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Chapter 336 – The king’s brother and chaos in the confederation

“Prince Delaigal, it seems there is a skirmish going on.”

“Prince Delaigal, it seems there is not a large conflict happening, but it looks like this confusion is going to naturally spread to the entire confederation.”

Fairytrof is retaliating against the member of the confederation who made a move on them.

Still, there is not a direct war yet, but the Kingdom of Fairytrof is slowly cornering this small country.

This disorder hasn’t spread to the entire confederation yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

And once the Kingdom of Fairytrof is done preparing, we could find ourselves amid a large war.

The faction that wants war with Fairytrof is moving to take advantage of this.

Nothing can be done about what already happened, so we should all unite and make war on Fairytrof.

That is their argument.

Fairytrof moving in on this small country might be not just because of this country’s actions, but also because of the provocations of the faction that is after war.

This Confederation of Saff is on the brink of danger.

And yet, neither I nor everyone else feel a shred of despair.

All because we have my older brother.

I know he’s very troubled by this situation, but the light in eyes hasn’t died.

He just keeps thinking and trying to come up with solutions for the sake of our future.

I’m very glad I can be of service to this brother of mine.

At this rate, the Confederation of Saff is going to be enveloped in chaos, and it will probably be crushed by Fairytrof.

I don’t feel even a tiny bit of patriotism, so this country can be integrated into Fairytrof as long as my brother continues to shine.

But my brother’s feelings are more important than mine.

I even mumbled about going to a new land.

I think that could be an option.

If it came to that, I would obviously follow him.

I have to go wherever he goes, and I’m sure the entire population of the Kingdom of Rezzed would also follow him.

It would be one thing if it was just us and a handful of people, but we have to consider them as well if we’re going to look for a new land, and I don’t think that would be feasible.

I can’t imagine any place would take in so many people.

So if we were to move the entire population… Perhaps a completely untouched land I should start looking for possible locations, just in case.

Maybe we could go to the Kingdom of Migha, where a prince has successfully taken the throne for himself, and now they care about beast people.

But then again we would have to go through the Kingdom of Fairytrof to get there, or cross a dangerous forest full of monsters.

Thankfully, Rezzed isn’t too close to Fairytrof, so this country wouldn’t fall right away even if a war did start, meaning we have some time.

Rezzed is a small country of the confederation, so everyone knows him.

Everyone also looks at him with admiration when he appears before his people.

I believe the citizens of this country would follow him, whether that means running away or going to war.

As a prince, it is also my duty to make sure our people obey my brother.

“Prince Delaigal, what do you think will happen”

“Who knows I don’t really know either.

All I hope for is a future where my brother can shine.”

“The same as always, Prince Delaigal… I would not be surprised if you actually saw this situation as an opportunity.”

“Well, all I can hope for is for my brother to shine brighter, and for everyone to see how wonderful he is.”

That is the most important thing for me.

My brother is troubled by this situation, but I have hopes that it will take us somewhere he can shine brighter.

Of course, since my brother does not wish for chaos, I don’t create it either.

My brother’s shine can be told about later in the future.

It would be wonderful if people in the future knew about him and were moved by how great he is.

If my brother’s name goes down in history, I can brag to everyone about being the brother of such a wonderful person.

I get a surge of motivation just thinking about it.

There is a lot of confusion in countries outside Rezzed, but my brother is minimizing it here.

And in the middle of all this, he’s all that matters to me.

—The king’s brother and chaos in the confederation

(The king’s younger brother only thinks about his older brother, even as chaos erupts in the confederation.)



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