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Chapter 31 – Girl and an omen part three

“Mister Athos is calling.”

As I talk with Gaius, someone comes along and says that.

It looks like mister Athos is calling us, which I guess means himself and the cat beast people have finished their conversation.

I wonder what they talked about, and as I think about it, Gaius takes me by the hand as we go see them.

Gaius does that a lot, and I like it.

As we get closer, I hear something.

“Why is a human here!”

I think he’s talking about me, so I’m a little startled, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Gaius and I peek their way, and see miss Lan standing in front of the cat beast people.

Their tails and ears are different from Gaius’, and look like they would feel nice if I touched them.

Miss Lan doesn’t seem fazed by the cat beast people glaring at her.


“There is no need to yell like that, I am human, but I will not do anything to disturb you.”

“Ha, are you sure you’re human”

“How would you feel if I talked like all beast people were the same I know beast people are not like that, but where I come from it is said that beast people are savage animals without a shred of reasoning power.”


“Yes, you don’t like to be judged in such a manner, do you Well I feel the same way.

It is true that many humans do awful things to beast people… But at the very least, I have no intention of treating beast people with such prejudice.”

Miss Lan is incredible.

Beast people have better physical abilities than humans, and miss Lan has next to no fighting power to speak of, but she still states her views in such an imposing manner.

“It’s only natural that you harbor ill feelings towards humans.

Even I cannot help but feel uncomfortable knowing what humans like myself have done, but I am not that kind of person.

If I was that kind of human, I would not be permitted to live in this wolf beast people’s village in the first place.”

Miss Lan says it’s natural for cat beast people to feel negative emotions towards humans.

Did humans do something Are humans the reason why cat beast people have come here unexpectedly

As he watches the cat beast people and miss Lan, mister Athos suddenly notices me, and so do miss Lan and the cat beast people.

“A human child! You have two humans here! Do you know what humans do to us!”

I don’t understand the true meaning of what humans have done, no, have been doing to beast people.

I’ve heard a little about how beast people are wary of humans, but I’m human, and I was accepted by mister Athos and Gaius, so I didn’t know there was such enmity between humans and beast people.

As long as I’m human and they are beast people, that is a problem that can’t be avoided.

“I do, of course I do, but we don’t know if all humans are like that.

Lerunda certainly isn’t, and she is a part of our village.

If you want to live in our village, I want you to accept the humans that also live here.”

Says mister Athos.

It looks like the cat beast people want to live here.

I’m happy that mister Athos is looking out for me.


“I… like everyone here.”

I say to the cat beast person that seems to be struggling to respond.

“…I like everyone, in the village, a lot.”

I say how I feel.

“Mister, cat person.”

I look at the cat beast people looking my way.

“I want to, like you, cat beast people too.”

I like everyone here a lot, and I want to come to like the cat beast people too.

I’m human, and they are beast people, but I want to like them.

They might hate me because I’m human, but I think I would be happy if they liked me too.

They look at me with surprised looks on their faces, and I continue.

“I’m, Lerunda, it’s a pleasure, to meet you.”

First, I introduce myself and greet them, and then I bow, still holding hands with Gaius.

“A-ah… It’s a pleasure.”


He says it back, and I’m happy.

I once again realize how nice it is to be greeted back when I greet someone.

“Come with me to my house.

I will explain in detail why there are humans in our village.

Lerunda, this might be a little too difficult for children to understand, so go home with Gaius.”

Says mister Athos.

He doesn’t want me and Gaius to hear, but…

“Mister Athos… I want to know.”

Even if it is difficult, I think it’s something I should know.

Mister Athos starts thinking, and in the end, he decides to let me listen.

—Girl and an omen part three

(The girl that is probably the miko meets the cat beast people.)


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