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Chapter 328 – Girl and ruins – Part eight

Now that I formed a contract with Wea, exploration of the ruins is advancing faster than before.

I guess that should be obvious.

Wea remembers when people were living happily in this place.

Not that she understands everything about how people live, because she’s a spirit.

There are a lot of things she doesn’t understand, but still, thanks to her we’re now starting to get a better picture of how people lived here.

It was a long time ago.

Longer than I can imagine.

The people who lived here all passed away already.

I think it’s fun to be able to follow along the tracks of people who aren’t here anymore.

I talk to Wea under the starry sky.

“Wea, were there more spirits here back then”


The water miko, Stacey, formed contracts with a few water spirits, myself included.

And there were a lot of spirits here back when the spirit tree was healthier… But they all vanished when people stopped living here…”

The water miko formed contracts with beings related to water.

Miss Lan talked about this before too, but talking to Wea confirms it.

Thanks to her, we know how buildings were lined up in this place, and Miss Lan is having fun putting together a map.

But magic energy started going wild back then, and there were dangerous places that became uninhabitable.

Apparently there are still places where magic energy is whirling and might run rampant again, so we have to watch out for that.

Mister Douroean said that this area started being purified after the water miko was gone, and a monster miko wished for this land to thrive and turn into a land filled with nature, where monsters could live more easily.

Still, that disturbance in the magic energy that people created caused a lot of damage to this land…

“Man-made disasters are a lot worse in nature than natural disasters.

Not even spirits could live here after that… Nowadays there’s comfortable magic energy here, so at least I’m happy that this land that’s so important to me is a place where spirits can easily live.”

Wea says with a lot of emotion in her voice.

She says man-made disasters are a lot scarier, but I don’t really know a lot about natural disasters.

I know about rain and lightning, but I’ve never seen a natural disaster bad enough to kill people.

Wea says that’s the power of the miko at work.

She says that this sort of thing almost never happened where Stacey lived, and that even though there was that disaster with the magic energy, there’s still some lingering influence of hers in this land, because she loved it.

But still, the damage caused by people can still be felt here, and Wea says she wants to do something about that.

“Lerunda, if possible, I’d like you to help me make it so it’s easier for people and spirits to live here.

There are more vortexes of magic energy here than I thought…”


But are those really that dangerous”

I don’t really get a bad feeling here in the ruins, but Wea says there are still some vortexes of magic energy around here.

She says they’re dangerous, but I don’t feel that danger.

“They are probably not dangerous to you, Lerunda, because you are a miko.

Stacey could also live in places other people thought were dangerous.

But you have other people with you, right It’s dangerous to them.”

So vortexes of magic energy aren’t dangerous to me, but they are dangerous to Miss Lan and the others.

Then we really do need to do something about them.

I really don’t want them to be in danger.

“Then we have to tell everyone not to get near them… Can you tell where they are”

“Yes, because magic energy feels different there.

You and Freinet should be able to feel it too.”


“It’s easy.

Just close your eyes and expand your magic energy.”



Let’s try it.

I will send magic energy to you and we will feel it together.”

She says before closing her eyes and taking my hand.

I can feel her magic energy entering my body.

It feels nice… Like I’m surrounded by water.

That’s because she’s a water spirit.

As the magic energy expands, I feel strange magic energy with it.

“See This is what a trace of abnormal magic energy is like.”

“Yes, I got it.”


Can you feel that there are a few around here”


Some are really small, and some are bigger.”

“You can ignore the small ones.

But the big ones… We need to watch out for them, because they might run wild if something happens to them.”

Says Wea, and I nod.

I practice expanding my magic energy like Wea.

I can’t do it as well as her, but I’m going to practice more until I can feel it.

—Girl and ruins – Part eight

(The miko hears from the water spirit about vortexes of magic energy.)


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