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Chapter 304 – Girl and days without the educator – Part four

We go up a steep slope.

This is my second time here.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was here, but it feels like it is.

Mister Villa is coming with us again.

After going up for a while, I reach Mister Douroean’s place again.

“Mister Douroean, it’s been a while.”

“Lerunda, you have come to see me again.

Although I would not say it has been that long…”

“That’s not true.

It’s been almost a year.”

I say, but to Mister Douroean, that happened very recently.

That’s probably because he’s lived longer than I can imagine.

From his point of view, we probably saw each other just a moment ago.


“Hum, nice to meet you.”

“…It is a pleasure to meet you.”

“Thank you for having us.”


(My name is Reimar.)”

Gaius and the others all say their greetings.

Gaius’ legs are still shaking, but he manages to stand firm and greet Mister Douroean just like he said he would.

Mister Villa kneels while apologizing for disturbing his god.

Doanea looks happy.

I guess this place probably feels nostalgic, since Doanea has Mister Douroean’s memories.

“Elves, beast people, and a gryphon.

This is a different group than the last one.

It seems you are developing good bonds, Lerunda.

So, what is the purpose of your visit”

“I thought I should let Doanea meet you, since you’re like Doanea’s father.

And I want to be closer to you too.”

“So you named my separate body Doanea.

I like that name.

Almost no one comes to me besides them, so I will welcome you here.

But I will not tolerate anything that displeases me.”

Mister Douroean says ‘them’ while looking at Mister Villa.

Just the fact that Mister Douroean glanced at him is almost enough to move Mister Villa to tears.

He really likes Mister Douroean and Doanea, doesn’t he

And apparently the last part was aimed at Gaius and the others.

Last time, I was the only one who talked to him, so Mister Douroean probably has a lot on his mind as he meets everyone here for the first time.

Gaius, Mister Sileva, and Miss Sinorn can’t stand because they’re so afraid.

…Shinomi is trembling, but she’s more firm, and her eyes are shining.

I think her curiosity about Mister Douroean is stronger than her fear.

“I never knew there was a being this big… Wow…”


(Shinomi has a lot of guts.)”

“Shinomi, are you all right How can you still be standing…”

Say Reimar and Gaius.

“It’s not like I’m not scared, but he’s Lerunda’s friend, right Then it’s probably all right.”

She says to Gaius.

She’s really strong.

“Pikii, iiiii.

Pikiiii!! (Father, this is our first time seeing each other.

I am Doanea!!)”

“You are calling me father… Is this Lerunda’s influence And what is that pompous tone Did Lerunda teach you this”

“Yes, I figured Mister Douroean is like Doanea’s father.

But Doanea has been talking like this since birth.”

Apparently even Mister Douroean wasn’t expecting to hear Doanea talk like this.

He looks confused.

I’m used to it now, but I was surprised at first too.

It will probably take some time for Mister Douroean to get used to it too.

“Since birth… But for my separate body to speak like this…”

“Pikiii Pikiii (What is it father What are you trying to say)”

“I am simply perplexed that my separate body speaks like this.

You can call me father, but show a little more respect if you intend to treat me as such.”

“Piki Pikiiii.


(What are you talking about I do respect you father.

You are so big and incredible.)”

“So just the size of my body… How unfortunate.”

“Pikii Pikiiii.

(What Why are you looking at me as though you were seeing something unfortunate)”

The big dragon and the small dragon are talking.

I’m glad they seem to be getting along.

Doanea has Mister Douroean’s memories, but he said they’re still separate beings, so I was worried about how this might go.

I’m glad it’s turning out well.

Mister Villa is still kneeling.

Doesn’t it hurt to stay like that

“Mister Villa, come here and talk with us too.”

“W-what I could not possibly speak to god…”

“You can come.”

“Pikiiii, iiiiiiiii.


(If you stay there alone, it just seems we are shunning you.


Mister Villa turns pale after I speak, but after hearing Doanea and Mister Douroean, he accepts, and timidly gets closer.

I once told Doanea it’s not nice to exclude people, and I guess they remember it.

I’m happy that despite Doanea’s self-important tone, they’re still a good baby dragon.

—Girl and days without the educator – Part four

(The miko goes to see the dragon on the top of the mountain and has a conversation.)



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