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Chapter 315 – Girl and the return of the educator – Part three

“Sorry about yesterday.

I wanted to tell everyone about the ruins, but I ended up falling asleep…”

“Don’t worry about that Landouno.

I’m sure you were very tired.”

Miss Lan just woke up, and she’s not happy about falling asleep yesterday.

Mister Dongu tells her not to worry.

I think it’s natural for her to go to sleep after returning from the ruins.

She doesn’t have a lot of stamina.

I move my body from time to time, but I don’t have the stamina of a beast person, so I’m sure I would be tired like her if I went to the ruins too.

We’re in the square right now.

All the villagers that want to know more about the ruins are here too.

Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone’s here, but I’m going to the ruins eventually, so I want to hear about them.

Gaius is to my right, and Shinomi to my left.

Also, Rumiha and Kamiha are here because they’re interested, and the little gryphons are standing next to Doanea.

And Freinet is on top of my head.

“Well then, allow me to tell you a summary of the ruins I saw!!”

Says Miss Lan, who is in the center of the square and full of energy.

I can tell that those decaying ruins were some of the most fun she’s ever had.

Her purple eyes are shining with excitement.

I really like this expression of hers.

“Doanea said those ruins once belonged to a glorious magic civilization, and I could tell very clearly that this is true.

I can’t use magic, but in the places I checked, there are many spots with remains of magic energy.

I could probably explore this more if I could feel magic energy… No, even if I can’t feel magic energy myself, there must still be a lot to study.

I’m sure next time I’m going to study more and…”

“Lan, this isn’t the time for that.

Just continue.”

“Ah, I’m sorry.

I will.”

I laugh.

This is just like her.

Mister Nirushi stops her, and Miss Lan coughs before continuing.

“I managed to check the few buildings that remain and have been in decay for a long time.

I found many things from an age I saw and read about in books when I was in the Kingdom of Fairytrof.

It lost its original shape, so I would have to study what it originally looked like, but I can at least tell there was a big country there at some point.

It must have been a really big country.

In our investigation, we found vestiges of one kind or another over a vast area.

Since many, many trees have grown in this land, it’s difficult to see buildings, so it’s hard to understand… But it’s still very clear that a civilization once prospered here, and I could feel its history.

I wish we could have written records of every building, but we could not.

However, I think we could take notes about them little by little.

Also, since there are traces that people lived there, it means we can clear and develop that land.”

I’ve never been there, but it sounds like those ruins are buried in the middle of a lot of trees.

I wonder what kind of people lived in this place, that now doesn’t exist.

How were their lives

The people that lived there have all passed away, even if it was from old age, but I’m curious.

Am I going to learn more about them if I investigate that place with Miss Lan

When I first heard of the ruins, I was interested, but didn’t really think too much about them.

But I think it’s great how Miss Lan is thinking about what to do with that place.

We want this place to turn into a country, even if it happens very slowly.

This place is peaceful now, but we don’t know how that’s going to change in the future.

Gaius and I made a vow for when that time comes.

We want to create a place where we won’t have to lose anyone else… And Miss Lan is thinking about developing that place where the ruins are.

“Our village still doesn’t have a lot of people, but I’m sure we can develop those ruins little by little.

It will take time, but we can probably even develop and make use of the parts that remain.

This is something I don’t really understand, but it seems that there are traces of spirits in that place as well… There might be spirits living nearby.

Even if there aren’t, there is a chance that there are vestiges of spirits that once lived there.

I want to investigate this too.”

If this country grew because of its magic civilization, it makes sense that there were a lot of spirits, doesn’t it

Or could it be that when the country became big, the spirits disappeared

I hope I can check that when I go there.

—Girl and the return of the educator – Part three

(The miko hears the educator and thinks about the spirits of a country that no longer exists.)


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