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Chapter 335 -The girl thinks about her sister

If I want to see my sister, I can.

We’ve never even talked, and it’s hard to say that we’re really sisters based on our relationship alone, but still… We’re twin sisters.

We’re related by blood, and we’re family, even though I don’t think either of us probably thinks of the other as that… But still, technically we are family.

I’m curious about her, probably because my life is more carefree now.

I’m really starting to feel like I want to go to Migha.

That would teach me more about the world around me… But do I want to see my sister

I sit down next to the wind and earth spirit tree, and look up at the sky.

I feel relaxed looking at the blue sky between the branches.

I’ve never thought that much about my sister.

For me, my family was just my parents, and my sister was just my sister.

I’m sure it was the same for her, and she didn’t see me as family.

My sister was special.

…I’m the miko, so I’m probably the one who’s special, but she was special to me.

That beautiful blonde hair, those blue eyes… She really stood out in that village.

My parents and everyone else in the village thought she was special.

I never used to think of myself as special.

I just keep thinking while leaning back on the spirit tree.

“Gurugururururu, ruru (Something on your mind, Lerunda)”


It’s all right.

I’m just thinking.”

I don’t think monsters like Reimar worry too much about their relationships with each other like this.

But people like us have all sorts of different types of relationships, don’t we…

I don’t think I’ve ever had to think about relationships like this either.

I guess it’s just because it’s about my sister…

My sister and I.

We didn’t talk.

We didn’t see each other as sisters.

We didn’t think of each other as family.

That’s how it was.

My relationship with her is a lot weaker than the relationships I have with people here in the village, and if I don’t want to see her, we’ll probably never see each other.

Do I want to see her

What do I want to do with her

I realize I probably will see her… So I think about it.

I close my eyes, feel the wind, and think.

If I can see her, I want to.

If I can talk to her, I want to try it.

In the end, we are twin sisters.

I don’t know if we’ll get along.

Maybe she even hates me.

Don’t really feel negative emotions towards her, or positive ones either.

I’ve always just thought of her as a special person.

I hear she’s changed, that she’s different from the person I knew.

Then… If I talk to her and see what she’s like now, maybe I’ll feel something then…

If we get along, will we become like real sisters

I can’t really picture us talking together.

I try to imagine us being friendly and talking, but it doesn’t seem real.

I can imagine lots of things with no problem, so it’s strange.

…I guess she’s even more special in my mind than I thought.

“Yes… I want to see her.”

I don’t know what will happen if I do.

I don’t even know if she’ll agree to see me.

We never talked in these twelve years, but she’s still on my mind.

She’s someone I knew about until I was abandoned, but that’s it.

I haven’t seen her since.

But I want to meet with her.

I’m sure we won’t be normal sisters, or a normal family, but we’re still sisters.

And if I don’t see her now that I want to, it’ll probably never happen.

I should go now that I want to try talking to her.

First I have to convince Miss Lan and the others.

They worry about me, but I need to get them to understand, and go see my sister.

Will Miss Lan want to see her too

She was her teacher at some point.

She’ll probably want to see how my sister changed.


If I go with Miss Lan… It might be fun.

I stand up.

Reimar is next to me, and looks surprised.

“Reimar, I have to go talk to Miss Lan and the others.”



(All right.

Be careful not to fall.)”


Says Reimar with a concerned tone, as I take off running.

I go to where Miss Lan and the others are, and say I want to see my sister.

—The girl thinks about her sister

(The miko thinks about her sister, and wishes to see her.)



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