

But if we got married while he was still a prince, and I brought Alice along… It would be hard to protect Alice from people like his brothers.

“We will be outsiders in the kingdom of Migha, so the first thing we have to do is familiarize ourselves with it.”

I tell that not just to Alice, but also to the other waiting maids traveling with us.

Everyone here volunteered to come, and is prepared to live out the rest of their lives in Migha.

We will be outsiders in Migha, so we have to make an effort to adapt.

I have to show people I have value and I’m worthy of standing next to King Hicked.

“Yes, Princess Ninaev.”

The waiting maids answer.

We also have knights here to escort us, but they were sent by Migha to deliver me to their country, so they are returning home.

I am leaving the country where I was born, and lived all this time.

It feels strange.

Migha and Fairytrof share a border, and I believe I will return to Fairytrof on official business, but other than that, I don’t think I will come here again.

I start to feel emotional about this.

Goodbye, my home country.

It’s with this thought in mind that I enter the carriage.

My brothers and some citizens come to see us off, and we head to Migha.

What kind of life awaits me What will my future be like

I don’t know.

I feel unsure about my future, and the days I will be spending alongside King Hicked, but I also look forward to it.

I’m sure he feels the same way.

“…I’ll do my best to be accepted in the Kingdom of Migha.”

I whisper by myself in the carriage.

And then, we start our journey.

—The princess goes to the Kingdom of Migha

(The princess brings the sister along as she heads to the Kingdom of Migha.)



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